The Princess and the Pilot

Formerly called "Remembrances of a Certain Pilot", the official title for To aru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku is now "The Princess and the Pilot". And with that, Mazui presents the movie:

The Princess and the Pilot: 720p | 480p. Note that there won't be a 1080p due to it just being an upscale.

I won't give anything away, but I highly recommend you read the book too if you liked it. Our translation can be found here.

Comments (200)

mascthemoneyrun time? i only ask cause i checked the usual places and i can't find it anywhere.
CalcaAny 1080p uploads planned?
arbanidb says 100min
casemazui is giving me a boner
herp@Calca: It's a SD-Upscale, so 1080p wouldn't make much sense.
rinRandom movie subbed by Mazui? Fuck yeah, looks interesting.
Julioa new movie that just came out, and Mazui released it so quick. Awesome! I'm going to check this one out.
acidWhoa, haven't been here in a while. Love the new site design.

Usually I anticipate movies from madhouse long before they're subbed but I didn't hear of this one til just now. Looks like it's gonna be nice, thanks!
Aluminethanks i'm waiting for this...
ZanaAh, I remember putting that one on the chart. It premiered during Fall 2011 (I think?).
Thanks for this. I'll be sure to check out the LN too. Since you took the effort of translating more than a hundred pages, it must be worth it!
StarbombaRead the book, and have been totally looking forward to this. Thanks Mazui!
DefaiWhen I saw this I damn near jizzed in my pants. I love you guys
y2kmisty2000I really liked the novel but I don't think i can subject myself to such a bittersweet ending like that again
macxxx007OH COOL!

I wasn't sure if there was actually going to be an anime for it (as can sometimes be the case with some PVs)

Thanks for surprising me!

Have a good night!
DragoZEROI JUST started reading the novel for this, and it's awesome. I couldn't put it down and lost sleep, lol.

Thanks for this.
tittychrist@7se7en: Just get the latest CCCP and stop whining like a bitch
7se7en Hey tittychrist, Pentium 4 processors can't do jack shit with 10bit.

I'm going to have to watch it in either XviD quality or on my Vita.
Sumatori-kunWhy the fuck do people still have Pentium 4s? 4 year old Core 2 Duo E8400s are like $25 used now.
CrusherXI guess I will have to read the novel then watch this. Thanks!
teaNriceThanks fellas! I read your translation of the novel a few months ago and have been looking forward to a fansub of the movie ever since. Keep up the good work!
asckj1Thank you very much for subbing The Princess and the Pilot :)
YanofliesThe novel was a great read, don't know what I think about the movie (yet) but I don't think it'd surpass the novel.
CoreyThank you, I'll definitely read the book after watching this.
ErikerIm not going to work till I watch this, thx mazui
XenoperiSweet Jeebus! I finished reading the light novel you guys put out and the story has been stuck in my mind for the past 2 months! Thanks!
PewwwwSo does this have a "happy" ending?

id rather not watch something that makes me depressed rite now :
According to spoiler happy y2kmisty2000 above it has a "bittersweet ending", so my guess would be NO.
I don't like depressing stuff either, so I'll probably won't watch it for now either. :(
AvenheYes! Been waiting for this to come out ever since I read the translation you guys put up on here :D Thanks for all your hard work and keep it up!
traeniThat was really good! Thanks for the subs.
supervärdeThanks! :)
Kirizuna. . . . am i dreaming =.= , its out! :O
randomIs it the anime a good adaptation of the LN? Need to know whether I should read it or not.
shoeyzeroat lastttt

been waiting 4 looonnng time thx so much mazui :D
Big_Boss_90Thank you!
newyBestado? Really...? Levamme is Spanish-inspired... Don't you mean bastardo? It even fits thinking of his heritage and the mindset during wars...

KalHoly awesomeness batman! this is just too much! Thanks Mazui!
GX-9901wow! those planes somehow resemble sanka mk b's from the Skycrawlers movie(subbed by gg). good times. thanks for this mazui!
HB_Pencilfap fap fap fap..........
Thanks Mazui xD
fap fap fap fap..........
x4gottenxthx for the movie, though everyone else seems to be going psycho happy over it, so maybe ill read the novel first to up my excitement meter too ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚
BobRead your translation + liked it. Pleased you did this aswell :) Thanks!
neohybridkaiwonderful work, I've been waiting for this since the trailer came out.
you have my gratitude, I cant thank you enough :)
spitfireawesome, thank you
YanofliesReally disappointed in the re-designs . . . and I've never lacked Madhouse, didn't really like the animation.

Oh wells!
Anon16yeeeeeaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the people are fully excited about this have read the light novel =)
KalJust finished watching the movie, beautiful piece of art! And great work with the subs as always. Thanks again Mazui! You make it possible for a lot of us to enjoy something we normally could not :)
BurnyFinished it, I didn't read the novel but really loved this movie. Who the hell calls this depressing ending?...
ShinraeThanks a lot been waiting for this ever since you guys translated the book.
GeppettoThank you! Been looking forward to another release from you guys :) Sorry Kill Me Baby was not my cup of tea but that's not your problem :D
SighingThanks a lot ! I enjoyed it so much. I think I'm going to read it now !
stothe LN was so much better, but thank you so much for translating both! i read the LN before watching this so my expectations were pretty high!
JulioThe movie was excellent, too bad I didn't read the novel first, but I will to see the difference. So Thora released a 1080p version huh? Well your subs are better, and this movie doesn't benefit for a 1080p version.
ShadowGreat movie! Thanks Mazui! Great subs as always!

The ending was far from depressing, not sure why anyone would think that. If anything, it was inspirational (only way I can think to describe it w/o spoiling anything). Definitely worth watching.

Loved Fana's seiyu!
ShikiTitles like this gives me hope for anime these days. Thanks guys!
Thank you for subbing this.
Pentium4_LoverFYI,my Pentium 4 pc plays 10bit just fine...hell,it even plays 1080p(stutters here and there,but still plays),so just shut up and die,P4 haters...BTW,thx Mazui,keep up the good work...=D
AzraelThe video run time is 1:39:36 for those who want to know.
AzraelAlso, just because I'm curious, I could not play the 720p version on any player I have, including VLC, though I'm capable of playing Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete which is 1080p blu-ray quality video. My only guess is the file type difference.
EagleshadowNot bad, but not really good either imho :) sorry x) Good work on the subs though!
DarthtabbyI had no idea this movie existed... but it's awesome. Thanks for translating this!
giantjoebotHer voice acting is baaadddd.... I like the film, but the female voice actress is horrible. I feel bad saying it but she is just awful. From they fake crying to the calm "Pilot wake up we are going to crash and die in a giant water fall" lol. Should ahve been more like WAKE UP! You know what I'm saying.

And to the guy that said Why the fuck do people still have Pentium 4s? 4 year old Core 2 Duo E8400s are like $25 used now.

Because used motherbaord suck ass. I've bout several off ebay, and not one of them has worked. Not one. CPU tend to out live motherboards. Besides AMD is the best bang for the buck. Why by a shitty old core 2 duo when you can get a brand new AMD fusion with better graphics. Inels graphics suck ass.

You got a point though. Its like Computers are such a huge parrt of our lives now, but people hold on to these old machines. I really don't get it. I use my computer more than I use my car. It like havine a pos car that goes so sloww it can't even get on the freeway. Get a new car Grandma! You already lived your life, get the fuck out the way so I can live mine you old selfish bitch.
noone720p 10bit on a p4 2.8ghz is no problem at all ... works fine here
ppl are just to lazy to update codecs
sefiAwesome release, many thanks for this!
SnoopyI think this is very good movie, but i dont think the ending very good, but anyway thank you:D
kasekiOne problem with 10-bit is that the two options for Ubuntu, Videolan player and Gnome MPlayer, do not yet support 10-bit.

J-NYDEThank you so much for this. I've been looking for this for so long. You just made my day.
lunskI have audio problems, but I'm pretty sure it's just me since no one else is mentioning it.
I have the latest codecs, I can watch 10bit stuff just fine, but the audio is all messed up and I can't hear anything but static-like sounds
roguekitsune@kaseki The newer builds of VLC and MPlayer2 both support 10-bit play back. Well at least they work for me under Linux Mint which is like Ubuntu
YahirozWonderful film... thanks very much Mazui, read the LN and couldn't wait to see the film :)

They left out the epilogue though :(. So those who haven't read the novel yet should go have a look...
megaGreat film. I disliked the ending, I like more conclusive ones, but the rest was amazing.
LailaHey, can someone please seed the torrent of this movie for the 8-bit version? My torrent has been stuck at 98.5% for several hours... Much appreciated~ D:

Torrent link:
chalupaI'm about a year late in asking this, but is the ed available for download anywhere? Google just directs me to random sites...
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KidrockI came here to study imovane 7.5mg pret New York had plenty of fun with the Sox the past two seasons as they slid from perennial contender to punch line. The epic collapse in September 2011 begat tales of whiny superstars, chicken and beer. The 2012 team was in disarray under new manager Bobby Valentine, replete with a mutiny, a massive unloading of high-priced stars in a trade and a last-place finish.
ToneyGo travelling imovane prescription More from the BBC's Linda Yueh's interview with Akira Amari, the Japanese minister in charge of Abenomics. He said: "Abenomics aims to raise total capital investment by 10% within 3 years", adding that the target was not a difficult one to achieve. "It can be achieved in one-and-a-half years. The aim is to replace low productivity facilities with higher productivity ones."
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LaverneIs it convenient to talk at the moment? where to buy xenical in canada Then there is his other planned remake, if anything even more puzzling. The Grapes of Wrath, also made in 1940, remains one of the best movies ever to come out of the Fox studios. Directed by John Ford and starring Henry Fonda, it was nominated for seven Oscars, winning two, for Ford for best director and Jane Darwell for best supporting actress.
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