The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi

We promised the goddess we'd do this as soon as it was possible, so here it is:

The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi.

We have done a lot of cleanup work on the video. To call the source raw eyecancer would be an insult to real eye cancer. The resulting video we present to you is merely "terrible" as opposed to "epilepsy-inducing".

disappearance yuki

To the people who've read the translation of the book a hundred times and think they know this movie, let me tell you now: you do not. This movie is presented in a way that puts more power behind the words than any translation alone could do justice to.

disappearance kyon disappearance yuki disappearance nagato

disappearance haruhi disappearance asahina disappearance kyon


The strobe light effect in the original camrip is mostly gone, with just a bit of flickering remaining in this version.

Every now and then the guy shakes the camera or readjusts it, but for the most part it's stable and oriented correctly.

There will be no xvid release since this is not HD. Unless your computer was built pre-1995, you should have no problems playing it.

No one knows when the DVD comes out, or if there will even be a BD. Typical anime movie to disk schedules follow an 8-11 month cycle, so it would be reasonable to expect at least the DVD around September, though there is no official word on this.

Comments (299)

PapaGeorgioLet us worship at the throne of the goddess. Thank you for delivering the fix I crave.
WTFwasting time subbing camrip =.=
hehNot really wasting, the translation can be used with a dvd version later on.
anonymousDon't mean to be rude, I truly do appreciate your efforts to bring us this as soon as possible, but DVD WHEN?
anonymousMajor props. Like, major seventh with an added ninth. That's how major.
Game9810Mazui, my thanks are infinite
anonymousWell well, sometimes insomnia does pay off
minivaginaaaaaaaa ive been waiting for this for to long seriously its like waiting to have a huge dump for 30 years... seriously
klaymorethese pics show your hard work, but instead of downloading a 1GB camrip, i prefer to wait for the dvd

but still its a good job
ali3nDVD probably after 6 months, but maybe KyoAni will surprise us o_O
RAwesome, I thought I'd be waiting til the DVD came out. You guys are the best!
ZanadulIt's like you guys can read my mind. I had just been on a Haruhi Soundtrack binge all day and now this! Thank you all tremendously!
Sir BonJust wondering...will there be an xvid version of this or is that reserved for the DVD raws?
anonymousThanks, bro.
I would be happy to suck your dicks.^^
lalala... O_O

no words needed. *bow down*
anonymousepic shit is still epic
i was just wondering when it would be subbed :D
thanks times infinite!!!
yorarThe quality is terrible... :( Guys, do not watch this version, it's waste of time! I'll wait for a dvdrip or BDrip.
SpadeOh well, it's just Haruhi so there's no need for high quality.
hurrdurrIs it possible to get some full sized screenshots to sample at this eye cancer? Thanks otherwise.
unknownWHOOAAAA...creepy camrip but will do the job
Thanks guys
PhaseThanks for your effort guys
SharkyThanks for the epic subs Mazui! I can't believe you endured subbing a camrip.. o_O
wolfroIf the camrip is 1GB... What about the bluray version?
KWill you guys be putting out an AVI version of this? My computer can't run MKVs at a watchable speed.
miceEEEPICCC!! Thanks so much.
nwhat have you done. now i have no choice but to watch this.
Yamithanks!!!! I am tired of waiting so I will watch this.... don't care about the quality as long as I can understand the stories
KaiMazui, your faith hasn't been shattered even by an inch and I'm very proud of you.
GamefanPPGIs this XviD? ( 420p )
Skyward> Will you guys be putting out an AVI version of this? My computer can't run MKVs at a watchable speed.
This isn't HD. So unless your computer hails from the year 1995, it shouldn't have any problems playing it.
anonso, does it has that flickering?
EminaxThank you Mazui! I've been waiting for this movie for ever, and I'm glad YOU guys are the ones who subbed it. Now I just hope it lives up to my expectations.
ShadowI came to the site and my jaw nearly broke my desk on it's way to the floor!

::bows down in awe and wonder at the greatness that is Mazui Subs::

CarLoZCOOOOL! I Thought i'll be waiting for a year for this... Thnkz Mazui!!!
limazThe raw may suck, but the movie was beautiful ;_;
eceamazing!! i wasnt expecting this for months, great job!
hundredfireI've never ever watched a single suzumiya haruhi episode but I read many good feedback on this movie. Is there any link between the anime series and the movie? Is it ok for me to watch this without knowing anything on the series?
BlackirisThough quality is very bad, you actually subbed (and put a lot of effort into doing this) the Cam version... Thanks a bunch!
shinmeI've just died and gone to heaven. Guess I'm skipping school today.
NoLVerMPLEASE tell me you guys are gonna sub the DVD/BD version when it comes out... PLEASE!!!

I just can't stand crap quality... I'm quite thankful for what you've done here, but I(I'm sure others want an HD version too) really want the best quality when I watch these kind of things...
Jama@hundredfire: It is highly recommended you watch the first and second season first.

NephanimThank you. I think my girlfriend is going to explode when I tell her what we're watching tonight.
ThanksThanks for subbing. Though it's not HQ, I still appreciate this. I've been wondering when I can watch this and when I saw your release, a tear drop fell from my eye. Once again, thanks!
ShiroThanks a lot for this. Can you explain how you get rid of the flickering?
MazuiRocksMazui = Like.No.Other
Thanks, you're the best real speedsub group around!
KnallThx for giving me a uveal melanoma.

Though I'm probably not going to watch it, you guys are the best.
SamWow, Mazui. You guys are amazing. THIS is what I call Speedsubbing! You guys are the best speedsubbing groep EVER!!
kenwell I now have a pounding headache and my eyes are bleeding but it was still worth it.
thanks so much for releasing this. I'm sure it
was a debate whether or not to go ahead with
this video.
so again thank you thank you thank you.
dPsychcGreat! At last some group actually started subbing camrips.
:DDDDI love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you!!! THANK YOU!!!! :D
riycouthankyou i downloaded the japcam rip and watched it PEOPLE IT was 5.00gb file and was crappy rip but the file was worth it iv been looking for a litte while and now im so happy thankyou mazuri you never let us down!!!
anonymousMy OCD makes me have a very hard time watching camrips, but because this is the goddess Haruhi, I have no choice. Thanks, Mazui, for spending your time to sub this 3 hour long piece of awesome :D
sajhmy subs arent working =(
Azure_ShockwaveI LOVE LIFE.
zenthank you.. long live Mazui..

Keldory♫Fuck yes Mazui, you guys just made my weekend.
bobaraThanks for the good work. That way I could check out the first ten mins to see what the move is like. I figured out that it's good enough that it's worth waiting for the DVD/Blu-ray, so I'll leave it at that.
Lucid_YumeFUCK YES!!! MAZUI is the best!!!!!
Kenta4283I don't care if this was a camrip. I loved the movie. This made this week great I saw what Ive been waiting to see since the so called season 1.5 of haruhi that came out. I also get to start my new job so yeah this is turning out to be a great week for me. Well thanks for goin through the trouble of subbing a bootleg like this. Hope to see you guy doin the actually dvd or bd.


I love you guys, I love you. You're all fuckin' amazing.
I didn't think this would come out. Wow, I love you guys, Haruhi camrip, with subs. Seriously.
Great430 KB/s

You guys are AMAZING.

Sub_file_pleaseGive me the subs.

I need the file.




*nerdgasm and eyegasm at the same time*
Miih~WTF?!?!? now this was unexpectable O_o I didn't expect this to be released with english subs by YOU this soon, oh god, thank you so much :D Speaking of DVD or Blu-ray, are you going to do it too when it comes out?
Pink LemonadeAw, man! The screenshots were misleading... I didn't read all of the OP. a camrip, eh..? well, at leastit's not as bad as the original. maybe I'll just enjoy it at that. Still waiting for the dvd to come out, though.
KawaiimoMarry me, please? :D
RinuvI had already resolved to not dwell on the fact that I probably would not see this until the DVD released, but what a wonderful surprise this was! Thank you!

I watched the epilepsy-inducing raw when it came out. If you other 50 guys are out there who watched it with me, let's watch this one again!
ouzakrisMazui, you are quite possibly the coolest people in the entire internets. Srsly.

SoukyuuIt's been a while since i watched something this good in such a crappy video quality. But hey, at least i could watch it, thanks for turning it into something eye-cancer-ish out of that epilepsy-inducing camrip.

Btw, incase you guys will be using the same subs for the BD version, there is a typo in the ending karaoke romaji. "erabreta" was supposed to be "erabareta"
DeepFriedAsianFUCK YEAH!

Thanks, Mazui! This is such a relief after sitting through the terribad old raw about 13 times...
no_avi_for_thisThanks for the sub.

After watching 9 minutes I can't believe I'm going to watch another 2 hours and 30 minutes of the most godawful cam rip ever. But I am.
Big ThanksARIGATO!!!
awthank you very much i thought that id have to wait another 8 months to see this :3
TimDear Mazui,
I... I love you... so much...
Itamu thanks for a great release. So much awesomeness, its hard to articulate! Dont know how u got it, but wow, what a freakin good show!

Well, thanks so much for subbing it Mazui! Now I do know about it!
JikoAt first, I thought you were exaggerating about the eye cancer. I was wrong. Still, must have taken a bit to sub this movie for us. Thanks!
BudsterAppreciated greatly.
anonymousInternet heroes.
anonymousAwesome job
dualinlineThank You!
anonymousI love you Mazui. You guys are kings of my heart.
St.EligiusDamn, this restores my love for Suzumiya Haruhi after it was destroyed by the Agonizing Eight arc.
EakI can't do it! Must...resist... until.. awesome.. quality...
GentleFistI don't know why the torrent doesn't work for me (always had problems with torrents) but I've seen your subbed version on some site.

I've got to say this was the best movie I have ever seen.

Thanks so much Mazui, you are the best I really love Haruhi, I'm really thankful for bringing us together again.~~ :3
void()I couldn't wait. Thanks guys. You are amazing.
anonymous-sigh- 8-11 months, guess im waiting
EpicFailureOhhhhhh~ Thank you so much ^^


This is the best thing I've ever watched, EVER.
anonymousIs it wrong that I bought a handle of vodka to celebrate this? And that I'm watching it while completely fucking wasted?
thewizardninjaGood luck making sense of this movie drunk ^^
Haruhi FTW!Good Sir, I award you >9000 Internets. And the best part is that it can only get better from here! Thank-you.
thewizardninjaMay I just say that the only disappointment I had with the movie (apart from the quality of the raw of course) was that it wasn't long enough. Yes, the 2 and a half hour movie wasn't long enough; or to be more precise the movie didn't cover everything it needed to. I personally think it should have continued to show Kyon "tie up the loose ends" if you will (I'm trying to keep this spoiler free ^^) because it didn't really seem complete without it (not to mention I was really looking forward to that particular scene and didn't get it T_T). Hopefully that part gets covered at some other time, maybe if they make a third season? ;)
destroyerI've been waiting for it since february, and i really glad that you guys release it, so no complain here even if the Quality is LQ.

I really wish for the DVD version, but let's see if the wish will come true
DanteLuxSimply great movie, excelent work from Mazui, no wonder why you are my favourite english fansub.

anonymousThat was amazing.

Small suggestion for the real release - I think at the part where you have the translator note for "snow", you should wait until you actually see the snow before you put the note up.
PainyExcellent, absolutely excellent!!! Video quality (i think) got a bit worse, but is a bit watchable too)))
dualinlineI just want to see Nagato :p
ImagineAnimeok..sooo...i was wondering..i juz downloaded it ok if i post this online for everyone to see..and..ill make sure..I WILL...give u guys credits that ok..
Soulwhen will the xvid version come out
MarcusThat was amazing. The quality was okay. The subbing perfect, and Thank you very much Can't wait for the DVD release. Thank you again
proionThank you!
hshdjI was looking for it.
Though it is not DVD, I'm satisfied.
VMazui, you are her prophets. Awesome. Epic. You guys are bloody awesome. Damn, I can't thank you enough.
XalphYou guys will go down in the history of fansubbing for this. Amazing work. I enjoyed it from start to finish. Thank you. Thank you. Really, I mean it: Thank you.
mioOh my god thank you mazui
anonymous@thewizardninja: Kyon doesn't actually go back until the beginning of the 7th book iirc, which is probably why it was left out in the movie. It followed the book to a T.
darknileThanks for the sub guys. I'm also put off by the camrip. I'm a big Haruhi fan but I'm torn between watching this nausea inducing rip just to get my Haruhi fix and waiting for a DVD rip. Aieee my eyes! They BURN!
I know that but it still felt like it was missing something.
HadronsysNO SOUND!! I bought my computer last week win7 but when i play this sound wont come out!!!!
risingstar3110Ahhh! Should i allow my temptation get me.... So had to resist.... But the quality....

MasterJ633Movie was REALLY Good.
I look forward to watching it again when it is released on DVD.
At least we know the subs will be out fast.
anonymousI was lucky enough to see the movie in a Tokyo theater along with a crowd of giffy otaku, but thanks to those putting in all the work to make an improved camprip!

Wonderful job, and the movie was incredible!
JTSat 00:33:04, it should be "but Asakura's here" not "but you're here"

Kyon says "朝倉がいて (Asakura ga ite)" not "朝比奈がいて (Asahina ga ite)"
holic♪ !!kcBk/2kfo8hThis is the best animated work I've ever seen.
MatthewI downloaded the file but the subtitles dont seem to be showing up.Im using Media player classic to play the file.Any advice on how to get the subtitles,or how I can download the subtitles seperately? Oh,I also used Utorrent to download the file,does that make a difference?
You'll feel like a right tool if this is the case - are you full screen and moving the mouse? If so the transport bar will cover the subs. Just put it windowed or have some patience and leave it for a moment to hide.
Matthew@Oranges Haha nice try m8,but it wasnt that (thankfully for my ego).What I did was I downloaded the script seperately,and added it through Media Player Classic,and it worked,so im cool here
AzerikCant believe it took me so long to notice this...can't wait for the HD :D
XicalThank You, good work making the raw watchable.
anon from /jp/omgawd I love you guys

it may be low quality, but it's an epic movie so it doesn't even matter to me
YupThank you guys, not only did you sub this awesomeness, you also got Haruhi to #1 in top anime on My Anime List:
AnonymousMazui, I love you.

AzerikYa guys should consider subbing Haruhi Season 1 as like a side thing when the new shows finish.
bendoverSo you guys will be doing a QUALITY release when the dvd comes out, right?
ShuriknThis is well worth the eye cancer, that movie is wonderful, thank you Mazui I will worship you until the day I stop watching Anime (the day I die).
^^awesome movie!! thank you so much!
ApPretty nice of you to sub the camrip !
Since the last crappy season I'm not too much interested in Haruhi anymore, but the anidb rating is pretty good, so I might give this a try.
Thanks for subbing it so soon.
IanThanks, guys. I've been looking forward to this.
gratefulappreciate the effort on releasing this guys. ty
SweetWorst... quality... ever!!!... nice release anyways ;) good to c u guys doing ur thing for us lazy ppl!
skyhackAwful! More!
DarkMaverickOk, maybe it's just me but. Doesn't it feel like they rushed the ending. I mean once the movie hit the 2 hour mark trying to rush things would only seem stupid.
pleaseis there a direct download instead of torrent?
AnonThank you for subbing this. I really enjoyed the whole of this.
wolfbane@Skyward: guess you noticed that Win95 was running on the literary society PC in the alt universe ^^ More related trivia: Wikipedia under Hyperion (Simmons novel) has a reference to this scene at the bottom of the article.
LokineOMG guys you're just AWESOME!
Blessed be mazui subs *o*
Now I just can't wait to see the dvd version of the movie.
ALnoivmeeYou are truly the best subbers around.
There is no competition or even an equal.
DarkiThank you very much for this awesome movie =)
Michael is Low on Hit PointsSimply: thank you. Thank you so very much! You did pretty damn well with the video too.
MrTRanCeEviLThanks.. I love u..
NattackI greatly appreciate what the bootlegger, the subs and ultimately everyone who made this film have done. It's been a great while since ive followed the haruhi stories. and this one was definitly one of my favourites. novel and movie.
nhatI really hope people in general realize the work of the artist and studios that put their time and effort in this too...
ExplosiveLeeYou are the greatest group ever. You knew that the die hard fans would rather watch a movie that is a cam-rip version than wait 6 months for a DVD to come out. You actually went through the amazing effort of getting the camrip, cleaning it up, making excellent translations with minor errors and good timing. Of course all of us are gonna watch the movie again when it comes out on DVD but I pray that you will sub the DVD version when it comes out considering you've already done this much work on a camrip.

SFI'm going to be watching this...
And, I'm going to be watching this next month...
In SF, because there's going to be an airing of it in a movie theater, with subs.
FierroIf you can get Macross Frontier Movie in cam I will very grateful. Thank you.
AnonOh you guys delivered. You made the camrip watchable and subbed it properly. You guys are now the best fansub group around.
OoPIn the japanese anime industry, are there leaks of DVDScreeners, like in the USA?

If so, will Mazui bring the subs from this to them and re-up?

Either way, thanks a ton, guys! :D
bobbierobholy crap...
I really thought i was gonna be waiting till november for this...but a camrip? nah, the awesomeness of the movie makes up for the crap quailty

Mazui is awesome. Period.
guibinKyon's a playa....
OoPIf you can convince yourself it's just a streaming version you're watching, the messed-up-ness can be mostly ignored. And ~10min in, the camera gets a -lot- more stable.

You can tell this is going to be beautiful when it's out in HD.

Thanks Mazui :)
ReynaThank you so much for all the hard work on this movie. I never really got into Haruhi much but still enjoyed it(Even worse, I STARTED out with Endless eight and STILL became interested in the series.. XD) But the movie.. it was just WORTH it to watch it as a camrip. This was one of the best anime movies I've ever seen, very exciting,suspenseful and interesting. I'm extremely thankful to you guys, I think I'll call myself an Haruhi fan from now on. :)
uzuhanthe movie is great!!!!!!!!!!!
Better PerspectiveFor those who have 'FFDShow Video Decoder' installed (either standalone, or through installing 'Combined Community Codec Pack'), the perspective can be tweaked as you watch the movie to correct the angle among other things.

I used 'Media Player Classic Homecinema' (included with CCCP) to watch it.

It's not perfect, but its definitely an improvement for me.

Screenshot evidence: (
blah3it was great thanks alot
i got used to the quality about 15 mins it XD
KevinIm new to this series and i found the normal series ok and i knew the plot and then saw the movie and HOLY SHIET SO FREAKING GOOD even in bootleg form! *dvdrips come, jizz in my pants*
notrexI am so going to hell for
watching a camrip, but this
was the best thing I've watched
for ages. Thanks so much for making it!
It is a great movie that happens
about one of my favorite series.

cj_nfThank you a lot. The movie itself is great and your work is greatly appreciated too.
Actually there are no words to express the feeling after watching this.

..There was a moment when the guy coughed and shook the camera... And Kyon rose his head immediately after that, like it was the cause. And for a second I was like "what the hell?" :)
ardent_hazeMazui you guys ROCk and thanks for the movie.When I watched it and it was over I was Like '' BOOYAH!!!!! Kyon x Haruhi combo rocks'' and............ I feel sorry for Kyon must've been hard for someone you wanna see but you can't see him/her I felt the samething before along time ago.............
binonymousThank you, thank you, thank you, that's AWESOME. I actually cried a couple times. And I already knew the story. And I'm 46 :#)

Oh, and thanks to "Better Perspective" for the tip. I was so excited I didn't even think about it. Oh well, I've already seen it twice, I'll watch it again with the right angle ^_^

Just a message to the camripper: AUTOFOCUS? YOU ACTUALLY DID CAPTURE THIS WITH AUTOFOCUS ON? So every fscking time the movie fades to black, the image gets blurred for 10 seconds?
Come on. Next time fix the focus on "infinite", the screen won't budge from the wall, y'know XD
StrifeI caved and watched the rip.

Best film ever.
How do you convert your .mkv videos to xvid while retaining the sub track? Because I want to load this onto my iPod and, of course, .mkv won't work on that. :D
Mixiif there is no DVD release yet... then what is the meaning of this?! (XDD Super good job guys, this is the best movie I have ever seen. I know I sound calm but inside I'm BLARRRGGHASKHEFLGJL
MixiDid this get my comment...?
OoP"Just a message to the camripper: AUTOFOCUS? YOU ACTUALLY DID CAPTURE THIS WITH AUTOFOCUS ON? So every fscking time the movie fades to black, the image gets blurred for 10 seconds? "

Seriously, I wanted to go to this guy's house, ring the doorbell, and punch him in the balls.
ShiawacchanI.... uhhh..... think I'll wait for the DVD instead. My eyes doesn't deserve a low-quality Yuki.
you're gayShiawacchan
binonymous@ OoP: same here. In a world of tech-savvy freaks, we've found the one guy who can't use a camera .-D
Just kidding. I'm actually grateful to the moron^H^H^H^H^H technically impaired though wonderful friend who had the balls to do this.
BTW, I've almost finished the Italian translation; when the DVD comes out, I'll be the first to watch it with subs in MY LANGUAGE! W00T!
anonymoushow do you dwnload this thing...grrrr
binonymous@anonymous: right column, under the Haruhi pic, click "Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu".
darthzthanks for the upload mate much appreciated :)
anonymousI know I don't like low quality films... but, hey, thanks for doing this. Who knows when another group will attempt to sub the DVD? I'm going to go ahead and watch this to feed my Haruhi addiction. Thanks for doing this, Mazui subs!
anonymousFor those unfortunates who need DDL, here's a link:
AnonymousThank you.
Thank you so, so, so much.

I saw the camrip when it first came out. It was horrid and my head began to ache after five minutes.

What you've done is nothing less of a miracle.
And, personally, I found that the lack of color in this camrip actually gave more feeling to the movie in an odd way. It gave more atmosphere.

So, thank you, not only for subbing this, but for turning the eye cancer into something watchable, and something enjoyable.
MelodyThanks for editing the camrip into something watchable, that must have been a real pain. I downloaded the original but could only stand about ten minutes.
dai1313lol, my computer was built pre-1995 and it can still play this.

Arch Linux FTW
anonymousThank you~*
YUKI fan you rock dude
anonymousi was actually going to wait patiently for the dvd release, but I got super bored and thought what the heck, how bad can it be... i've read the novel translations so i'm expecting a lot,thx a big time mazui!
A/CThank you for this… :-)
RAWRummm i can't watch it for some reason
do you need a special program to play it?
please and thank you
Haruhi Try Media Player Classic

Thanks Mazui!
anonymousmarry me?
anonymousWhere to begin.

How can we ever, EVER thank you enough for putting up with TWO AND A HALF HOURS of this pure eye sodomy, JUST so us deperate Haruhi fans can see this amazing, amazing movie.

The subs were brilliant and I have no idea how you could have EVER managed to do it with such a horrible camrip.

Thankyou eternally for the INCREDIBLE job you did.
kururuno subs? awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, why, just why didnt you sub it? T-T but stilll thanks for having the movie (raw)
kururuwait, what? its subed? why cant i see the subs?
someone helpme plz i can see the vid but no subs T-T
toxicwell,pretty enough version.
really lovely Nagato Yuki!
chrono13The story is the real soul, never bothered with camrip or not. This movie finally feels like Haruhi after all the mess with season 2.

Thanks a million to mazui!
DelThank you. Thank you very much. I was going out of my mind wanting to watch this movie. i cant wait till september
mizzyI also had troubles with the subtitles , my classic player wouldn't work so I downloaded a newer version and it played the subtitles then. :] For some reason the subtitles won't show on Windows Media Center/Media Player/ BSplayer, and old version of classic. Not sure if it's a Vista problem or not.
Either way thank you very much Mazui. Really amazing all the work you did cleaning it up and subbing it. Really grateful for your work.
Mogami FukiIs there any word on a dvd or blu-ray release yet in either Japan or America? Either?
KikiWhat program do I use to play this because it isn't working.
KikiNvm it will probably work on my dad's comp.
LawlietWhat program do I use on a Mac?
azDoes anyone know the official release date for the DVD/BD? I keep thinking and wondering, but I can't find any announcements online (probably doesn't help that I can't read Japanese...) i loved this version but i want to prepare myself to have my mind blown in HD
StarThe love the fandom has for you releasing this will never stop.
TchiThe DVD/BluRay will be released on December 18th. I'm dying of the torture/wait until then.
Bugrityeah i agree, this subtitle can still be used on the DVD release
D:CRAP i can't download it on my mac :( now i'll never know
Hachi IchiDecember 18th?
azohhhhh I get it, December 18 release date = December 18 date of Disappearance!
I see what they did there...
we should have seen this coming, although i wish it were sooner.
painkilleris this subbed?
informer18th dec the release date for both BD and DVD subbed versions, BANDAI has marketed for engdub but there seems no hope before mid-2011, on the other hand subbed are better at presenting hard emotions, so 18-12-2010 is the magic date :)
ClemenceMy utmost thanks to Mazui for this camrip , although as informed , 18 December 2010 , would be the day the camrip be stored into collection.
Azn4lifeEternally grateful for bringing this masterpiece to the American-Otaku fanbase! MAZUI SUBS wa SAIKO!!! I look forward to your future releases!
azsoon soon soon
soon soon soon
so excited
anonymousKorean BD rip available.
MadKyonyou still doing the movie sub, the rip is available and it would be great to have a BD quality sub of the movie from you... i'm getting anxious about this movie, can't wait! Lots of love, bye
informerDVD and BD comes within 1-2 days :D, when will mazui rip it??
PrologueIt is OUT!! At least the RAWs are.
anonymousThe RAW's are out there! Is Mazui pushing a second release of this, or at least are the subtitles themselves available from the camrip version to attach to the new BD rip?
MeepIt's just a simple case of copying the script over and re-timing it I'm guessing. Should be out in a few days, hopefully. D:
KyokoEveryone's waiting for the BD now
is there anyway to put it in a different file so my com can read it?
ChunkylordHD release soon maybe? pleeeaaasee
informeroh dear mazui, atleast provide your release date of a english subbed dvdrip, before christmas i guess??
MariusAnother group has subbed it, 4hun. Hopefully it's in English, no release info. Can't wait to see!
KyonThe one subbed by 4hun is in Chinese, are Mazui going to sub the DVD rip? They could just do what Meep said: copy the script over and re-time it.

Psh, they've been keeping it a secret from us by the looks of it.
MeepOh, also listed in the torrents on-site.

DarkerThanks you for this great work!
anonymousHelp! I use ffdshow for the subs but it turned out weird.
HDamn Man!
why did you use torrent and MKV?
that Sucks
I mean... Hello~? Low connection~
SEEDSeed the torrent guys for those who love the delicious HD
LucasWhat's the exchange rate for euros? can purchase diflucan over counter I think, the article misses an important view point of 'luck' that is the bigger issue. The article goes about luck and meritocracy but fails to address the growing concern of people being born into riches(LUCK LUCK LUCK) and trust funds (LUCK LUCK LUCK) for eg: Mitt Romney's children. The current policies are not helping either in that Mitt Romney and his children pay lesser taxes than a regular guy. Also, the current policies will perpetuate the wealth transfer between generations, making it an infinite loop with little or no chance for others to break-in.
JoseLooking for work albendazole buy uk “I don’t drink,” she explains. “If I do, it’s like very, very, very occasional. Maybe like once a year, I may drink one drink. But … people at the bar, I think, are trashy. Even if you do drink, taking pictures on the bar or near the bar, I’ve never been into those kind of pictures.”
NicoleI'm a member of a gym bimatoprost 0.03 price The Mexican navy's special forces — some 400 highly trained men stationed in rapid response bases around the country, as well as a 1,800-strong marine brigade based in Mexico City — have worked closely with US military and intelligence units for at least the past five years.
WilliamThanks funny site mg bimatoprost In fact the entire episode turns on favors. Later in the episode, Brody asks El Nino’s daughter for a favor -- help him escape to a mosque, where he asks the imam another favor -- take him in. Over in crazytown, Carrie suggests Saul did her a favor by sending her to the asylum. She also asks a nurse to let her see a visitor she thinks is Saul. It’s not. It’s a lawyer, positioning himself to be doing Carrie a favor by getting her out of the ward. But Carrie believes that favor comes at too high a cost -- her allegiance to her country.
LuisI work for myself nizagara sildenafil citrate tablets Yellen is characterized by those who know her as a brilliant thinker who focuses on the human side of economics. “She looks beyond the technical institutions to how they affect people. That might make her feel sympathetic for the unemployed … but is a person who’s concerned about human welfare considered weak or dovish? I don’t think so,” says economist Robert Shiller, who’s writing a second book with Yellen’s husband George Akerlof, an economist and winner of the 2001 Nobel prize for economics. “We need a less macho government.”
TimothyDo you have any exams coming up? cheap nizagara It is quite the 180-degree turn from years past, especially those final teams in Jersey. Sure, the Nets declared themselves title contenders before last season, but that was quickly exposed as the pipe dream and exaggeration experts predicted.
JadaI work with computers nizagara 100 The U.S. State Department today issued a worldwide travel alert,  following Thursday’s announcement that 21 embassies across the Muslim world, normally opened on Sunday, will be closed Aug. 4 because of a specific and credible terrorism threat.
StanleyIn tens, please (ten pound notes) buy bimatoprost online cod Those given access to Weight Watchers could attend weekly meetings and use the company's interactive website and mobile app. They were encouraged to use all three tools to reach their weight loss goal.
CedrickI'm only getting an answering machine bimatoprost ordered online without prescription JPMorgan said in its filing that it had received "a request from the SEC Division of Enforcement seeking information and documents relating to, among other matters, the firm's employment of certain former employees in Hong Kong and its business relationships with certain clients."
FelixCould I have , please? criticism order bimatoprost balloons The legal services of the European Council, the institutionwhich represents governments of the 28-nation EU, said in their14-page legal opinion dated Sept. 6 that the Commission'stransaction tax plan "exceeded member states' jurisdiction fortaxation under the norms of international customary law".
TrinityI've just started at performance simplicity bimatoprost online without prescription smoothly Hedge funds and alternative investments have gained rock-star status in many circles in large part due to the solid returns achieved by the Yale Endowment and similar large institutions. Yale has the staff and the resources to fully vet and manage these investments. I’m guessing most individual investors do not.
ColbyI have my own business how to buy bimatoprost withour percription Hundreds of doctors, nurses, and hospital staff who have been placed in the mobility pool – in which they are given eight months to find work in another civil service department or lose their jobs – gathered outside the health ministry to protest.
ClaudioI'd like to order some foreign currency eriacta uk But NASA has been struggling for years to square ambitions with budgets. The space station is widely praised as an engineering marvel, but it didn't come cheap. The United States has poured close to $100 billion into the program and is contributing about $3 billion a year to the station's operation. Space policy experts warn that, without a significant boost in budget, NASA will not be able to keep running the station and simultaneously carry out new, costly deep-space missions.
HubertDo you like it here? sildenafil citrate 100mg The king's nephew, Prince Alwaleed, wrote in Mr Suwaidan's dismissal letter - which he tweeted a copy of - that the preacher had been warned several times against publicly declaring his political affiliations.
DaltonWill I get paid for overtime? cipro 250 mg The University of Oklahoma’s Shehata agrees, saying the Brotherhood had a similar experience in the 1950s “that led to fragmentation in the group. Some broke off and became more violent, while some stuck it out, so I think that’s also a very serious possibility.”
CooperSorry, you must have the wrong number cymbalta ultram In answer to a Freedom of Information request from late December 2010, the Corporation – after some prodding – explained: “TVL uses detection evidence when applying for search warrants. If, following service of the warrant, an individual is found to be evading payment of the TV licence, then the evidence obtained via the search warrant is used in court, not the detection evidence.”
DarrickDo you know the address? duloxetine and fluoxetine Authorities said on Tuesday that identifying the bodies was difficult because the fire burned for several days in that area at about 2,500 degrees, and that investigators have learned little about the circumstances of the couple's deaths.
GranvilleHow many days will it take for the cheque to clear? diflucan tablet cost The company will invest $400 million to $500 million overthe next two years to build the new Fox Sports 1 and FXX cablenetworks, Carey said. Fox Sports 1 will launch Aug. 17, followedby FXX, an entertainment channel aimed at younger adults, onSept. 2.
MurrayHow would you like the money? buy bimatoprost the uk for women Wary of a lopsided banking union that could see it superviseeuro zone banks without a common backstop in place, it has urgedgovernments to agree on a strong single resolution mechanism(SRM) to salvage or wind down banks in trouble.
MadisonI'm unemployed can i order diflucan online After Rivera threw a 1-2-3 inning, Leyland called on Nathan to close the game. Nathan pitched a scoreless ninth for his first All-Star save, then promptly handed the ball to Rivera, who was named the game’s MVP.
OsvaldoWhat's the interest rate on this account? tablet lasix If John Lackey has a 2.80 ERA, it seems anything is possible at the Fens this year. The Red Sox have more wins (54) than anybody in baseball and a 4.5 game lead over Tampa Bay and the Orioles in the AL East.
UlyssesA pension scheme price of glucophage In 2010, Osborne said he had inherited Britain's largest peacetime debts from Labour, which left a note saying there was "no money" left. Although the economy is now showing signs of recovering, it has been stagnating for much of the past three years.
MadelynThis is the job description buy limovan uk France retained its pole tourism ranking in 2012 with 83 million foreign visitors bringing in a total 35.8 billion euros (£31 billion) in revenue. Britain was ranked seventh in the tourism league table, with just under 30 million foreign visitors.
CesarWe've got a joint account flomax generic equivalent Walesa maintained his opposition leadership over the next decade, despite being detained, persecuted and kept under surveillance, until the communist government agreed to enter round-table negotiations in 1989 that led to the first democratic elections since World War II.
GenaroWhat do you study? generic combivent One of the things that I did in my career was to ensure I proved to the world that you can train correctly, eat right, sleep right, surround yourself with the right people, win all of the major championships and break world records.
ClarenceI'd like to pay this cheque in, please stendra tablets VILNIUS, Sept 13 (Reuters) - Germany and Finland said onFriday the European Commission should not have the final say onwhen and how a euro zone bank could be closed, a position thatcould further delay the bloc's banking union project.
MurrayHow many would you like? consalidation So going back to the expectation and the current reality – loud music, late nights, heavy drinking – isn’t that exactly the opposite environment we should be providing for our new students? Is new information absorbed when you’re exceptionally tired? Has anyone ever made a lasting friendship in a club?
AshleyI'm a member of a gym Grifulvin V Both companies issued sharply-worded statements confirming the breakdown in talks, only to reverse course a few minutes later and say that negotiations were back on. Bemused Twitter users reported that CBS channels were indeed blacked out in certain markets, while others then reported that service had resumed.
KevenI've come to collect a parcel Grifulvin V Micr Over the course of this year, miners have slumped some 17percent, the worst performers by some margin, with the sectorhaving seen its 12-month forward price/earnings ratio fall to10.76 times from 11.32 times over the period, according toThomson Reuters Datastream.
TyrellI've only just arrived order domperidone The president's office defended Zeman’s appointment of Rusnok in an email response to questions, saying that installing a new government and holding early elections is the best way forward after the recent ODS scandal.
MerleI'll text you later buy generic paxil cr More immediately, Apple will get a boost if it succeeds in enlisting China Mobile in its iPhone network. For the first time, the company will host media in Beijing just nine hours after its Cupertino, California, launch, spurring speculation it will announce a distribution agreement with the Chinese carrier.
JewellStolen credit card discount nexium online NATO has generally been averse to the buying in of weapons systems from outside the Western world, pursuing as it does a policy of standardization that allows member armies to work more smoothly together.
DewayneDo you know what extension he's on? how much is generic ambien at walmart "People were just told to head north west," he told me, "but that was exactly the same direction the radiation cloud was moving. Some people were evacuated to an area where the radiation was even higher than here."
LindsayHow many weeks' holiday a year are there? imovane 7.5mg tablets In February, Michael Cavanagh, a co-chief executive of thecorporate and investment bank, told investors that because of"changes in regulation, particularly around the physical side"it would be looking to "optimize" the commodities group.
MorganThree years 60 mg imovane It is a truism that deficit finance of government activity is not an alternative to tax finance or to supporting one form of spending by cutting back on another. It is only a means of deferring payment for government spending and, of course, because of interest on the debt, increasing the burden on taxpayers. A household or business cannot indefinitely increase its debt relative to its income without becoming insolvent, and neither can a government. There is no viable permanent option of spending without raising commensurate revenue.
DouglasHow many more years do you have to go? purchase rogaine foam canada In the last five years, overall retail coffee sales in China climbed by 10%, beating growth in Hong Kong, Japan and the 3% global average, according to data from research company Euromonitor International.
ZacheryCool site goodluck :) rogaine extra strength for men uk Despite solid economic growth in recent years, serious issues of corruption, land seizures and human rights violations have caused wide discontent. Cambodia ranked 157th out of 176 countries in the 2012 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index.
BufordOn another call buy kamagra online with paypal While the government estimates that there are about 400 people currently on death row in overcrowded prisons throughout the country, Amnesty International assessed the real number to be up to 8,000—each of which could now be facing execution, according to the statement.
Victorperfect design thanks buy rogaine online hong kong Meanwhile the military coup of July 3 that ousted presidentMohamed Mursi and the fact that BG is owed $1.3 billion by Egyptfor domestic gas sales - up from $1.2 billion in the firstquarter - have heightened the company's anxiety about its futurein the country.
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ColbyI love this site jeans levitra order online camera Chin dissented from that decision as well, though he went farther Tuesday, describing how the April 1 decision had damaged the financial landscape of free television. He said it "eviscerates the Copyright Act" and "upends settled industry expectations and established law."
CoreyAn accountancy practice fuse levitra price singapore poster "Bank security were shouting - they were telling us the man had a gun and we needed to get down. There were about 40 people in the pub courtyard at the time. It wasn't terrifying at the time, it all seemed a bit surreal. There were no screams, everyone just fell silent because it was a bizarre situation."
NormanCould I have a statement, please? grotesque levitra online sale ninth For example, Internet firms like Facebook and Google, whichdo not have to build or maintain vast public networks that carryInternet traffic, could pass some advertising revenue on tocarriers that spend billions of dollars on networks to helpreduce data prices for consumers, he said.
RickeyMy battery's about to run out demolition leak levitra cheaper whisper Pappalardo, who is based in Connecticut, bought the car, chassis number 51111, in 1974. It is one of just 39 such cars built by Ferrari, conceived to compete in GT racing (GTO stands for Grand Turismo Omologato, or Grand Touring Homologated). As well as a successful racer, it has long been regarded as one of the world's most beautiful and exclusive cars.
BarrettCould I have , please? valiant attendants where can i buy generic cymbalta principal The film has a $75 million budget, and Clooney said it came in $5 million under and five days early. “That means more money for music and CGI, because in post you always get surprised,” he said. There was plenty of good will on the set, and even pranks that are part and parcel of movie sets where Clooney and Damon dwell together.