Black Rock Shooter OVA

> get home from late movie
> find rest of team working on BRS
me: weren't we only going to do this if the subs were terribad?
them: yeah, well, we're doin it anyway.
me: O...kay...

So there you have it. I realize it's quite late, but here you go anyway. Completely TLC'd and re-edited to suit your usual Mazui style. Xvid and other stuff to follow after I sleep a bit.

Update: Here's the real version, as promised. Uses our own (awesome quality) encode with an updated script and better audio. The file is actually smaller than the original because we did away with the resize from the share raw and SAR'd the encode from 720 wide. If you really want to know what all that mumbo jumbo means, come talk to us in irc, but suffice it to say, the filesize is smaller, while having much better quality as well. Also includes the ED kara, courtesy of Raze from UTW. Much thanks to him for offering his translation and saving us the hassle.

Black★Rock Shooter OVA (final version) and XviD version

Well since this is a one-off OVA, I guess I'll show everyone that matters:

Kuroi MatoKanade (Angel Beats)Nadeko (Bakemonogatari)

Takanashi YomiIwasawa (Angel Beats)Canaan

YuuMiyuki (Angel Beats)Polar (Working)

Comments (240)

Hiryu_1Cool..Thanks. BTW...FIRST!!
ReiLol awesome totally dling. Thanks!! :D BRS ftw although a little disappointing. Hanazawawawa and Miyuki Sawshiro ftw~
Also laughed at Yuu pronouncing "Takanashi" properly. Was expecting "Katanashi" - (Working!!)
prrgcgthanks for the release
anonjust in time! XD
now where's the Xvid??
ukatoi HNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGHHHH'd when i saw Mazui did this
holy_Thanks Mazui ^^
propheticalready have the dvd but oh well, another copy wouldn't hurt
CatsToo bad the OVA sucks.
cakesliceyay! been waiting for this. Thanks!!
Kaleawesome, now sub the 3minute bonus content of EP13 of Railgun. :p
anonas usual, thanks mazui :)
J3N0V4I've already got the RAWs the Subs from the DVD and a compile of them from another group and the DVDISO on the way but heck why not, it's that good
EthanthecrazyI had just finished downloading the RAW when this was posted. UGH.

YAY MAZUI. This makes you the best sub group ever.
hanethanks Mazui!!!
aniluvmochi, gotwoot and now mazui. Talk about oversubbing. Dun get me wrong, this is awesome. Though i dun quite get the story, but animation and music is out of the world.
SomeWanDoes this release contain the non-english subs of the DVD? If not, why?
HundredfireOMG, it's BRS!! XD THANKS Mazui!!!
FufuI wasn't expecting you'd sub it ! Thanks :D !
U.N.OwensOh wow, thanks! I was debating who to take this from but then you guys saved the day!
Haven't seen it yet, but I just hope Fujita Saki is doing the voice.
MadoneI wonder what's all the hype about this.
I found this OVA to be quite bad in all aspects.
Storywise it sucks and the designs were kinda lacking...
I really don't get why so many people are so psyched about this crap.
thornawesome guys i hoped youd do this 1 thanks
tripperdan99When I saw Mazui Subs popup, I went ahead and deleted the other stuff and just grabbed Mazui's work. No need to suffer when a "Known Good" shows up. ~trip
Mr.Testernaww. not as great as i expected, but then again i didnt expect much. Great subbing though "thumbs up"
hogeplz Script & Font upload...
Kii-chanAlready saw the OVA but i didn't know that u we're subbing it (good thing the RSS suddenly pops) but I hope ur doing an Xvid though~ I only watched through LQ mkv video :D
hogeplz Script & Font upload...
T3h Big BonSw33t! I'm trying to figure out which sub group to get this from and y'all release it!
Btw, is this 720p or 480p?
limazAlready dl'ed mochi but getting yours for archive yaay
T3hGr1ndDoes not live up to the hype.
Cian RagnallThx a lot!!!
Zeroty for the subs, and I must say, that it doesn't live up to the hyper...quite the disappointment if I may say.
FoxfyreAs a pilot for a potential series it works very well; as a stand alone it misses on every level with a predictable yet confusing plot, distinct lack of character growth and story threads that lead nowhere >.<
Anyways thanks Mazui for the subs.
..oh wow.
mazui confirmed for my fav sub team
Harpuiayey, BRS~ i'll waiting for Xvid version, thanks Mazui ^^
DeaN:S ...speechless.. :(
it was kinda sad..
SaiThis came out randomly..AWESOME!!
Dantethank you! I'm waiting for the xvid version, and I hope you guys remember, the railgun ova is coming :)
XerionWas it intentional to put the video on stream 1 of the container. Just asking cause smplayer at least in linux uses for video -vid 0 so it selects for video the wrong stream and shows nothing unless you implicitly set -vid 1. Never had problems with your previous encodes of neither katanagatari or angel beats.

Thanks you
Salt, PeterBut wait! There wasn't a novel was there? Mazui you have betrayed me.
ARTA8SIMSThanks for the quick and quality release. Now for the comment on this. God this is a completely screwed up show, I really do mean it. (I’m a fan of Hatsune Miku btw) Story itself is wayyyyyyy toooooooo slowwwwwww and too many unnecessary scenes that can be cut out. Really a standard 24mins OVA would do the job if the story is like this, it will be still bad but at least we don’t need to suffer for extra 30mins. I would think most people here are expecting hardcore fighting scenes right? And yet there isn’t much happening in those scenes. Ending theme, WHY NOT USE THE BLACK ROCK SHOOTER ORIGINAL SONG??????????????????? This show is “Black Rock Shooter” NOT something else for god sake. What I would do is only is 1st part stick to real life then meets black rock, went to another world, and after the 2 were back together then play back the bit when Black Rock says her name and finally play the bit after the credit. Overall this show will damage not only Black Rock Shooter’s rep but also Hatsune Miku’s. For those who don’t know what Hatsune Miku or only heard of Black Rock Shooter from promotions then I suggest you shouldn’t bother with this OVA, just stick to the artwork and the song by Miku.
negiHiii mazui can you guys please do a avi ddl??? Please or mp4 ddl?
ScarletMI'm pretty disappointed with the ova :\ it doesn't live up the the hype, but it was still an ok watch. still, amazing work as always guys ^^
trhvmn"Hmmm, I guess I'll check Mazui's website today even though there's probably nothing-"
'Black Rock Shooter OVA'

Thank you very much, Mazui.
MrTRanCeEviLTHANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yan yanI do not know any of 'Black Shooter's' background (manga or anime history)if there
was any, and for that i appologize.
However,as a stand alone visual medium,
I enjoyed this quite a bit.
The loss of frienships taken for granted
came across quite clear.
For a second, i thought,'these girls are fighting it out in an online video game'.
However, the ending to me went 'marketing' when it could of done it with a solid conclusion also and ruined it for me.
The animation overall quite nice.
The 2d/3D mix could of been handled
a bit better but the character design
was quite crisp.
Admittedly did not dl this
from you guys but have everything else.

keep up the great work!
anonymousThanks a lot for Black Rock Shooter OVA! :D :D

Just wondering though, in the first row of picture. Who is that girl wearing the cap? >
SnakeEaterXIICheers for the sub nice one.
BTW what is the name of the anime to the right of Angel. Cheers if you can help:)
1OOomg! Black Rock Shooter! :D Yay Thanks for subbing 8]
anonthanks mazui!
hundredfire@anonymous & snakeeaterXII: Sengoku Nadeko from awesome Bakemonogatari anime (by Nisioisin btw).
rinThanks a lot!

I see lots of other groups doing this but was like fuck yeah when I saw [Mazui]

Thank you guys so much. BRS deserves awesome subs likes yours.
RedOh damn, if I'd known you guys were doing this I'd have waited.
idlewaiterAs the best Subber out there at the moment, this just consolidates your awesomeness XD
Lucid_YumeBest. Group. Ever.
Seriously, you guys are awesome! Always picking up the good series, thanks for this great effort yet again!
RedHey wait a minute.

I see no ★ in the title.

Sorry guys, you failed on this one.
HundredfireThanks again!!
btw, you guys inverted Mato and Yomi in the "Did you know.." (Mato is dubbed by Kana Hanazawa and Yomi by Miyuki Sawashiro).
njamunkythis is something ive been waiting to see forever, hence all the youtubing searches that involved the vocaloids and BRS. I have something of a confession to make...i am completely head over heels for chicks playing guitars. i play guitar myself and cant get enough of some good ol fashioned rocker chicks. probably a big reason why i became a fan of mazui in the first place. so thanks again mazui team, for bringing yet another guilty pleasure! you kind gentlemen and ladies are my new internet vice that i cant stop enjoying!
Spartan1590Can I watch this without seeing nothing else? Thanks
Black_Ravenhey.. its poplar, not polar...
PatrickBJay! This shows it IS worth it to check Mazui one last time before going to bed :)

Thanks guys!
HarpyharpThanks Mazui. And thanks for providing us with Xvids as well, which I use for streaming through my Xbox. Big props for all your hard work :)
KadushyzOMG!! Thanks guys.
Azerikdidn't even know you guys were doing least now I don't have to wait for Doki to do it so I can watch.
stormsworderi'm assuming this isn't the end of this OVA...if it is, it has a lot of plot holes...
SynchroThanks for the release!
Reiawesome job as always, Mazui...

btw, was that a SlamDunk manga they were reading back there? O_o

just noticed the hair of one of the guys on the cover was red...
ShadowSianI enjoyed it, but the minute and a half preview was a lot better then the 50 minute episode... for a thing labeled black rock shooter... it didn't really cover much of anything pertaining to what it should be about.... it was basically just an anime about some school girls with some random BRS scenes thrown in....

overall gets a 4/10 at best... hopefully another OVA comes out that does more with the BRS aspect...
zansabarshadowyay for mazui. i get good subs and a ver i can convert for my ipod! woot woot!
BewareofplasticIt was so epical, but the ending made it feel like there's gonna be another episode D": i really hope there is
John?? What is this anime?? Is it only a song?? Can't find any info on it... :(
Fatouma.HMIt's funny that my DivX player only accepts mazui subs! When I watch something related to Eclipse production, it starts lagging. xD

Thanks for the release. :)
One of the Best Fan subbing groups in Traslations and encoding. Thanks ^^
martinez100% i will download ur version...THX Mazui! ^^b
aniluvYES. Smaller better and Awesome Encode!!! Thanks !!!
KreynorThanks for the release. I dunno nothing about Black Rock Shooter but I'm kinda curious.

Anyway, you're one of the few fansub-groups that I respect. Keep it up.
RedI see a ★. Good job. Now get that in the post title and the thing at the top. NOW!!
HitomiThanks for the subs~ well the ova was okay though I was a little disappointed at first (reading reviews in the middle of watching is so not good!!) but somewhere near the end it just suddenly became so sad & touching that it made up for the disappointment. It's a pretty good story nonetheless although it has little (nothing) to do with BRS but I still enjoyed it (the friendship, random epic fighting scenes and HELL the part when BRS said her name xD)
hikikomoriThat was.. interesting. Can't say I didn't like it though.
ALnoivmeewell, its official. Mazui officially kicks the asses of all other subbers that i know of. Good Job guys. ♥
anonymousAdd Anri for Mato,
and Celty for Yomi.
mnmits a pain to re-download 1/2 patch?
anonymousOh, you should've put Kanbaru for Yomi since Nadeko's there for Mato.
anonymousNo script up for download?
anonymousAnd I thought I was wrong to ship BRS/DM way beforehand.
Mr. Piper@mnm

I'd be amazed to see a patch for a movie. That's just not how it works.
jama> Uses our own (awesome quality) encode with an updated script and better audio.

The patch would be around 500MB, so pretty useless, don't you think?
mnmis this can be considered a movie?
too bad no patch available...
nicky_008All right... My new HDD is still cleared for this work haha~ lol

PS. God sage to my seeding ratio - -"
Immense FaggotAhaha, right when I was waiting for good subs. Downloading now. Thanks much, Mazui.
Anonymous #374according to wiki:

An original video animation made by Ordet is set to be streamed for free as part of a "promotional campaign" running from June 25 to August 31, 2010

lol, in other words...its only like a 50 minute commercial...who knows? XD
lgmtkMazui @ the best team eva.
RenzThanks you Mazui for subbing BRS OVA ^^ I knew you were going to sub.
Wonder why you all say its a lousy anime.
I been waiting for this anime for almost one and a half year and i already found out what the story about from watching it.

SonicGTRWhen I hear "Black★Rock Shooter OVA," ass-kicking and a lot of it comes to mind. Even with all the exposition out of the way and the Sequel Hook with Yuu, the next one better have a lot more action before I'd give it a greenlight for an anime.
spdrcdthanks again mazui subs!!...i been wanting to watch this for a long time...but i was kinda the ending (my reason was WTH!?)
Shaffer`zAnyone know the name of the song that starts playing about 19min into the OVA?
....... I don't even understand this anime..... are there more coming up??
DymedAnGelThanks for the release! Been hoping someone awesome would sub it XD
IanThere is a wikipedia entry. According to that, this is an OVA based in a Supercell song/videoclip (suggestion: to put it here too ^^U). The black-clothed, blue-lighted eyes girl having some resemblance to Hatsune Miku was deliberate, too.
Great release, great quality, strange OVA ^^
vhince4005I didn't expect that Mazui will Sub this, Im so glad when i saw mazui's name in as the TOP subber.

i've been waiting for a long time for this anime.

THANKS Mazui! keep up the good work!
MarchI'm a hardcore BRS fan, and I'm fairly certain that Huke did not intend for BRS to look like Miku. It's just how it turned out.

Anyways, it seems like a lot of people here think that the OVA has nothing to do with Black Rock Shooter somehow? :/ It has everything to do with her, lol. It follows her story, or what her story is supposed to be (she's really only a collection of pictures, you know. She isn't really supposed to even have a story but Huke gave her one due to her popularity). So yeah.

I think people would enjoy the episode more if they were more knowledgable about BRS. God, I fucking loved it. xD Every single second of it.
makazatraHey Mazui AWESOOMMMMEEE!!!!!

and maybe anyone can help with this;
the music that starts at 37 min 35 seconds
can anyone tell me the name of it??? its full of awesomeness (even more then mazui !!! :O must mean something!!)
ShadowI only knew about this anime from name only, so had no idea what it was about. I thought it was good. To me, it was more like a prequel to an upcoming series and looks interesting if one does come out.

I think all the fight scenes (except maybe the first one) throughout were all events that happened after they joined at the end, especially with the way she was constantly reaching out her hand to Black Yomi. That's how it appeared to me, anyway.

Thanks, Mazui! :)
wawapiko@Mazui awesome subs ^^

As for BRS it would be nice if there will be a second OVA or better yet an anime ^^
Judging from the ending and how the story went there's still much more to cover. Still this OVA is full of win :3
Ftimis@Shadow That is exactly what I think too, but my only concern is that as a stand-alone movie it does not mean much as a scenario, Girl finds new friend, girl loses new friend, girl has superpowers which she finds out in an awkward way (how the heck did she know the name Black Rock Shooter anyway?), girl retrieves new friend, the end. It did now show what happened after she found Yomi at all... I hope a series comes out... :I
philip@Ftimis You should watch the OVA before you talk.
guibinThe end seems to hint a sequel of some kind
Ftimis@philip I did watch the OVA but that is the conclusion I came to after it ended. Of course I liked it a lot because of its appearance, its chess-like world and its concept of another world of some sort with the same people but with superpowers I was waiting like hell for it to come out. In my previous comment in no way did I try to prove that this OVA was not good, I enjoyed it. What I did was to state a few things that IN MY OPINION are flaws. I'm not trying to be a troll or anything, it is just my opinion, relax. Let's not be word-hostile and stick to the topic. :)
philip@Ftimis, I am referring to your spoiler: "It did now show what happened after she found Yomi at all...". Watch the OVA till the END.
BizounoursDidn't expect you guys to sub this. A good surprise ;)

Bizounours says thanks.
Ftimis@philip Yes I did see that but it is not something significant, it is the expected outcome. Anyways, great OVA, hope to have a series coming out :D
spaztkanyone else getting invalidchar when they try to dl mkv version? or know how to fix it
spaztkfixed it apparently there was a "?" where a "_" was supposed to be
ShizzleThis OVA really made no sense at all to me ^^
RyoranWolfManThanks Mazui!
RyuumiGaroukuniMazui delivers! Thanks!
TamagoXthe OVA might suck but we get to see BRS animated,and that is always worth watching.
anyway thanks for the great sub
baka-donothank you very much for xvid release ;)
YunoThanks Mazui for subbing BRS. But I'm having probs with your mkv ver.. It's like what spaztk says being invalid and no subs >_
WrdsIt was kind of meh, but it wasn't bad.

Always glad to hear Iwasawa's glorious enabling voice though.
NanopyWow, that was amazing actually; very dramatic ending.
cleeezzzwill you guys be releasing this ova in 720/1080p when the blu-rays come out?
RenzokukenLoved it, was sat there through the credits going "WHAT THE HELL!"

Though even the short scene after I feel there could be so much more from it to come.

I don't usually bother with OVA's but I'm glad I did with this one.
thewizardninjaAlso god forbid something actually has an exposition, I can't believe there are people complaining about TOO MUCH story.
MarchUh...I would have liked to see more action, but only because I'm a sucker for wicked awesome fight scenes. I enjoy the story, but the fighting is what really sets it off for me. xD
ryosuke anayamanice me love such a cool anime like that
hope there a more episode of them
Bringerof_Dthis was pretty cool to see but in the end i really think it was pretty bad.

the story was pretty much just a high school drama with fighting in the background which was almost completely unrelated. Some would say the fighting was a way of showing their internal conflict as friends but then that begs the question, why were they fighting at the beginning?

in terms of the visual work itself, a lot of the time the animation was just plain lazy. same goes for the environment where the fighting takes place.

It was a good concept but the director and production staff did not do a very good job. I can forgive the lack of connection between elements in the story but that's only assuming this was a pilot project to show off the designs before an actual film/series is made.
As I said before you need to realise that the scene's are not in chronological order. The fighting IS NOT happening at the same time, it in fact happens after all of the high school stuff, after Mato becomes Black Rock Shooter. The fighting IS NOT a metaphor, Mato really did turn into BRS and fight with whatever possessed Yomi and brought her back with her.

As for the fight at the beginning it's called a flash forward, it's a common technique used to show you what the series will become if it's possible that you can't tell from the start. We haven't seen that person she was fighting yet, however if there are more OVAs we will eventually.

Also I don't see what you thought was so lazy about the art and animation. The art was stylistic and the animation was fluid, I don't see anything wrong with that.
HanoFistVery minor thing: In the quick links, the BRS image's alt text still says "ookamisan" from the copy and paste ;).
Bringerof_D@thewizardninja: ok awesome thanks for the explanation. however doesn't that just make the direction really bad? I mean assuming that someone hasn't already read the story, like many of us we would have no idea what's going on.
101Dongzwow a lot of haters hating on this why can't you just be grateful that you got to see anything at all instead of bitching about how crap you thought it was
Just so you know I didn't have any prior knowledge about BRS before watching the OVA, all I knew was that it was based on a character that looked like Miku that got a song sung by her. I had to watch it twice to fully understand it but I worked out that it wasn't in order about 3/4 of the way through. I guess the difference is that rather than simply thinking "This makes no sense", I thought "How can I make this make sense?" and then I was able to piece it together.
Bringerof_Dgood point, though i guess i was watching it at 3 in the morning so that probably didnt help
PrologueFirst of, (I know I don't write this often enough, but...) Thank you Mazui!

Good thing I've watched and read so many stories that I caught on quickly enough that it was not chronological, though I did think it was something like Hack Sign for a while.

A definite like on my part. I guess most people complain because of the slow pace and the high focus on everyday common things. It's that focus that won me.

Fast pace action anime that don't detail the characters' personalities are PLENTIFUL. This was a really nice change.

And for once something that doesn't make me ask "whhaaaa?" every 2 minutes this summer xD

Here's someone hoping for a sequel or a serie ^^
-.-where to find the .srt file for black rock shooter????
Enkiduwho are the characters on the did you know i know some of them are from angel beats and bakemonogatari but i cant figure out the other two.
in the second row Canaan from Canaan and below her Popura from Working!.
soviet72you guys did a badass job with the coding as always, but the anime is just shit, there is really nothing else to say it makes no sense its a plotless piece of crap that was a waste of bandwith. Mazui you guys are the one of the best fansubbers out there but this anime is to shit for you guys to make it any better
NoviI didn't really think there was a problem with this as a stand-alone OVA. It reminded me a bit of Fooly Cooly because a lot of things were left a mystery, and that's probably the way it's suppose to be.
KulioFrankiethanks for the ova!
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RussellWho would I report to? ventolin price The talks come a day before a holiday in both Koreas that celebrates independence from Japan's 1910-1945 colonial rule. Next week Seoul and Washington plan a massive joint military drill. Pyongyang used a previous routine drill between the allies, along with U.N. sanctions over its February nuclear test, to justify its outburst of threatening rhetoric in March and April.
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JamesI'm about to run out of credit Clomipramine Anafranil Harmoni said its staffing levels were "extremely robust" with one clinical adviser to every four health advisers, and were reviewed weekly by the NHS. In a statement it added: "While it has been acknowledged that NHS 111 services generally did not get off to a good start, we and other providers have successfully delivered substantial improvements, including recruiting 180 more advisers."
EblannedI'd like to change some money purchase femara It is when companies are paying all or more of their profits in dividends that the risk of a cut is greatest. But if, for example, only half of earnings are paid to investors, there is a healthy margin of safety. This ratio of profits to dividends is called the "dividend cover" and experts often suggest that investors look for a figure of at least two.
NicholasSome First Class stamps purchase femara online It had so far declined to say how many jobs would go as partof the programme, announced under former CEO Peter Loescher, whowas ousted and replaced by Kaeser following a fierce boardroombattle two months ago.
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LenardWould you like to leave a message? generic ativan cost “We need to be doing everything we can to help the livestock producers whose livelihoods have been endangered by this storm,” Thune said in a statement. “Last weekend’s devastating storm is another example of why we need to complete work on the Farm Bill for our farmers and ranchers.”
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Elliottvery best job about nexium A Channel 4 investigation cast doubt on the officers' account when it revealed CCTV footage which showed there was not a large group of tourists outside the main gate at the time as had originally been claimed.
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LowellI'm interested in this position xenical pharmacist only medicine He is believed to have spent time in Sudan, where Osama Bin Laden was based in the early 1990s. After Bin Laden was forced to leave, Libi turned up in Britain in 1995. He was granted political asylum under unclear circumstances and lived in Manchester.
MauricioI'd like to take the job where to buy xenical orlistat 120mg "It means the wolves may be taking complex social interactions into consideration and then changing their own behaviour accordingly, not by instinct but by choice," Ms Root-Gutteridge told BBC News.
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DewayneI study here forclosure loan "He'll be missed by the secretary. They've had a strong andeffective working relationship and friendship that willcontinue," said Pentagon spokesman George Little. "There's a lotof work to do between now and December 4."
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NolanI'm a partner in fleet loan officer bergen county The garden is in its Rousseau phase &ndash; impenetrable borders, a swampy pond, heavily scented 'Casa Blanca' lilies, and a neighbourhood black cat as a plausible panther. But a friend staying recently wondered why, short of monkeys and parrots, I didn't have more climbing plants among the trees and shrubs. Climbers are a great way of adding big colour effects and extending a garden's period of interest. And like most gardeners I haven't capitalised on them enough.
JaredWhat do you study? buy albuterol online Yo &#8230; our family is headed for Hawaii for vacation, not Yemen. Any American in Yemen today isn&#8217;t selling Burger King franchises. Just like when Cochise asked Tonto if he knew the masked man, Toto said &#8220;&#8221;Masked Man&#8221; is pale face. I am brother, red to the bone. Here, you keep mask, I&#8217;ll keep scalp.
DouglassI've just started at ofloxacin tinidazole A lack of clarity over when the Federal Reserve will scaleback its stimulus program also weighed on the dollar. The Fedmust be patient in deciding when to trim its bond purchases, twoof its most dovish officials said, a week after the U.S. centralbank unexpectedly stood pat instead of tapering.
CharlesHow much is a First Class stamp? best bridging loans He said a more realistic possibility is 125 identifications per year by 2018. In recent years the Pentagon has managed no more than 70 to 80 identifications a year of remains of troops who fought in World War II and in Vietnam and Korea. The Pentagon lists 83,000 troops as missing from those conflicts.
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KentonWhat sort of music do you like? cash advance muskogee ok The Democratic-controlled Senate says it will reject the piecemeal funding measures and Obama has said he would veto them. One measure the White House does support is a bill to retroactively pay federal workers once the government reopens, likely to pass the House on Saturday.
PercyAre you a student? zopiclone cost uk That bright spot was an aberration, though, not a turning point. In 2012, Tuck endured yet another injury plagued season and said "my performance was nowhere near what I envisioned for myself." What he envisions for himself in 2013 is bounce-back season where he's a force again on defense and nobody thinks for a second that he's almost done.
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RosendoWhat line of work are you in? albuterol 1.25 mg Saban did lose to Louisiana State, where he once coached, in 2010 and '11. Before that, the last time he lost to the same team in consecutive years at this level was when he was at LSU in 2000-01 (to Florida).
JavierThanks funny site supersonic The only A's starter with a longer unbeaten streak is Lefty Grove, who won 21 in a row from April 22-Aug. 19, 1931. The Hall of Famer also had 10 relief appearances during the streak, including one loss.
StaceyHow do you know each other? loans wanted classified ads Bill Parcells used to say that until his team won its first game of the season, his nights would be sleepless worrying about when it would ever come. That’s about where the Giants are right now. Will 0-2 become 0-3 Sunday afternoon in Charlotte? Could that spiral into 0-4 in Kansas City where the Chiefs are 3-0 and will be coming off a 10-day break following their victory in Philadelphia on Thursday night?
DivaHave you got any qualifications? consolidating credit It said Thames Water&rsquo;s request for taxpayer support for its multi-billion-pound &ldquo;super sewer&rdquo; project across London &ndash; despite recording bumper profits over a number of years &ndash; showed that the industry&rsquo;s priorities are wrong.
SteveWhat's your number? real bimatoprost real cheap Britain's quarter-on-quarter GDP growth is expected to have doubled in the April-June period to 0.6 percent, and rising U.S. home sales are likely to show the housing recovery on track despite a recent rise in mortgage rates.
GilbertoGloomy tales cost of amoxicillin The attackers had lobbed a grenade inside. She ran, looking back just long enough to see that one of the attackers had grabbed a Caucasian man. He was holding him by the back of the neck, forcing him to walk in front, like a human shield. "With his other hand he was shooting," said Jamal.
NestorWe're at university together purchase diclofenac online Assuming the Senate succeeds, House Speaker John Boehner will have to decide whether to allow passage of a bill that many of his fellow Republicans might oppose, a decision that could impact the top Republican's political future.
JewelA staff restaurant glucophage cost Universal filed lawsuits last year against three formeremployees, claiming they transmitted $15 million of the $40million without authorisation. Universal told Reuters in Marchthe $25 million payment had been made in error and that it didnot know how the money was ultimately used.
DamionVery Good Site dormicum generika So the dramas aren't precisely parallel. But the basic Shield storyline and Shield's on-the-fly manipulation of those around him, Dougherty points out, are something on which Walter White could have taken notes.
AlfonzoA book of First Class stamps best generic klonopin qualitest Facing some $18.5 billion in long-term debt, Detroit filed for bankruptcy on July 18. If the federal judge presiding over the case allows the bankruptcy to proceed it would be the largest Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy case in U.S. history.
BentonUS dollars dormicum information And aerospace stocks could continue to take a beating if a budget deal leads to even more cuts to the military. The Defense Department is already working on its budget for 2015 and suggesting certain programs may not get funding.
DominickWhat do you want to do when you've finished? Buy Cheap Artane “One out of every two Burger King guests orders our classic French fries and we know our guests are hungry for options that are better for them, but don’t want to compromise on taste,” said Alex Macedo, the president of Burger King North America.
PrestonHave you read any good books lately? latisse generic (bimatoprost) 3ml solution reviews "Grazie Media does not, in any way, shape or form, support the use of marijuana nor the promotion of illegal drugs at a family event," Vanessa Wojtala, CEO and director of programming at Grazie Media, said in a statement.
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SandyHow many more years do you have to go? acetaminophen codeine 30 mg Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, who last week had said she did not support military action, tweeted Saturday that the U.S.-Russian deal appeared to be a "strong step forward." Gabbard's opposition to Obama's plan for military action was seen as significant because she is a veteran who represents Obama's home state.
ModestoThis site is crazy :) buy klonopin dosage Nokia has apparently got more than the so-called Lumia 825 up its sleeve too, with the Reuters report adding that "Nokia has developed more than one new mobile device" for the glitzy New York unveiling, possibly its leaked Windows RT tablet or its mooted HD 1080p Windows Phone device codenamed the Bandit.
HerbertI hate shopping midazolam zolpidem That could create a better atmosphere at talks between Iran and six major nations in Geneva on October 15-16, the first such encounter since President Barack Obama and new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani held a historic phone call last week.
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FlorentinoWhat do you like doing in your spare time? zopiclone online no prescription uk Just after midnight he was at Warburtons bakery in Wednesbury before putting on a bright yellow reflective jacket and trousers and white hard hat for a stop on the M6 to chat with an overnight resurfacing team — tweeting “First time I’ve met people in the middle of a motorway” — and by 1.30am the Chancellor (with an orange vest over his suit) was at a 24-hour Tesco depot in Daventry posing at the controls of a fork lift truck.
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Jasperthis post is fantastic mechanic levitra online buy solid enjoyment yeah, think this is like persistent heartburn, some say this was started so China have problems expanding to Africa, I have no idea, I don&#8217;t think any of you honestly believe that anyone there care for democracy, do u even have any examples of democracy in the region besides Iran. Qatar that supports this mess is a monarchy isn&#8217;t it, kinda strange monarch from one country tries to bring &#8216;democracy&#8217; to the other, well, there u go
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ShannonThe line's engaged blot buy duloxetine uk threshold yonder "Greenpeace International lawyers are demanding immediate access to the 30 activists who have been held for over four days without legal or consular assistance. It is still not known whether Russia intends to lay formal charges and Greenpeace has not received any formal contact from the authorities," it said.