To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - EX OVA

And then suddenly out of nowhere... a Railgun OVA!

We present our first joint project ever, and with none other than our close buddies UTW. It's so nice to hear Satou Rina's voice again... what I would be saying if I hadn't just finished the Sayoko arc in White Album. So much <3.

Oh, right... Anime... Here you go! Note it's 50% longer than normal = bigger file.

XviD hath descended

Since this is a one-off, credits go here:

TL: Moshi/Ulrezaj/fotc
TLC: Ulrezaj/fotc
Editing: Ulrezaj
Timing: jama
TS: Kusion
Encoding: Mreweilk

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yoYou seem to have forgotten the link there chief.
drrr!where's the link?
AmeyIts here from UTW
chronono "did-you-know"s?
thewizardninjaThis means more Saten doesn't it. God dammit.
limazyes thanks for the extra saten
anonymousoh god the reverse uniforms is so damn hnnnnnnngggggh
also it looks like they're using the same style as the Index 2, that's cool.
also fuck you for knowing japanese and able to play WA
nicky_008for sage to Rina-san & Saten-san, Cheer...
Link2link8is this 720p?
Midgemage*Drools* More Uiharu...

*coughs* I mean, uh, yay?
Akutooh hell yeah. Moar railgun :D
go3001yes, yes, YEEEEESS!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DoritosNicee Mazui. And.... reverse dressing? AND 50% longer video? Sweeet.

Fucking FirewallsCan anyone drop a DDL link?
TheCumi┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Thanks guys! Appreciate Mazui & UTW doing this

koolboygot avi for this ova????
kjlewqjlqya, where xvid,avi?
BizounoursNice episode ;)

Bizounours says thanks.
DeathReaperthanks guys you are the best
Geese1Big thanks to both Mazui and UTW for bringing us this release!
railgunthank you...
femanongreat job and glad you didn't change Biribiri to sparky

Fucking Firewalls

DDL for anyone who needs it
SpincastWaiting for this one! xD
moar biribiri!! xDD

SoulFaster than I expected.
Awesome souce.
whewrawhere xvid,avi? is sure is damn slow =.=
900ManReverse uniforms...HHHNNNNNNGGGHHHH

Great work as always guys, thanks a lot!
Indexi wanna say, thanks? :)
Keinethank you : )
utakGreat thx mazui ^^
ACertainLevelZeroBigh thanks, great job, just like Season 1. Keep it up!

I'm so glad i can see more Saten-san^^
Felix U. FonWhat can I say...thanks?

Just joking, awesome release and many thanks Doki.
MooficusOMG. Did not even know this was a "thing." And now, surprise, crappy day suddenly gets awesome when I get an early birthday present in the form of more Railgun.

I love you MazuiSubs. ;-; *sniffsniff*
eliOH, WOAH. thanks so much! amazing!
SartajI've been waiting for this, and I'm glad you guys and UTW did it! Thanks a lot!
DalahF A N T A S T I C !
Thank you :D
ZylHad a good time with this episode. Thank you! =)
1OOYou're the man! Thanks!
DetectiveThis series is finally over~ :D thankies for the subs
ZeroX25More Saten! :D
BakaMattMuch better than Ayako in terms of grammar..
Did not change Biribiri to "Sparky"..

*Thumbs up*
If only you were subbing ToaruIndex II.. :(
=(I'm with you there BakaMatt. Waiting for UTW to sub index2 ep 4, but ayako is faster. Don't want them though, as their translations make the episode hard to catch on.
go3001@BakaMatt No, don't change it to Sparky! I know it's the meaning of biribiri but it sounds gay!!
skyhackLeave it "Biribiri", or use Eclipse's "Shocker." That Shocker one just kills me. 8D
An extremely obnoxious name for someone to call a tsundere.
1OOI dont really get the point of this OVA D:
engineerder, I feel old
I remember when (I hate that phrase btw) I was in search of Spice and Wolf II. Came across Mazui. Now? I have never left Mazui and have watched almost everything* they have made. Kinda crazy, looking at the side and seeing the stack of is long.

You guys are awesome

*exclude Ookami-san. I just can't seem to enjoy the character/plot setup.
DoritosYou'd think that they would have something more advanced than an iPhone in Academy City of all places...
That cracked me up with Saten pulled out that iPhone xD
HibikinMore biribiri, lesbian and uiharu awesomenes
Saten-shit can go to hell
ShirokoDid anyone else notice that the Manga Serialization she was reading was called Biribiri comics
CycloseWait WTF? I was a bit upset that this isn't all about the ITEM Arc. D:
NathanWow, nice.
LOL! I mean.. mazui did not change it to sparky.. utw would, but mazui did not.. that's the good thing.. :)
FrenzyAhhhh~ it is nice to hear Saten-san again, I didn't even know there was an OVA.
Cheers Mazui, and Hats off to UTW as well
RyuumiGaroukuniKuroko is happy!!!
AllTheGoodNamesWereTakenAhh almost forgot this came out at the end of the month! Thanks for the subs! =D
DoodLol @ dipshits crying about "Sparky"

"Shocker" doesn't make a lick of sense.

Sparky fits as it is an actual nickname one could have (although usually a pet), retains its relation to electricity, and fits perfectly in the context of Touma teasing Misaka.

Shadow... as does Biribiri.

Nicknames can be made up and don't 'need' to be found in a dictionary.
Me and Not You@Shadow
Me and Not Youfails at posting... Love you Shadow and I agree with you...
KalAwesome! thanks guys! lots of fun. Those 4 girls really make up a nice group. Thanks again!
anonAny chance of doing the other OVAs?
..Pardon the ignorance, but what does the "EX" mean?
Shadow'Extra' would be my guess.
RoiaAwesome job as always guys :D
DathuThis was a pretty interesting episode. *Lurks for Imouto*
HalofarmDamn glad you guys did this. Wouldn't have been the same getting my Railgun from somewhere else, even better since it's a joint with the group I'm getting my Index from.
GabThnx Mazui, as usual. -me wonders if masochism and sadism are a sub-plot in the anime-

(00:54:46)[Releasing Oreimo when I'm not here!] - [Himatsubushi]_Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konna_ni_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_-_05_ [5C5F77AC].mkv - /MSG FoxBot XDCC SEND 191 more speedsub than mazui! wtf?!
AdeptZeroYay, more Railgun =) Thanks again Mazui!
TaishouThnx for OVA ;D

ps. wondering in what time zone these timestamps of the post are for future reference.
SI don't give a fuck about other fansubs doing the same project as Mazui. I'll wait for their subs.
doodlemanPlease release Ore no Imouto today.....

Really need it today.


I wouldn't rely on them they release randomly.
anonass download link
à nonimRAILGUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN. Thanks a lot ! (misaka misaka misaka ♥♥♥)
PrologueWell... Biri means last or bottom. So that does make sense too.

Has UTW started using the Japanese way of names now that they aren't with GG anymore? If so, then I'll be thinking of switching.

We've (UTW) always used Japanese Name Order for shows. The first episode of Index II was the only exception we didn't.