It's spicy wolf time! 04 of it to be precise.

Craaaaawling iiiin my skiiiiin aka Spice and Wolf II 04 released. Don't mind the whiney network message.

PS. xvid to follow hopefully soonish.

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anonymousThanks! \o/
NMazui, I love you all!
jjust here to drop a thank you for all your efforts!

keep up the good work

horo & male merchant sheep ftw~
JojjeYeeeeees. Cheers guys.
AnimeSerbia666NICE~!! And very fast too!
DgrayGTBut WTF I just finish to download the raw and you have done your work thank you sooo much jejeje sorry but my english too bad
ShantaraThanks for your work! Lol'd at 'do not distribute' ad.
One request - please do not follow gg in creating chapters with lame names.
No-oneBrilliant, thanks for the hard work guys. good job.
anonymousHey guys, can we get an upload to a vid site? Megavideo?
tripThanks!! I can't wait, the last episode turned messy, I'm wondering how this is going to go.

Appreciate the speed and effort Mazui puts into this!!!!!!!!
eponymousI know there won't be any more, but I'm desperate to see more Yandere Horo.
anonymousNice LP reference xD
JojjeExpected you to add 'lol irony' at the end of the 'do not distribute' thing.
anonymousThanks for the quick release. The video slows to a crawl and doesn't sync with the audio at the spots where broadcast statements show up. Are you going to release a v2 to fix that?
euronymousI'm glad you guys refuse to call her "Holo." I don't care if it's the right transliteration. It looks stupid. Five internets for your stubbornness.
IagoGreat to see subs with so great speed, but these high rez subs really make the video jerky. Please, just use standard subtitles in your .mkvs. Watching a show jittery really takes fun out of it...
stuffAnyone who calls her Holo is a jerkwad. It sounds bad and they should feel bad.
Rold of WorvesJapanese anime studios fail at anything written in Roman letters. Them writing "Holo" is PROOF that it's actually "Horo".

BTW, what is this internet? I heard they have illegal anime there.
DetectiveI comment because I love you.
VThanks to Mazui I can get my spicy fix! You rock.
And great job with the illegal distribution statement, that made my day (well, evening).
edgarto the last anonymous above me:

Mine does the same thing... I'm pretty sure that the scrolling subs put a strain on the software if your computer doesn't have enough processing power (maybe, I don't know for sure). So, Mazui, we all got a laugh out of the message ("if you're reading this, the illegal thing we're warning about has already happened"), but do you think you could refrain from translating it in future releases? Those of us who can't handle it will appreciate it, methinks.

Also, it is Horo. I agree with stuff's Futurama references. Thanks for all your hard work on this release!!!
Jroqueehh dude.... Im Spanish-speaking person.. and
well... both horo & holo sound pretty lame... why cant they use normal names like... Samantha? or.. Jenny? or.. i dont know... Kate?

but in my opinion..(in spanish) Holo sounds better than Horo
SkywardIf the video gets jittery or desyncs when the broadcast message comes across, it's because your computer sucks. The raw provider we used thought it'd be a cool idea to make those sections 60 fps and we can't be bothered to re-encode em.
dasdmnkasMuch love to you for using 'Horo'. I wouldn't watch your subs if you didn't.
fnordLol, typesetting that scrolling notice was hilarious. n1.
KiesmanI agree with dasdmnkas(AKA random keyboard spam). I wouldn't be watching it either if it wasn't "Horo".
anonputting that scrolling text was realllllyy annoying, keeps causing unneeded lag.
fbpeople need to upgrade the Pentium IIIs, yo.

2nd sub of the network crawl caught me by surpise, had to rofl - good one!
anonymouscoreavc doesn't adapt to varying frame rates within the same file. To fix force playback with a different codec like ffmpeg (with mpc: select H264/AVC (FFmpeg) in Options/Internal Filters/Transform Filters or change global filter priority). With ffmpeg being far less optimized and essentially single-threaded, your cpu should be equivalent to a core2 3Ghz or better for smooth playback.
znithThank you for the release, however I'm also having problems with the playback when the broadcast message pops up. My processor should be able to run it just fine, however my RAM is kinda low. Is it possible that I should upgrade my RAM (from 2x1GB to 2x2GB) to prevent this problem?
PhillangeesMany thanks for this!
ReynHeh, seems I have to wait for the xvid version if I am to have any hope of watching this, none of the 4 media players I tried playing this in could play it without problems such as the audio being faster than the video, or just lag issues spread out through the entire thing; before and after the scrolling text.

Thanks anyways though, the other three episodes I downloaded from here - all of them MKV - worked fine, so I'm guessing these are all problems related to the scrolling text or somesuch.
Anonymous Alcoholic Great episode! And lol at the brainwashing attempt xD !!
XerxesThe odd thing is, is that I also lag out during certain scenes where it shows a lot of background. I have a Core i7 overclocked to 4.0 GHZ. Is this a problem I have or is it something else?
anonymousthese woooounds they will not heaaalll!! Thanks for the release :)
Anonymous Why the sudden drop of honorific?

You were doing so nicely keeping them in the previous releases...
Click ThisAnd I thought my computer sucked. I never had a problem with the broadcast message.
Probably your codecs are at fault.
anonymousCommunity Codec Pack have ran everything without a fault until this episode. Can't be just codecs.
kyaaaMazui-sama, I've looked everywhere..There's no AVI version of Spice and Wolf II episode me >_____
kyaaaMazui-sama, I've looked everywhere..There's no AVI version of Spice and Wolf II episode me >_____
kyaaaMazui-sama, I've looked everywhere..There's no AVI version of Spice and Wolf II episode me >_____