Spice & Wolf II 05

Yeah, yeah, it's not Haruhi. Calm down kids, that one's almost done.
Meanwhile, here's some Lawrence talking way too gdamn much to tide you over in the meantime.

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JojjeWoo, awesome! Thanks guys
anonymousAwesome indeed! Thanks a bunch! Keep on going. ;)
GentleMelonI like too much talking :)

thx a bunch!
BornIn1142Who gives a damn about Haruhi?
ZiegFUCK! more HORO! SD matte da ne! :)
Jroquestop subbing haruhi if it makes you take more time to publish Spice & Wolf

BornIn1142.... wise words....
qwertyuiopendless eight!!!!!!!!!!!
anonway too many groups subbing haruhi already :P
RookTalking too much at least beats being a silent pussy like in ep 3.
AnimeSerbia666TY SO MUCH~! U guys rule~! Episode 5 FUCK YEAH~!
shihouinthanks i like how you guys are always on time with spice atleast in my opinion
JojjeJust watched it, what the heck just happened there
DetectiveThursday is my favorite day of the subbing week :D
tripperThank you, Thank You, Thank You!!!

BTW, Haruhi endless 8 FUBAR to end this week (ANN article)
JonThanks again guys
EddieAnyone else have trouble with the intro in vlc 1.0.1? Seems to stutter a bit though it is better in 1.0.0.

Thanks for the sub!
AlJust use CCCP for all your video playing needs. =)
:Dnice one ep 5!! Thanks Mazui!!!
JonI take it back. That was so boring, you should have just made up your own captions.
Jroquedamn dude.... some parts of this episode were like.. *what on earth just happened..?* what on earth did amaty meant to say when he said the things about ''when the bell chimes...'' n all that crap? why did lawrence made a shock face when he said that? why did amaty made an EvIl smile when the bell rang? daaamn....
hikikomori-sanI'm lost! Am I stupid for not understanding what's going on or is the translation bad? Either way, can somebody please summarize what's going on in layman's terms?
resoluteThanks so much for the subs. I hope for evey comment posted, 100 more people are just as thankful
JackpotYou guys are CHAMPIONS thankyou very much for all your hard work!
SarahMan, why don't the people who make this show understand it's SPICE AND WOLF, not SPICE AND MERCHANT. Economy lessons are awesome and all... but I want my Horo fix and I want it noooowww! Props to you, Mazui, for subtitling the show anyway.
Taste MasterThanks for the subs, you are all very awesome.
ExRenkinThank you for the sub! Some of us really can't go on without Spice and Wolf (economy or no).

...do you really need to sub Haruhi?
CyphrenThis episode was sadly lacking in Horo talking about how awesome she is.

That said, I enjoyed it a lot. I like the buy/sell aspects of what's happening. Looking forward to am utter market crash next week.

.mkv files started causing me a little audio lag with ep 4 and 5, at the anti-internet subs.

Cyphrenhikikomori-san, Amarti paid Lawrence for an amount of Pyrite, Lawrence will give him Pyrite later.

Lawrence is collecting as much Pyrite as he can now because he plans to sell it all to crash the market (when a large amount is sold, the price drops, then others sell quickly before it drops further).

When the price is very low, Lawrence will buy the amount of Pyrite he owes Amarti.

Suffice to say, Amarti is fucked ;)
CoreAVCFor those who lags at the section with the scrolling text, you can resolve that issue by either getting the CoreAVC codec (this is not free, unless....) or by getting a better video card that is meant for decoding the video.
NachbarPlease tell the encoder to stop using variable frame rates. Would be much appreciated and would solve all of the problems people have been having with the scrolling text part. (notice nobody complains about the Mazui logo at the beginning)
Ezrahdont know how haruhi is, and don't care. MOAR HORO!
stuffmongerhikikomori-san -> I think Lawrence gets super shocked and Almarti is smug since Almarti has already paid 800 silver (500 advanced for the duel, and 300 in gold) of his payment to Lawrence now, and only needs to make 200 more from selling all his pyrite to "purchase" Horo.