Boku Ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai 05

Apparently you people are clogging up the Japan-US pipes with your overwhelming hentai downloads, making the raw really slow getting to us today. ┐(^-^;)┌ 

Here's your episode 5 and XviD

Aaaand back I go to Final Fantasy Type-0. It is epic.

Double feature today since I totally forgot last week!
First up is the Librorum Prohibitorum herself!

And fotc's waifu:

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OkuuYay, thanks.
M. BisonYES

Detectiveporn is good
KyzelOnce again, thank you very much!
lolipedoyay! more delicious insults and banter. I show get the manga to see what's what.
CryzoCan someone please explain to me what the pictures mean? what does its "=" have relations to the other pics?

My own opinion aside (which I'm sure none of you appreciate) Thanks so much for the episode! TONIGHT'S GOING TO ROCK BECAUSE OF YOU GUYS! THANKS AGAIN!
majoraxHey Ulrezaj! Hanazawa is Nessa in Fractale, not Enri (who is actually (ironically!?)played by Iguchi Yuka.
CSorry about clogging the pipes. Had to get my fix, ya know?
Krovi@Cryzo - They're characters voiced by the same seiyū.
AlienGamerLove u guys
Shiranui@Cryzo: The "=" means that the voice actors who voices the character also voices the others shown.
Ulrezaj@majorax - Not irony, simply misplacement :P
Thanks for the heads up
jeisonhow I am going to last out no-fap-november with this show..
kittenfister"Apparently you people are clogging up the Japan-US pipes with your overwhelming hentai downloads, making the raw really slow getting to us today. ┐(^-^;)┌"

Guilty. (。。;)
aratathanks, i will wait for the xvid version and download it in my ipad2
CrusherXLoved the amount of other anime references in this ep. Great job!
Geese1Thanks for the release!
mascthemoneyi cant stop laughing @ "largehard"
leo@uhwLOL @ Maria looking exactly like Index in the game.
cheezeburgerzyay mazui!
genericnameSo do the light novels say that Kobato's heterochromia is faked too, or is it just in the anime? In the morning scene both her eyes are blue.
Indexlooks like the pace is a bit fast :P

well, i still love it :)
TakataI remember the light novels saying that Kobato's right eye is red only because she's wearing a contact lens.
chocoHanazawa :3
genericname@Takata - Yeah I figured. Even though it's an LN/anime/manga, this one plays it fairly straight with regard to hair and eye color. Red's not natural. In that case, I guess I should praise the anime's attention to detail. Watched the rest of the episode and noticed she's completely blue-eyed in the last scene too.
spweaselSo the SAGA in the episode title really was a reference to the SaGa series. Why am I not surprised.

Anywho, thanks for the episode.
SchroederJust put the episode on my own http DDL server for fun.
I'm still testing things out, so, if you try it, write a comment saying it works
StubbsiBoyKuroneko reminds me, are you EVER gonna get round the the BDs of the Oreimo Specials?
P4Kobato is my waifu! No, not waifu but my little sister!!!
SenaEpic Sena outfit is epic.
Thanks for the episode!
CiraThank you for the episode :D
cheezeburgerzlol at Sena with Ore no Imouto
supawhy is this episode screwing up on me when I try to play it?
im using the latest cccp beta codec
Gestus@supa: You do know what "beta" means? Go back to what they list as their last "stable" release.
Gestus@supa: going forward, if there is a problem with anime release there would be tons of complaints in chatboxes like this. When it's just you, it's just you, so look to your own setup.
Elcuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeee kobato!!!!!!!
supabut it only seems to be this episode only, Ive checked many different anime and they work perfectly.
supawhoops, seems to work now. download was corruped
AyuI guess you used DDL? xD
Torrents are awesome lol :P
KuroLoliQuestion : What is the release schedule for this series? Like what day does it air in Japan and whats the usual estimate on when it will be released?
o0MrCheesy0oKuroLoli, that is a good question. One I'd like an answer to too :3
Bepbo@KuroLoli: BokuTomo airs on Fridays in Japan at 1:55 am (Thursday morning for the US, around 10:55am). So raws usually get up online any time around, 11:30 to 1pm, perhaps later? Then Mazuri, just based on looking at their upload times here on their site, uploads the subbed version of the show anywhere from ~8pm - ~11pm. Hope that helps! Just check back every Thursday at 8pm-11pm, and you should be good, haha :)
KuroLoli@Bepbo: Thanks for the response!
Indexfuck yea! all hail Friday!
rinThanks guys.
Fat and smellytypo? 18:46 "It"