Remembrances for a Certain Pilot

This is a bit of a departure from our traditional releases, but today I'd like to present to you our first Light Novel translation:
Remembrances of a Certain Pilot (to aru hikuushi e no tsuioku).

It's not really a Mazui project, but rather a small undertaking by myself, my good friend Seki, and my sister Leafy. The movie came out in October, so we probably won't see any BDs till early 2012, but until then, I hope you can take a few hours out of your time to read this book.

It's in a very different tone and feel from the typical Mazui project, focusing on the story of a pilot and a princess and the battles, emotions, and determination they must fight through to get to their destination together.

Remembrances of a Certain Pilot (pdf): Download / Mirror 1 / Mirror 2

Update: The movie is out and subbed by yours truly. Find it here.

I honestly haven't done as thorough an editing job as I would have liked, due to most of my free time going to JLPT studying (which is over! yay!) so please pardon the odd wording every now and then. Enjoy!

To aru hikuushi e no tsuioku roadshow preview

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blueman i actually enjoyed this! Good job :)
FrankYou're my boy, Blue!
bluejust to be clear i haven't read mazui's translation but i did see the movie!
Albinothank you very much, looking forward to reading it.
Hououin KyoumaI hope this means you guys are going to sub the movie when it comes out.
ParaWords can't BEGIN to describe how happy I am about you guys taking up light novel translations.
edogawaconanApparently I have the localized manga adaptation of this.
majoraxthank you! This is very appreciated
Vhince4005Please Sub the Movie.. T_T
orezGreat novel but such a sad one. Thank you for bringing it to us, but next tie please bring something with happier ending.
UlrezajPlease use spoiler tags if you're going to comment on the content!

Use like so: [ spoiler ] Aeries dies [ /spoiler ]
without the spaces in between the brackets.
anonymousSpoiler tags don't work in the recent comments.
Ulrezaj They do now!
AlexJust finished reading the LN, haven't put it down since I saw your post. It was lovely, thanks for the TL and hope to see more of these.

Can't wait for the anime!
DuntalktomeIs this only one volume?
AnonymousWhat level JLPT did you take?
KalOh! I love a good book! Downloading now. Thanks!
IssiandaMarvelous,but after reading it, i wanna see the movie! gief naw ^,...,^
anonOfficial site has confirmed that DVD and Blu-Rays will be out on the 24th of February next year.

Anyway, are you planning to translate the next book in the series?
bobwhat level of 日本語能力試験 btw?
kenWhat a great story. Thanks for translating and sharing it with us!

This is a standalone book. There's an ongoing series under the name to aru hikuushi e no koiuta (Love song for a certain pilot) set in the same world, but in a completely different place and with different characters. We're not planning on TLing those.
Kimochi-wariodd timing, ayako added one few days before
will this turn into an habbit?
let's hope our fansubbers go into light novels
good job and keep up that work :)
AlterationIf I may request an LN project, since no other dependable source is doing it, the Monogatari series. I know Shaft's doing Kizu and Nise, but anything after that would be YEARS away, if they actually get adapted.

aviu guys gonna sub final denpa onna?
Revirrimis this thing also called
Recollection of Certain Pilot?

that was the official manga title for my home country
AvenheThis. Is. Amazing. Reading this was like losing one's way into the light...Western novels are nothing to this masterpiece. You have my gratitude in translating this :)
YuumeiWow, I certainly wasn't expecting this. I watched the movie last month at a film festival and it was definitely interesting. I can't wait to give this a read. Thanks a lot.
Shin_Starthanks.. it really amazing to translate a novel story like that. it easier to print the whole story and reading it..
I didn't really go deep on this story but I appreciate your effort.
freshoutofthepanReally beautiful story, spent the night reading this. Thanks for the translation. Would be great if you could occasionally release light novel TLs like these, heh.
Bob JohnThank you for the translation! This book looks very interesting.
xenocrossif you dont mind, I can put it to baka-tsuki light novel translation community. A lot of reader goes there, so your work will get wider audience.
Or you can do it yourself, registering is easy
jakasuitWhere is the ePUB version? or rather why aren't there a ePUB version? PDF isn't good if you want read the content.
DefaiI just finished the LN, it was amazing, and I found myself wanted to continue reading on nearly anytime I had to stop. You've also made me REALLY want to see the movie now, but it's near impossible to find it somewhere online subbed. :(
I hope you guys will sub it asap :)
Ulrezaj@xenocross Go for it, I haven't touched that site in a long time so I'd have no idea how to go about it.
Rawrrawr45Thanks for this! I always welcome light novel translations :3
Tsurupettan LoevYaay always glad to see novel translations. Most of the ones I was reading got abandoned part way, so good to see some new stuff.
ngowos-kunthanks mazui :) In my country, they released the manga with the title is "Recollection of a certain pilot".
ondiThanks Mazui :)
I hope Nisemonogatari for the next LN release :)
Clavel SangranteThank you very much for translating this novel! :3
passhow do i download the pdf file?
or do i just read it from the link?
passforget it, i figured it out -.-
romulusThe official site you linked had information that the BDs and DVDs will be out on 02/24 2012. Please update the post with this. Also, I hope Mazui will sub the film even if this book was not entirely a Mazui project.
hirameki9I made an EPUB version if anyone cares.
Might either look shit or awesome depending on what reader you are using.
duntalktomewow, i just read finish this. I love the story, it was awesome. Awesome ending too.
Thanks for translating this =)
IZEROIIjust another reason why this is such a great group. Thank you sir
IZEROIIps hope to see you sub the film
reariThank you for this.
The epilogue made me cry.
(Silently of course, since I'm in a net cafe)
FerrelasAny chance of a non PDF version?
Commissarial HatLoved it.
MyfistusWas an exceptionally wonderful read.
Clavel SangranteHi Again!

So lovely, I´m here again to ask if we could re-translate this into spanish.

We are a translation group called Chibi Chibi, and we would like to retranslate it :)

Of course we would put your credits.

Thank you for translating this beautiful story anyway^^!
sm2345Finished reading the LN a few hours ago. It was awesome. :D

Thanks a lot for your hard work. ^^
7se7enGreat book, hope more is released.
Although, I hate this type of ending...
godofcowsvery beautiful story. annexed with past relationships and structures of the east and west. I love it. I hear they made an animated movie out of it too. I cried. lol
NZ-666 KshatriyaThank you for translating this awesome novel and sharing!
KuroWill you guys doing the movie too? I hope you will! And thanks for the novel!!
vknMovie is out, any chance you guys are doing it?
MyfistusPlease Mazui, sub the movie! The BD has been out since Friday and NOBODY, not even obscure trollsub groups has said they're doing it. :(
JingNot to sound retarded, but I'd fucking love it if you had this in a kindle format for my phone. I have the attention span of a fly and usually get about 2 to 3 pages in before something happens.
BeaThis is such a touching story, and so bittersweet...
Thanks so so much for sharing this gem. Although I enjoyed the movie, this light novel is much much much better than the movie, the epilogue is heartbeaking....
kureshiiUlrejaz, do you still have the original/master docx file? I’d be glad to help you make PDF/ePUB versions. Will be afk for the whole of next week, reply as soon as I can. Poke me on Rizon/GMail @ this username.
kureshii*Ulrezaj. Sorry for typo :x
Eiff23This is a good novel and heartwarming. I really to have a good ending for the male protagonist even they never got united
miren1This was good.. Thanks mazui
DragoZEROSimon made a wonderful ePUB and MOBI out of the novel. He edits the code and makes sure it works so if anyone wants it, go get it. IT would also be cool if this was added to the post so future readers will see it.
arczyxJust like what ngowos-kun said, I also found an official manga translation titled "Recollection of a Certain Pilot".

So, do you plan to change the title or not?

Anyway, thank you very much for translating!
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ForOne193I got way too emotional over this light novel.. seriously.. I liked the end and I still cried.. Somehow.. yeah.. still I loved this light novel, definitely one of my favorites!