Wonder Festival 2012 Winter

Wonderfest 2012 Winter just finished up yesterday, so I thought I'd post some highlights, Madoka style! And by highlights I mean delicious figures.
Edit: Whole bunch of not-so-madoka pics also added

No, there's no anime in this post. This is pure otaku lovin' zone!

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GODMUST get those figures
MFC-loverYou forget the best ones:
GSC Miki Sayaka x Sakura Kyouko.
I'll definitely preorder them both ^^
GoresomeOh god I don't even...
anonThere were so many great figures at WonFes, yet you only blog the terrible ones.
CaptainKing12,000 a piece for the MashySymph figs?
I will have someone's head for this!
TakuyaThe Matsumoto & Hamada figurines killed me hahahaha
Awesome!!So many awesome figs.!!
Why are some figs. gray? Is it for self painting? or just like that?
anonymousYou know your life is fulfilled when you can tell all the figures names
Commander BubbleThats a shitload of photos...
Super-Buu-5Wow I gotta go to one of those shows at some point
KalThat's some pretty impressive artwork... I have to go to one of those some day as well. Thanks for the pics!
nolifekingLove you guys

would love to have that Gun of kiritsugu
and a figuring of Horizon

though having all would be the ideal
chietain20So, many, pieces, I, want. No, money ;_;
Tsuyoshi@Awesome!! I believe those are the ones that are still in prototype stage, minor changes might be made and they will be painted later if that's the case.
snap+1 for Griffith
SporkedI would donate several nonvital organs to get those Madoka, Horizon and Mashiriro models...they are absolutely gorgeous.
PaleBlueI LOL'd at Chibi Linkin Park
AsaWhy must I be broke? And without figures? And without a country were I can buy them? Oh yeah... because I'm unemployed...and lazy...
guibindem Airsoft guns!!!!
At least I think they're airsoft guns...the black ones at least. If the white one (sorry, I don't know where that's from) is also an airsoft gun, I want to take out onto the field to get reactions.
ImpressiveIf you want to buy one, check out the Fate/Zero Saber Motored Cuirassier from Good Smile.
DrunkenAntAll of them are so wonderful~
I have my eye on the Rorona ones~
AlastorI am gonna break into the place and steal them all next time, who's with me?

Also, are the gray one's those that you need to paint over by yourself?
adam326Looks like awesomefest for those into figures.
That being said, I really like BRS, Nichijou and Yozora ones.

Can anyone tell me what these are from?
anonymous> kokoro-chan figure

PrologueOtakugasm. Thank you very much Mazui!

/wf2012-2_062.jpg I think is Vocaloid
/wf2012-2_062.jpg - Luka (Vocaloid)
/wf2012-2_071.jpg - Yukiko (Persona 4)
/wf2012-2_119.jpg - Dunno
/wf2012-2_143.jpg - Looks like Milla (Tales of Xillia)

With some effort I found out that 119 is Samurai from 7th Dragon 2020 game on PSP.

Too bad she looks like this only on artworks and doesn't look as good as a chibi (all characters are chibi in 3D through entire game as far as i found out).
DubzI have no idea what ~75% of this is.

Don't know whether to be proud of myself,
or very, very ashamed.
DarkQuestioI LOL'dt at he Hamada and Matsumoto dolls. I love those guys
HacheThe only problem I have is money and the lack of it!!
asdHow to sign up to mazui rss without showing posts that are not releases?
Kohii@Alastor, The gray ones are unfinished prototypes. The respective companies couldn't finish the paint job before the Festival so they just presented them like that.
protomanxI love the BRS; wonder which company made it. This would probably be my first BRS since all the previous BRS are so expensive except the game version, that one is weird.
bobpretty nice figs out there but I really don't know what I would do with it if I bought one. Still nice to know that someone can put that much efforts and passion into creating it.
HarpuiaMoemura detected *w*
cheezeburgerzI wish I could fly D:
ShufflebladeThanks a ton for going through the work of uploading all those pics for us. Seriously, you made my day, I've got exams studying my ass of and on my break refreshing my RSS feeds what do I find =DD Appreciated!
^from what Anime is this?
RelgoshanWhy so many sculptures of the braggart bitch who died right away? She never mastered those drills of hers, instead relying on silly little guns. Same mistake the time chickie made.
FF@Areguzanda that's Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho
FFToo many figures/nenodroids...among other awesome things too buy.
I desire that Emiya Kiritsugu, Horizon, Luka, all dat Sonnico would be nice too...gah curse you limited funds! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
KuroLoli*rubs out eyes*

C3? Wait..HUH?? 0.o
o0MrCheesy0oWow... first time seeing this sorta stuff. Looking at the thumbnail I thought this was gonna be about paintings. Some of them look so good it's amazing @_@
ookjLinkin Park wtf
netvopeAiri... Sakuno...
krolhehe...like ika chan
jindo90OMG 129 and 130 are Sena and Yozora
OMG even the unpainted are so good.
Are these the character designs of the novel's later part?
o.0only recognize about 25% of these
wish there were descriptions or at least character names associated with the pics >.<

on a related note... can anyone tell me who is