Kill Me Baby 07

The 7th episode of Kill Me Baby, brought to you very late due to me being on a plane most of the day. I am now on the west coast and subbing from a dinky laptop, but better late than never!

Kill Me Baby ep 7: 720p | 480p

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XenoperiThanks for the weekly dose of Mazui!
dingbatcoolios~ fonts muxed in this time hehe
SakiWhoa, you actually posted first before the UTW.
mtmno v2 this time?
keijust fyi. according to anidb you aren't subbing this anime.
keikei again, never-mind, I'm retarded. its under "UTW-Mazui"
D_P> anidb
x's a factAnd will wait for the SD version that will be released later as well...

Thanks for the work... :)
CrusherXThanks for your great work Team MAZUI!
KuroLoliGOD the intro for this show is fricking annoying... ):[
EircalOn the contrary, it's most amusing.
stealthixxwhen will the mp4 be uploaded?
HeavenlyArmedNot related to this release, but can someone explain why the About link at the top just goes to the Home page? Is there ever going to be anything there? Will you ever give us details about this group?
GROUPeeAnd you really wanna know the horrible terrible truth...? ;)

daemonkaiany idea why this is happening? I'm using lachs0r's mplayer2 build for windows
Not a StalkerI'd like to know more about you guys as well.
StalkerYes, give me all the delicious details.
AuthorAre 480p encodes cancelled? For the 06 the torrent actually contained a 720, so I had to pick one from, well, another place.
qp@Author: Try this:
That link leads to an mp4 that is encoded in 10-bit... Just an FYI.

Will not play in any other console that is more than half a year old... (>_>)

arorAre SD releases dropped?
qp@V.V.: Sorry. I didn't know that the mp4 was encoded in 10-bit. Maybe the encoder slipped up.
a very poor personI'll just wait here. They will surely deliver.
tsunkuwhere is the 400p??
njamunkythis show is getting more and more funny. thanks mazui!
SDSD ver. plz... Or are you planning to provide an entire batch for it...?