Kill Me Baby 08

Kill Me Baby 8, and the last episode brought to you from Vancouver. Next week is back to Toronto and normal (faster) schedules.

Kill Me Baby ep 8: 720p | 480p

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KazBaby please kill me.
KazWeirdly, this is the only anime I look forward to watch this season; even though I'm watching like 15 shows that are airing.
gghhoWhere's the SD version of episode 7?
x's a factYeah... Where are the SD versions of eps 6 & 7...?
Sol FallingLove this show, thanks for subbing it.
PlasticWhat an appropriate picture, that was my exact reaction when this popped up in RSS.
That MoronNo SD makes me a sad moron.
txAccording to UTW's post, SD for this episode will be coming soon.
XenoperiThanks for the weekly dose of Mazui!
PZ01Thanks again guys. Keep working hard and I'll keep appreciating everything you release!
njamunkythis was a really funny ep! the magic tricks were priceless
RelgoshanShow is usually somehow too flat. Ninja seldom disappoints though.

.... Whare are you...? T_T

Anyone getting this reference... ;)

njamunky@MOE ~ ka? no.
SDWhy no SD mp4 anymore...?
UlrezajNot sure why they didn't get done while I was gone, but I'll get them up asap.
D_PThanks Ulrezaj!
Kurisu@ MOE ~ ka

Indeed I do, Mr. Braun. @chan FTW
MOE ~ ka?@Kurisu

And so...
Where's FB nowadays...?
jjj@MOE ~ ka?: FB's on Facebook.
I will follow FB then... ;)
MAD ScientistSNani!?
Ferdinand Brown is in Facebook...!?
But why is there a Twitter reference...?