Kill Me Baby 10

KMB episode 10, brought to you by Wtf Is With This Weather, Canadian edition. Jumping between -15°C and +15°C is not my idea of fun...

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Weird culture things you've probably never heard of time!

When you cook rice and it turns out really well, you'll often hear in CMs and the like, "お米が立つ!" which literally translates to "The rice is standing!"

Supposedly, well-cooked rice will have many grains near the top standing on end. Why? No clue. But you can see what I mean when zooming in on the above picture a bit:

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anonymousits still winter in western canada ;_;
talnovayeah in mtl needed lined pants one day the next i'm out in a tshirt
åI hear ya, full sun in the day and snow overnight here in Surrey BC

Prefer jasmine rice myself, creamier than regular long grain rice and smells gooooood when cooks

XenoperiThanks for the weekly dose of Mazui.
AmpersandWho else but us Canadians like to talk about weather, amirite? Gonna be slushy here in AB real soon.
PlasticAsians and their rice =__=
Blame CanadaI Blame Canada. Stupid Canadians.
Someone ElseWow that's one of a heck of a sticky rice, our rice(not japanese) isn't usually cooked as sticky as that, but I do prefer the sticky ones, its yummy!

And yes Jasmine rice are delicious!
SumguyAaaand... now I'm hungry an hour before dinner. Thanks.

BTW, does Mazui have any plans for this spring season?
UlrezajWe always have plans! They're never set in stone until much closer to the season though.
malaysianKILL ME BABY!
Kirizunadamn that agiri i didn't even thought about it wearing Halloween costume during christmas xD
BL1TZMazui, I really appreciate all of your uploaded vids, which you all encode urself, but for the earlier animes (lets take Ookami-san). Some of these episodes (.mkv & .avi files) arent seeded anymore... Maybe u find it useless to look into the past of animes, but it's a (real) pain in the ass to see that those vids arent used anymore and arent waken up again... I dont say u got to do anything about (maybe u will), but maybe its for something in the future aye?
Dark_PrideYeah. It's hard to find torrents for Funi and NISA-licensed series since they're banned on BakaBT. You might have to use IRC.
Niker117Mazui, I love your subs and been a follower since that fateful day I looked all over the place for Angel Beats subs, and you delivered.

anonymousthanks guys
anonymousUndercooked rice will not have enough of the starches to stick to each other brought out. Over cooked rice will have the grains heavy and many of the starches lose their bond, turning more into a lube like product. When boiling rice, many grains will be vertical rather then horizontal as one side is slightly heavier in many cases. So when the water is absorbed, the rice will settle into resting positions, and the starches will bind them, meaning they don't slide down. Kinda like a super weak glue.