Iiiit's mazui time! I mean spice 06 time!

Oh hey, we can rightfully call ourselves speedsubbers again.

Here it is, the one and only end of emorage arc.


That's right, we get a shoutout!

Also, as much as it saddens me, this ends our streak of never having to encode anything. Huh? What? No encoding? That's right, the more astute amongst you may have noticed that we've never actually encoded anything.

Until today, that is.

Why? To end the bitter war between vfr and subpar computers that seems to plague half of you out there. No longer will scrolling network messages be the bane of crappy codec setups! Now you will be the master of your own fps! <anarchy/>

Really should have been mentioned last week, but better late than never right? The reason Amarty hands Lawrence 300 silver, rather than the 500 silver agreed upon in the bar, is because they had arranged for Amarty's horses, worth 200 silver, to be part of the deal, since he didn't have that much cash on hand. No clue why they didn't feel it necessary to mention this in the anime.

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5yntaxAwsome! Thanks again for a release!
MindcrimeAHMAHGAWD! I was going away tomorrow afternoon and I was worried I wasn't going to be able to see the episode til Monday, but you guys go ahead and release this shit at super speed. Thanks so much for the speedy release.

tracersure youre right. i saw the raw and it was epic and craft did shout Mazui

LOLja. :D
darknelyThanks are the best
kupiAwesome!! Thanks a lot, i have to watch this now!! And, yeah i like some "emorage" arc. But just a little, it's the time to end!! =]

anonynonThanks for letting us leechers get high quality subs so quickly!
Sologreat job on the speed of the release. now go take a shower. all of you.
derpseed motherfucker.
derpcomment was for anonynon
KevinRAAAAGGGGEEEEEE is now over. Thanks for the speed sub! MAZUIIIII!!!111
even faster than an eye blink! !
nonenice speedsub, thanks for release
GodThanks guys! Oh no!! MAZUI!!! hehehe
Isholol We need a hentai of that night.

The subs are fucking fast. Thanks horrible people.

RookAnd here I was about to go to bed, then I saw this sub was posted early...

Hooray for end of emorage. Lawrence is still a pussy though. He totally could have scored some tail out of this if he played his cards right.
anonymousThanks for the episode AND for getting rid of the scrolling network message. I can finally watch the episode properly now. Will you be reencoding ep 4 and 5 to get rid of the scrolling network messages? CoreAV doesn't seem to work for me.
StormyOh ? It's out already ? HOLY SHIEEET.... Great job Mazui, you have just saved milions of people.
shirohlolwut is that some camera snapshot?

QuazacoltDAMN thats CRAZY FAST LOL
QuazacoltNo clue why they didn't feel it necessary to mention this in the anime.


damn lol... thanks for explaining this part. and most importantly thanks for the horo fix for releasing so fast :D
anonymousWow fast, thanks.
jusefI could write a poem to express my gratitude, but I'm bad writer, so...
KeeperThanks for the speedy (lightspeedy no less) subs. A whole nother week till the next episode =-[
Dark MindThanks for subbing from Germany :D

This episode was a salvation for me!
:DWhat the F!! it's out already!!
:D1800 seeds LOL!!
crono68fuck was asleep.... thank you very much for the sub and FINALLY this arc end.... though i dind't watch it yet(was asleep until 3 minutes ago^^)
NOWow, really fast work today. Finally this arc is over! My normal life can resume again. Until episode 7 comes out...
ginx2Lawrence is such a wimp... He deserves more GAR -.-
DetectiveThanks bros for the delicious horo.
spitfire19Wow..it was Fast..hehe..thanks for the sub..this arc scared the shit out of..thank god it ends..
PuUpGADjfyMeFoWay to use the inetrnet to help people solve problems!