Spice & Wolf II 07

Lawrence just loves us.
You're going to have to beat 8 hours if you want to be in our league, kids.

Here you go: 300MB? It's HD-riffic!
Update: Finally got the not-so-HD-riffic version out.

And now it's time for what you've all been waiting for - staff commentary!

sw21th1What, furs? They skipped an entire book??
sw21th2Wait, which one's the tsundere again -.-;
sw21th3Black + floating in milky fog = burnt rice? in stew?
If that's what their food usually looks like, I can understand why they were always at war...
sw21th4Black chunks of beef -> she really does say this. Maybe they just really liked burning all their food back then?
sw21th5Apparently feeling up underage girls is normal for that time.
sw21th6I really don't know what he means by luggage so I'm leaving it exactly the way he said it. Maybe he wants to hump it.
sw21th7Meat 'n tatties, a whole trout, whole ham, beef stew, and a loaf of bread the size of her head. That is impressive.
sw21th8She just call him a whore?
sw21th9wtf a pie each? gluttonous bastards
sw21th10Wow, he has a long arm.
sw21th11No manners, that girl.
sw21th12Today's foreign language trivia: Rigolo means "a bit funny" in french.
sw21th13The original line that I wish we'd kept was "What kind of hound are you, looking at all the bitches while I'm right beside you?"

Comments (64)

AnonymousOh. Yes. :]
Dark MindLike I said in the irc: There is a lag between 11:40 and 12:10. The lag happens when the famous copyright-message (like in the screen here) appears.

But it don't bother that much, just skipping this part helps.

Thanks for the episode from germany again
JojjeJust watched it, pays off to be in the IRC. Cheers guys
JojjeAlso I don't get any lag, what media player are you using? Media Player Classic here
DgrayGTeeeaa thanks a lot you are the best
YUIOPCCCP w/ MPC is the best. Mazui's mkv files aren't very friendly with VLC media player.

btw, are we going to have Haruhi-sama before midnight tonight?
Dark MindYup, I'm using the CCCP with Windows Media Player 11. When I try to play the files in the Media Player Classic, the lag is horrible. In the MP11 it slows down, but dont lag. The sound just puts off a little bit. Whet i skip this part, it looks and sounds fine again.

I've tried to check the other (older) episodes, but they don't cause any problems.
VLC is never good with .mkv's

I get lag at the scrolling text. But I'm on a pentium 4, so I guess it's expected
Dark MindWell, I'm on a Dual Core T5450 - the weakest modell with 1.66 ghz. 2 gb Ram and a GF8400mGT are the other components. As you may see, I'm using a Notebook.

During the watching I was on the bed, in battery-mode. Maybe it caused the lag.
anonymouscan you explain why the file is larger than the others?
DKOHi, After a hole Season(S1) with wrong ED-Subs.
I will try make it in the second season better.

In the Ed of the S2 she sing "....take me home , take me 'ome" with should be "take me home".

Dont get me wrong ur doing awesome work with subs...but i think u dont have good soundcards/headphones/soundsystems.

well i have a elite pro and a hd 800
so trust me in that thing..she sings "take me home , take me home....to the perfect world".

If u dont believe me i can single out the part and make a mp3 of it if u want.

So...could u kindly fix that in the next ep?
DemandredSpeaking for all the folks with crap for computers, when might we be seeing avi?
Dark MindOk, BIG SORRY!

It was really caused of the battery. I've totaly forgot that Notebooks with dualcore-processors clock themself down in battery-mode.

Sorry for bothering you guys :)
DetectiveMazui I truly enjoy these subs and I hope you keep being the awesome in my awesomesauce. Love, Detective.
Ul*avi's on the way.
namecould it possibly be on the way in a regular resolution so the file isn't ridiculously huge for a 24 minute episode? please?
urandWorks perfectly fine using VLC 1.0.1 on an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ and a GeForce 7600 GS, no lag at all here. Though the CPU usage is constantly at around 60-80% so there's clearly improvements to be made in the OpenGL rendering module.
Then again, I'm running superior Linux here instead of Fail OS or Windoze!

As for the episode. It were pretty good, though I'm unsure how to interpret parts of what the innkeeper said.
AnimeSerbia666Awesome, as always xD
Click ThisFile error... I guess I'll have to redownload, eh? D:
Click ThisEh? I tried it on VLC and Media Player Classic. Everything else: WMP, Zoom Player, etc gives me file errors. :s
Click ThisK what's that the random cursing and facts in brackets...
BooyadudeDKO/Donk, did you really have to spread your faggotry here as well? Oh well, I guess I'll just copypasta my answer to the exact same shit you spewed all over the comments there for the lulz.

"Donk: I don’t even know how to respond to your amazingly retarded first comment about this, but in response to the second one, I can tell you that it is entirely in your head and you are hearing things that aren’t there. Your audio equipment has nothing to do with the auditory delusions you are trying to make yourself hear.

Please, for your own good, so that you don’t embarrass yourself by trying to correct the subbers anymore, take a look at the official lyrics.

The single, along with scans, can be downloaded easily so it isn't as if researching this could have been that hard.
Click ThisAha! Disregard that that gibberish. Turns out I corrupted my CCCP pack along with other stuff! xD
nonemany thanks for the sub!
AnonyAww, they skip volume 4 huh? :(
spitfire19wow.it's HD..thanks for the sub...
nigShould remove your comments in the ass before releasing, looks like fail.
Anonymous CowardDear Mazui,
Gone to SubsFuckingWhere due to your variable frame rates.
Thanks for all you've done until now.
blinkthe omission of novel IV isnt surprising since the op & ed credits only showed the characters of III & V, giving a strong hint, further proven by the no of episodes III took to be done.

that said, the development between wolf & sheep in IV was crucial to several key areas in V, so zzzzzz. anyway, good job mazui. thanks (:
Quazacoltthanks as usual for horo fix XD

oh and from TT comments: "Comment: #mazui@irc.rizon.net || apparently book 4 killed the producer's family or something?"

mind putting a note on whats with book 4? since many of us dont follow the novels ^^;
Quazacoltthanks as usual for horo fix XD

oh and from TT comments: "Comment: #mazui@irc.rizon.net || apparently book 4 killed the producer's family or something?"

mind putting a note on whats with book 4? since many of us dont follow the novels ^^;
Quazacolt@blink: ah damnit, thanks for the explanation T_T
win0reBoth links for download are not working.
Ul*Site's back to normal. Links and such should be fine now.
Quazacoltlol at the screencaps/commentaries

and how did i post doubles -_-;
Quazacoltlol at the screencaps/commentaries

and how did i post doubles -_-;
:DHooooooray!! It's Mazui day again!!
Anonymous AlcoholicThank You !
Horo forever !!!
micethanks so much! xD
AnimeSerbia666MAZUI Forever~!!! xD
:Dplays fine in P4 and 1GB ram (no lag or what so ever). use Klite mega codec pack and MPC it will run smoothly. thx again Mazui you're the MAN.
Click ThisHehe, I already got some of that staff commentary in that video. :)
hikikomori-sanI don't get it. What did Lawrence figure out (at 16:58) that got him all embarrassed when she said "When I stop doing things, you said?" What were they talking about? Her playful acts? And did she ask him to recast the spell that makes her eyes unable to tell the qualities of people? I don't get the whole scene actually.... '_';
yoko shoonenThere's something wrong with the encode.

I am running a very powerful pc, and i get lag some how. I have never had a problem with previous 6 episodes.

Thanks for the hard work.
FYI specs are

Intel i920
6GB of RAM
Nvidia GTX 260
and plenty of HD.

Using CCCP, zoom player that i always use without a hiccup for everything else.
Ul*Lawrence basically just said that he'd start panicking when she stopped flirting with him. And then he realized what he said :)
Von HeltinIt's not so bad this time, but there's still lag, and I've never had problems with anything else (CCCP+MPC and a decent desktop PC). I guess I'll have to fix it myself, as I was going to reencode the thing anyways (there's no way I'm keeping 300MB episodes, that's completely unnecessary).

Oh, and the guy hearing things in the ending is nuts.
OTIKAOTIKA from Indonesia saying ...
arigatou, Mazui-sama! v(^_^)v
galiFor luggage, he asks him if he wants to store his goods here or if they want a room.^^

Thank you for your work !
Dex Luther@Von Heltin: Why download the HD version, lag, and then re-encode it when you can just download the Xvid version from the start?
DaVinceDoes she really say "black" chunks of beef, or can it be *dark* chunks too?
DaVince@name: MKV's can be just as large as their XVid versions with superior quality, you know. Several other subbers do it, like Eclipse.

@3rd comment: yeah, the scrolling text bits are really CPU intensive. Hope this can be fixed in the future.
Ul*Batch of eps with fixed scrolling is coming soon.
nsstrunks@DaVince - I'm not fluent in Japanese, nor do I even try to fake it, but from what I've heard from others she does say "black" and not "dark". Though it's really up to the subber if they want to cross that culture barrier.
HinaLol. I'm french so I totally was like "Ha! Funny! "Rigolo"! pffrhehehehe"
w0reStrange. The links for torrent doesen't work.
guibinHm...they skipped a book? Is there somewhere where I can read the books translated? =O
SarahThe books are coming out in English in December. :D
Xenoswell if they skip a book then either it might be an OVA later on or they just didn't want to animate something "GOOD".
Von Heltin@Dex Luther: I don't want a crappy xvid version. I reencode it with x264. My version looks nearly the same, doesn't lag in the scrolling text part and weighs less too (I don't want to buy new hds or tons of dvds just to store anime).

The lag in these episodes is a problem in the encode, not the computers playing it. Of course, a computer powerful enough could overcome it, but it's still bad encoding. Like a said, I watch HD video all the time and never have a problem.
DaVince@nsstrunks: when I watched I found she said "kuro", which can mean 1) black and 2) dark... So I dunno, dark kind of makes more sense. But then again I barely have enough Japanese knowledge to understand construct basic sentences only.
DaVince@Von Heltin: if you're re-encoding them for filesize and speed, you should contact these guys on how you do it. I love good, fast HD with small filesizes. :)