Touhou Little Reimu

Today I'd like to present to you: Touhou - Little Reimu

For those of you unfamiliar with the Touhou universe, I've included a short primer below.
This is a movie made from a series of 8 manga-style Touhou videos that tell the (unofficial) backstory of Reimu when she was young. It is by far the most amazing Touhou story I've personally come across, and every care was taken to make sure the resulting translation and typesetting matches the spirit of the original.

Since these were released over the course of several months on Nico, they do come with credits, but don't skip them because they contain story bits. I've taken all the videos and stitched them together to form a more or less cohesive movie a little under 2 hours long. You might initially be put off by the non-animation and the pacing of the story but I hope you can watch through to the end - it will be worth it, I promise.

So whether you're a longstanding Touhou fan or completely new to the series, I humbly offer this Mazui release for your enjoyment.

Touhou - Little Reimu

Brief Touhou primer

Touhou refers to a series of 2D scrolling shooter games. The Touhou universe has hundreds of characters, each with their own backstories and personalities, and has grown off the strength of the doujin community to become probably the largest fan-made universe there is. This movie is one such work.

Characters in Little Reimu

Hakurei Reimu

The miko (shrine maiden) of Hakurei Shrine, which overlooks the border between the real world and Gensoukyou, the spirit realm. She is one of the main characters in the Touhou games.

Kirisame Marisa

The second main character of Touhou and Reimu's friend. A magician who tends to get involved in whatever trouble Reimu runs into.


The youkai (spirit) of darkness. Eats humans.

Yakumo Yukari

The youkai of boundaries. Possibly the oldest and most powerful youkai in Gensoukyou. Her ability allows her to move around by breaking the boundaries of space.

Kazami Yuuka

A very powerful youkai who loves flowers. She does not hesitate to attack anyone who threatens her garden.


This story is called Little Reimu, so this must be...?

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LizThere are official manga series that are considered canon. And some fanbooks.

Other than that, nothing.
AnonymousThis is such a great and happy comedy.
AnonymousThis surprise is so much better than I was expecting! Once again, Mazui proves to be one of the few good groups remaining.
DmonHiroI just... have something in my eye... that's all...
FredilocYes!! Thanks for helping to bring Touhou to a wider audience! And thanks for all the effort put into this!

Thanks so much for the episode!

Have a great night and weekend!
MangakaninaruCan't thank you more than enough for this release. :) Really, thank you!!! This is real awesome!
AerialsI played cherry blossom and the one where Youmu and Yuyuko (imperishable night?), and the stories were pretty interesting but the game is pretty tough for me so I never really got into it unfortunately :( I know it's awesome nonetheless :) and I have more images of touhou characters than I can count.
AerialsOoopsies, I forgot to say, THANKS MAZUI!
KakumeiGreat release... I cried 30mins straight to the end... So much emotions...

d13 v0n t0t3nThanks for the subs guys! :D
ElestiaI cried manly tears.
Wererat42That got way too dark at the end compared to the very lighthearted beginning.
AIt's good to see fansub group subbing touhou.
How about subbing this next:
AnonymousThanks for subbing this !

This story is just good..
biiThis is really good!
kanotono half-ghost sword-gardener? >_<
in any case, this release is a pleasant suprise. Thanks!
k_the_stingy@Frediloc:"Yes!! Thanks for helping to bring Touhou to a wider audience! And thanks for all the effort put into this!"

Lawl it's not like Touhou is already well spread, isn't it?
AnonymousThank you so much for doing this, I cannot express how thankful I am to have come across this... I've never felt like this since Clannad, no, even more.. The story was absolutely fantastic, while extremely touching at the same time.
ResoI crey'd. Hard.
The last time I crey'd this hard was Anohana, and Grave of the Fireflies before that. So very heartwrenching.

@Wererat42: I think it's great that it transitioned like that. Precisely because it was so lighthearted in the beginning, the darker ending hit you that much more hard.
Cosmic MindWow, this is so awesome!!! Love you Mazui.
anonymousGod damn it Mazui, not this again.
I don't think my heart could take it for a second time. ;_;
SutaiTouhou sucks sry
PrometheusZeroThank You Mazui for doing this. I haven't even watched it yet but I'm thanking you all the same for your hard work.

Also, I second the guy abouve who suggested you look at the 7th M-1 Grand Prix if you have any spare time!
Azn4lifeThanks so much for the release Mazui!
Mackes@Sutai that doesn't mean u have to comment about it.... -_-

anyways thanks for the release
H_BStatus on Gokicha 02?
OscarYukkuri shiteitte ne~
ChaozCloudOh god. The tears won't stop flowing. What is this?
T99Just checking around for new releases and all of a sudden....TOUHOU
Mazui I love you ^_^
asdfgWhy is it raining in my room?
anonOh god I cried so hard.
BronyLast time I cried was when I read My Little Dashie. Manly tears...
ArmoredGUYCant... stop... crying... T_T
destimuch appreciated

thank you
ModheshIndeed. I cried manly tears...
moreanonLast time I felt like this was Clannad.

Thank you for this.
GhomWas epic thanks for the share!
KyanVery nice! And so funny XD
May I ask, what font was used for the text bubbles?
endarkwolfthank you so much,, this is so awesome!!
i can't stop crying...
MukyuuNow I kind of want to marathon all the games. But no time...

Thanks for your hard work!
xtenkenxare you guys going to sub the sequel?
AnotherAnonThank you very much for subbing this. Really, thank you.
microgamer2vs2Basically Yotsuba& Touhou from what I've seen so far. Will finish the rest later.
narshe_delvarMazui + Touhou (danmakufu) = pure win.

Didn't even know something like this existed. To think you guys keep surprising me like this. I love it.
IT_GuyI went through half a tissue box blowing my nose and wiping my face. Thanks Mazui, that was an experience.
NCWhen it's finished will you be doing the second part to this series? (Yes for those that don't know there IS a second part, which is Touhou Reireimu (東方霊々夢). As noted above it is unfinished.)
RoScOThis was awesome. Thanks for putting this together.
Ulrezaj@A We did the 3rd Grand Prix so it's certainly not out of the question!

@ Kyan Wild Words

@xtenkenx If we do, it'll be after they're done. I don't like releasing half finished things with long wait times.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Touhou is kind of a fringe thing for a fansubbing group to do, so it's good to see that our efforts didn't go to waste. This won't be the last Touhou work we do, so look forward to more!
SeixasMust not cry ...T_T
sleepdeprivedWhat the fuck, I'm sweating from my eyes...
anonymousIm..not crying...
EvizerateManly tears comrades... manly tears...
anonymousAs usual, a million thanks =)
anonymousPlease, PLEASE do the sequel!
XenoperiThe ending made me sad... T_T, I got sweat in my eyes and they turned red.
anonymousThis was pretty awesome, thanks for subbing this. Such a big range of emotions evoked, and as others have mentioned darn I need a tissue. T_T
Dark_Sage> Touhou
> fringe

Oh Ulre~
MiMust... not... cry! :'(
Thank you for the release, looking forward to the sequel once it is finished!
anongoddamnit mazui, why do you have to made me cry like a baby
JerlThis is the most incredible thing I have seen in years.

There's so much I want to say, but if I were to try to say it all, it would turn into a full-length essay. So, I'll just say this:

Thank you, Mazui. If it weren't for you, I would have never found this. Thank you.
anonI remember these have been translated on youtube for a long time already, so how about working on a continuation?
meThanks Mazui. It is really a worthy release.

If you would. There are still M-1 Grand Prix series waiting (Again, if you don't mind)
narshe_delvarI thought people were being a lil too emotional...until I started crying big girly man-tears towards the last 25 minutes.
All of you guys at Mazui...seriously outdid yourself. That was amazing.
Also the Grand Prix are hilarious. Loved the first one you put up, too. ;o *'members watching it years ago* 8)
xtenkenxso the second series Reireimu is not done yet? (saw it on nico but didn't watch them all so i didn't know it was unfinished) Thanks for the info, and now i wait... as for touhou m-1 grandprix if those get subbed i will be really happy but that show is a ROYAL pain in the butt to sub and translate (i started on the 4th one but gave up halfway cuz it was toooooo long)

Thanks mazui for all your hard work!!
MrEmperorVery few things get me to cry, but this is one of them. Thanks for subbing this, I would never have seen it otherwise. Whatever they did to make those last happy moments so bittersweet, I don't know.
LizI know is the sequel, but I don't know if some chapters are already translated, I really love the story!
NCSAfter the bright and happy beginning, I would've never expected anything like what happened at the end. It was obvious things wouldn't stay like this forever and things would chance, but not like this. So, so sad.

Thank you guys so much for translating.
NaikyouThanks a lot for translating this. It has been really enjoyable and just got me into loving the Touhou-universe more and more with each second.
NoctantisThe Touhou fandom never ceases to amaze me. Just keeps making more amazing backstories for characters that basically have none. Even though I knew to expect tragedy to top off the cutesy stuff, it still got me. ;-; Do things at your own pace, guys, but an eventual release of the sequel when it's finished in this same style would be greatly appreciated. :D Thank you for bringing this little gem to my attention.
PivcoIs the bgm that plays from 1:23:05 to 1:25:41 remake of Eirin's theme?
VanFinally took time to watch it.
Thank you very much.
ResoAny chance you'll do Reireimu as well?
BoBaChaYeah. Touhou Little Reimu is like the prequel to Reireimu. Reireimu has its own conflict, and continues the story of TLR. I think it's very much worth your time to sub... once it all comes out.
GhentIs there a songlist for this?
some good bgm in there.
SerfiusPretty sure every episode ends with the BGM being credited - I think they're all touhou remixes.
BakaWow this... It's really amazing how almost all real life situations can rarely bring me to such a trance. I cannot describe in words how much emotions that this video has evoked me.I really have nothing to say, this is truly a pure masterpiece. This is the kind of video that would make me, myself experience how scary it would be, to live a lonely, and false life. Yet ironically, it shows what is "true happiness". I am really breaking down into tears, both mentally and physically.

My rating is a : ⑨
ayeravenThanks for translating this gem. Your efforts has not gone unnoticed by many.
angelouI love the costume,the pictures, the Reimu
! I hope there will be more pictures to share with us. Nice job
angelouI love the costume,the pictures, the Reimu
! I hope there will be more pictures to share with us. Nice job
fansi want all soundtrack from little reimu
Azn4lifeHidden gem indeed. Please do Osana Reireimu when it's finished!
WassaaaaHi! I wonder if you'd give me permission to translate this into spanish
SukimaOnnathese are some of the songs; i did not gel all of them...

ed4 Kraster - 願い星、帰り道 (please search it because i can't find it on youtube...)
tarouThank you for translating this and letting the rest of us understand it. Thank you, Mazui.

I couldn't hold back the tears watching it. By the end I felt a big void in my chest ;_;