Spice & Wolf II 08

Finally, a link between Spice and Haruhi! 3 internets to whoever can figure out what it is.
Which one's hotter?
Update: Sorry for the delay, xviders: It's a smaller harbour, but still pretty.

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AnonThanks for the Hard WORK.. Waiting for the Xvid Train CHOOO CHOO
Jroquei donno if this is what u mean but horo is 2,000 times hotter, smarter, cuter, n everything else xD
anonymousHoro for sure ^_^
nsstrunksThanks for another release! Seeding the torrent :D
spitfire19thanks 4 d release..currently downloading..hehe
anonymousCan the torrents be placed in the RSS please?
ChottoI do not get this at all. Two and a half years ago I watched Getsumen to Heiki Mina and Lovely Complex and they were both in MKV on the exact same computer and they worked fine. These subs you make, nothing is synchronized to anything else. It's a giant pile of lag.
!AnonymousI'm running an Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.60 GHz with 2 GB with Vista (32 bit) on a notebook in 'High Performance' mode, and playing the files in VLC with CCCP installed and I have no lag. Tested it at 'Balanced' mode and only got slight lag with the video where network message was subbed, everything else was fine.

TL;DR if it's lagging for you, get a better computer, change the power plan, install CCCP, CoreAVC or both or wait for the .avi.
:DWTF!! It's Mazui day again!! Thanks Mazui you're the man!!
:DSpice and Wolf is Irresistible.
Gammawolf.MKV doesn't mean anything its just the container for the file, if you're lagging its as !Anonymous said. Alternativly you could downscale the video by using something such as Super(c) to create a lower resolution video file that requires less cpu power to decode.
AnimeSerbia666So fast WROOOOOM ! xD

rathOut of pure curiosity - how much time passed between the original airing and Mazui being awesome by releasing this?
JojjeHell yes, speedsubbers go!
Lonewolfhell yeah moarrr horo :D
WarwickA few niggling timing issues, but otherwise excellent. Thank you, Mazui!

in Japan, theyre on episode 9 if im not mistaken. so Mazui is one episode behind the original airing.
LemurianI thank you for again brightening up my Thursdays.
PapaGeorgioMany thanks for all your hard work on both shows. Now it's time for my weekly goddess fix.


Not what this says... Also they usually sub it within 12-24 hrs if I'm not mistaken. Keep up the kickass work Mazui!!
Dark MindThanks again from germany :D That was a nice and quiet episode :)

And no lags, or something.
ShadowCMazui (and other groups for other series) manage to "pump out" quality subs within a day (most of the time) of the original airing for free.
The companies on the other hand take at least a year to make an half-assed job that is often crapdubbed and costs way more than it's worth.
So no freakin' whining even if it would happen to take a month!

Awesome work! Yee shall have massive kudos for spending your free time on this.
Windows XI've been waiting for whole day just to see this. You made my day! :D
anonymousthis will make a great weekend after a hard week! :D
tripperThanks guys!

Will be seeding also
none@ laggers:
download CCCP already if you havent
also, mazui subs, among others, tend to conflict with VLC player so use something else. my preference is zoom player
There's Still LAG in this World?!... God!.
I beat You ALL with My CRAPPY 5+ Year Old PC: Pentium 4 - 2.8Ghz with HyperThreading (remember this?!??...) - and ATI 9800SE !!!. XDDD

I have NOOOO LAG!. Even when Playing [Nanashi]'s New HUGE 4+GB HD+DTS Eureka7 Movie...

@EVERYONE: I wrote a LOT about how to Improve Performance and Resolve Playback Problems. (Several Posts/Comments) Even if You don't have LAG, This can Help You Reduce a LOT of CPU Usage! (4 some people...)

Read only the " P.P.S " (It's the LONG Section Started by "P.P.S." - LoL ;P) in there.
Read ALL of IT before following the Link that Has eXtra Info. And DO Follow the Link after reading it.

(P.P.S. Link -->) hxxp://sfw.omni-downloads.com/?p=458&cpage=1#comment-907 (hxxp = http)

P.S.: There's No "Shortcuts" and NO "tl;dr" to Resolving Playback and Performace Problems.

C Ya L8r then.

@Staff: Hope this "Articles" Reduce UnWorthy Comments from Whiners with Playback and other related Problems... (You can Read it too if You Want and give Your opinion of it. If wish to, of course...)

Also, Thx 4 the Release!. XD

C Ya L8r then. ;P

HinaAah... One quiet and refreshing episode... Thank you sooo much for it! Though I kinda prefered when you guys commented pics of the episodes xD
DrewI ran this on a six year old computer without lag just fine. I can't understand why people are having lag issues.

Also, loved the episode. Nice to see things going a little slower. Horo and Lawrence are just as cute together as ever. Thanks for the ultra-fast release, as always. :)
Quazacoltyay thanks to mazui for yet another speedy horo fix
anonymousPersonally I like not seeing any spoilers in the main page. Anyways, thanks for the weekly Horo fix!
AeonThxs alot!
Ya guys are the best!
!AnonymousA possible reason for the lag is that you are using VLC. VLC is fine playing some files (as long as you don't try to use the seek function).
A quick visit to CCCP's website reveals that VLC doesn't make use of CCCP and so installing it won't really improve anything. If you install CCCP, you can go to the settings page and tick the 'Autoload VSFilter' box on the second page, which enables you to use WMP to view .mkv files. Media Player Classic and Zoom Player are officially supported by CCCP. I personally use zoom player. However it's worth noting that I tested this release in VLC and got no lag, so perhaps effected user's have marginal performance? If so, using MPC or Zoom might just fix the problem.

Source: http://www.cccp-project.net/wiki/index.php?title=Media_Players#VLC_media_player_.28Bad.2FEvil.29
JasperI have to agree with others that pointed this out already. There are "freeze spots" in this episode and episode 6 where the picture and subs freeze but the audio keeps going. I use media player classic with CCCP as my primary media player which got caught on 3 sections of this video and episode 6. The only way I was able to watch either of the two episodes was to use VLC (latest version) since it pre-loads and tried to correct damaged parts of a video before playing... but even VLC had one spot where there was a noticeable problem in this episode. I'm not sure what you've been doing different from your past subbings or even episode 7 but there's definitely something wrong.
anonymousno problem for me using k-lite codecs on a dual core Intel processor with a Vista OS..THANKS MAZUI..
AJTiming issues. Not lag. Sucks yo. Try harder next time.
anonymousNo timing issues. You suck. Die in a fire. Or get a better player.
ChottoLook, the fact is that some people can make subs that have absolutely nothing wrong with them, and some people can't. Fucking Shippuden episodes don't have this happen. Why only Spice and Wolf?
SeiryokuI have lag issues too, it is in no way due to MKV, it is the codecs used for the video track. Media Player Classic and VLC both lag and skip with it. SInce my comp is lower end, I have found Zoom Player somehow is able to deal with .h264 w/o lag (except during the scrolling japanese text part)
niggause coreavc and stop complaining
wqtuqwipt@Chotto : cause shippuuden and spice&wolf are 2 different thing ! u idiot! haha!!!!
ChottoI have coreavc. I have tried literally everything to fix this problem and it remains that the only show that makes this happen is spice and wolf. both mazui and sfw subs do it. obviously they're both doing something wrong.
niggait plays fine for me, u can try cccp beta
remember to uncheck h.264 and use coreavc 1.9.5 instead
Mike@The Beast - Hey my core i7 has HyperThreading, don't hate.
Ul*People having playback issues: come to #mazui on irc.rizon.net.
VAIThanks for the release. I've been using MPlayer without CCCP on Windows and it seems to do fine. VLC also seems to work, but I rarely use that for some reason.
Nerakeni still dont see the connection between spice and wolf and haruhi lol
AJMy bad niggers. They weren't timing issues. It must be lag on my end when the first chapter is anchored at 1:48 and the episode starts at 1:38. Sorry guys. Shouldn't have jumped to conclusions.
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rathThose who prefer to have a minimal amount of software on their computers:

1. Get MPC-HC and ffdshow from http://www.xvidvideo.ru (either both x86 or x64)
2. install / extract
3.1 In MPC, go to View->Options->External Filters->Add Filter...
3.2 Add both "ffdshow Video Decoder" and "ffdshow Audio Decoder" separately and set both to "prefer"
4. Done

Advantages: Minimal amount of software, more easy to keep up to date
In case your graphics cards supports H.264 acceleration, disable "H.264/AVC" in ffdshow video decoder configuration (to be found in its start menu folder)
Anonymous AlcoholicThank for the fast subbing !
Mazui sure rox !!!!!
BJThe fact that you faggots with your 3rd world computers lag doesn't excuse the fact that there are fucking timing issues.
wolfbaneFor a Spicy Wolf/Melancholy link one possibility is voice actor Yasuhiro as a merchant in Spicy and as 'Member B' in Melancholy.
WarwickTiming issues (for me):

-Episode starts at 1:38. Chapter jumps to 1:48

-1:56 "Wolf and Enticing Traveler" bleeds into next scene.

-3:01 What Lawrence says doesn't fade out in time and Horo's lines are stacked on top.

-23:51 Wolf and Careless Negotiations (white text) bleeds into sponsors page.

Note, video DOES NOT LAG. The timing for subtitles is off. Screenshots can be provided on request.
sweetwolfAt time 21:24 "Dekireba sasi ga ii" means that "I would like to chat with you (Lawlence) without your companion, if possible", I think.
whatI am on a high-end PC running CoreAVC 1.9.5+CCCP beta+MPC+madVR and I can confirm the issues listed by Warwick. They are obviously timing issues. In this case, any other issues are going to be related to hardware or background apps eating up resources. It will run fine on older hardware if your computer isn't infested with a lot of bullshit that randomly spikes the CPU or generates a lot of hard-drive I/O. Running a million legitimate apps in the background and having 300 processes in your process list is just as bad as being infested with malware. It ran fine on another PC that I've had since 2004, no problems besides the timing issues.
niggaluckily i saw sfw's version for this ep.
Truth101Thanks for the Xvid version, and remembering all of us with old school computers =)
AzmountArylThank you.
Thank you!
Thank you!!
suitenThat's not wine they're drinking, is it ;)
DanielleI wish for SPICE AND WOLF season THREE to come out soon!