Oreimo S1 batch and some sad news

First, the bad news.
We aren't doing Oreimo season 2.
I know, we usually never drop a sequel, but Saturdays are a bit hectic for all of us time-wise, and on top of that, CR releases just an hour after broadcast (with decent enough subs) so there's really no point for us to double the effort.
Sorry for the disappointment!

On a brighter note, for anyone who'd been looking for our batch of the first season, we finally got around to doing it. BD raws, cleaned up script, etc etc.

Have at it: Oreimo S1 batch (720p)

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CR rush subs, doesn't put enough effort. I would watch you guys even if you were a week late... Okay maybe not, like 1-2 days.
GETWRECKEDZEROJSorry to hear that. Best of luck with Railgun, though.
weaboo #1I'd be willing to wait for late releases if that is possible for you guys.
not a crunchyroll rep@dao


What is this, 2007? CR is usually top 2 subbers for every single show. Mazui and UTW are probably the only two groups that release better subs than CR and that's only on LN adaptations that the UTW/Mazui subbers know better than the CR subbers (such as anything by TYPE-MOON for UTW).
anonymousI hope you guys will at least do the 3 additional episodes that air after the season is over. HS/CR almost never puts out the extra things
jaycSucks to hear but thanks for all the hard work.

For everyone else, Evetaku is doing Oreimo if you don't want to use HorribleSubs.
GX-9901well, FUCK.
pikopipoIs that the same Dao that moderates animetake? looks like a kid to me.
2ColouredEyesHappy April Fools Day!
elmatonUTW should just drop Photo Kano since that show sucks so far, and focus their efforts on Oreimo
OnyxBoooo! :(

Looking forward to your Railgun S subs nonetheless! :D
mirieAre you doing another show aside from Oreimo?
hkToo bad I was looking forward to play which character is this game with you guys one more time.
oveckaSad to hear that, but as other mentioned, Im reaaaally looking forward to your Railgun S!
Keep up the good work, everyone here surely appreciates it.
sdThe Jews did this.
sleepy920elmaton, that's a terrible thing to say!
sadhope its an april fools joke? :
TennababyWhat about people like me from the UK who can't get crunchyroll releases for Oreimo 2? (and 1 as well for the record) where do I go for my quality subs? :(
XenoperiWhy you make me cry! I can wait a whole extra day for your sub T_T
Lyk:'( This is truly a sad day.

As a fellow UK denizen who watched Oreimo 2 on CR earlier today just fine... what the fuck are you talking about?
KactusMy heart....

Thanks for season 1. I'll see you for the Railgun S premiere.
PoroWhy did this have to happen, kuh~ T__T

Thanks for the batch anyway, good luck for Railgun S.
AnonOh you ... I would wait a couple of days for a Mazui version no problem.

SkyCorpsDamn, and I was really looking forward to it too...
SadpandaPlease reconsider, we don't need an fast release. As long as it comes out at every week we won't complain!
MeNo :(
FrankNoOOO!!!Atroce notizia prima di andare a dormire!!! Non riesco nemmeno a scrivere nulla in inglese. Too bad news for me!!!
TennoujiI hate crunchyroll because of this. But I guess I'll just get CR subs rather than download any CR edited fansubbed releases as they call themselves.
ronelm2000B-B-B-But what about my archive version of OreImo S2? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo....!
HeavenlyArmedJust pointing out that for anyone who doesn't want CR subs for Oreimo s2, Evetaku's doing a version and they're translating it themselves.
wanteiT^T ... I was really expecting Mazui to sub Oreimo S2.

FeytedBugger, was really looking forward to you doing S2.
Even if I had to wait, I wouldn't mind if you were behind, cause who wouldn't want to wait for your top quality work.
0349876034968I, too, would be willing to wait for late releases of Oreimo S2 if it is from you, folks.
A. CrushI, three, would be willing to wait for late releases of Oreimo S2 from Mazui rather than watch CR or edited subs.
AeiroWultxQuality over speed! CR subs aren't that bad, I just hate the waiting time. But if you guys still aren't gonna do Oreimo S2, then I just hope that Commie will pick it up.
thedudeDitto. I don't mind waiting a day or two for a Mazui sub at all. Can't rush quality.

Thanks for all the hard work guys!
black_lightningas long as CR has honorifics (which is does) it will meet my minimum standards, even if I would prefer mazui.
whbI wouldn't mind waiting a week, just as long as you guys do season 2.
Please reconsider :3
Transfer-kunCould you at least late-sub it? Having CR be the ONLY choice for an anime is depressing as fuck.
Da NorthHumm... one would get the feeling you have upset the masses...
LLHayateSounds fair enough Mazui cheers for letting us know of the changes. For anyone else wanting subs for of high quality like Mazui just go for Evetaku(http://evetaku.com/blog/) or Hatsuyuki (http://hatsuyuki-fansubs.com/) If this is anyway breaking posting rules feel free to delete
aokimasaruCR sucks. Their subs is only worth it for series like Naruto...
Nattacka bit late for april fools day
elmatonThe CR subs have terrible typesetting and poor choice of fonts.

Reconsider Mazui
VaansNOOO!!! CR Sucks!

This sucks and I'm disappointed.

Anyway, thanks for the hardwork in finishing Little Busters.
AnifanDon't have to use CR/Horrible, Commie released their edited version

I know it's not the same as mazui (i wait for your releases), but no choice really

Keep up the gods work with your new projects
Scitt HallActually this is fine. CR are actually great subbers and you guys should focus your (also) great subbing skills on unsubbed shows.
Dat Sad KirinoWell then, let's go with Horrible.
Ayase winner of da Oreimo 2013Guess we'll just have to deal with CR shit subs while you sub yet another oversubbed show instead, then.
kanotoOre no torrent ga konna ni osoi wake ga nai! hahaha
still, it just happened to show up when I was planning to go to bakabt and look for a batch to watch S1 first, so I love the timing :D
epicthat was sick title anyway. don't mind it.
SekkaiNooo.. :( im waiting foor oreimo2 by Mazui
fvrLooks like I can delete mazui from my Favourites...
Niko-Niko-NiiAww thats to bad :( I really like your subs! But about the batch, will you release an avi batch too? :)
boingmanThanks for your work on season 1. Guess I'll pick evetaku's version now.
This being an "otaku" show, I sure as hell will avoid "hot & cold" localized subs by Commie.
lokiloido-oh... w-well okay then... you guys stay my favorite sub group anyways.
KelvinMazui please reconsider.

I don't mind if you release late.
Yuri AislingTo all of you whiners, go support the studio that put this anime out. I am not one to bitch about "illegal" subs, but I am one to bitch about supporting the industry.

And if you delete Mazui, just because of this, then you're a fool.
viroxDoes the ED of episode 15 keep getting stuck for anyone else?
Especially during the Kirino running part, it stops for about a second every change of scene.
sighthought this would happen when I saw CR was simulcasting this show. It's okay, we understand.
But seriously, fuck you guys.
GioOH GOD WHY!!!!?????????

anonStop crying, weebs.
CR is fine.
AnifanCR usually only works in the US for current series... I am not willing to watch "this show is not currently licensed in your region"
suomynonAAtleast release proper subs for 2nd season.
sandoe41At 26:23 of episode 01 ED the romanji and TL is wrong. Romanji should be "kuusou kurai no all the way", TL is "I fancy the dark, all the way!"
elmatonCommie's version sucks cause of the terrible source material when CR's stream is way better in picture quality.
RewstonSuch a shame 。・゚゚・(>д
makesmesad T_T
kamisamayet another epic mazui fail.. you guys have changed.
weeestop complaining. they said it didn't fit their REAL LIFE schedules, and we as the beneficiaries of their subs do not have the right to complain since they let us have their work for free.

on a side note, do you have anything planned for subbing, mazui people?
XIIFaith in humanity lost.
GenROh NOOOO ITS THE END OF THE WORLD...what a sad news :(
kakaWhat was the source used for the batch?? I hear it is ANE's BDRip??? Is it true?
kakaWhat was the source used for the batch?? I hear it is ANE's BDRip??? Is it true?
kakaWhat was the source used for the batch?? I hear it is ANE's BDRip??? Is it true?
Haruhi SuzumiyaIt's sad that you guys aren't doing Oreimo S2. HorribleSubs ripped from Crunchyroll for people want to watch it without watching from Crunchyroll. Commie stole the script from Crunchyroll. If anyone looking for Oreimo S2, go on to EveTaku's website. EveTaku have the English subbed of the Anime.
KaisukeNOO!!! sadface x10000000
Sad manSad news? This is devastating news!
HoratioIt's sad that you guys aren't doing it. But at least we can watch Commie's awesome version. People who complain about localisation are children.
Trini-dudeWell...seeing as how Crunchyroll isn't available in my country, me and about 50000 otakus will have to settle for low quality subs. lol.
VaanThank goodness Evetaku is Oreimo S2. You guys should get it out.
VaanI mean evetaku is subbing Oreimo 2.
anonymoustrini-dude, crunchyroll rips are available everywhere as horriblesubs
wuuuut?I had no idea people hate CR so much, they are usually either good or great. Anyways, I assume we can count on you guys for the inevitable extra episodes/ova's?
DenI'd love to have you guys sub oreimo instead, even it is a few days late (or even a week?) but thank you anyway.
s0beityet perfectly ok with quadrupling the effort on Railgun S~
PzKpfw VINOOOO. I wouldn't mind waiting a day or two for your subs.
AaronHi, is this batch BD, or TV?
AaronBut thank you so much too!
Genjuu MugonI still thankful for your efforts on Season 1. Its okay you're not doing season 2.
Thanks for the batch!
Mazui Fan this is historically sad, i would really much wait for your work/version as long as it is you guys. I usually rather like your subs and your vid quality. And it is like a tradition or i feel like a kid when waiting for works. So I really hope you guys could reconsider. JUDGEmenTo
ShinZcan i ask question ?
whats batch ?
SamI like Crunchyroll subs, am I alone here?
Nunucan you at least sub the whole season 2 after the series is done and release it as batch? please?

@ShinZ a "batch" means all episodes in one torrent
some dudeUm, are these 15 episodes including the 4 specials? Shouldn't there be 16 episodes altogether if that was the case?