Spice & Wolf II 09


I don't know what happened to the HD cappers all of a sudden. Maybe their union went on strike or something.

Here's the SD version in the meantime.

Unrelated note: Much-requested site changes coming soon. Fret not.

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Quazacoltlol gonna watch this in office first then XD
on a shit non wide 19" LCD anyways.

thanks for speed-horo again mazui~
anonymousLurking the IRC paid off.
Thanks for the hard work, anlook foward to the site changes!
WarwickLol, SD first? So tempted to grab it for my Horo fix, but I'll wait for the HD version in the morning.
Ensuiwill wait for the AVI release
JojjeNnnnnnnnnnnngh... Soooo tempted.
Gonna wait for the HD release though. I can't watch this until after school anyway.
Oh wow.
AnonymousThanks for the quick release, I'll hold off until tomorrow for the HD though, if there is one by then.
kupiThx a lot!
:D HD HD HD HD.......can't wait!!
Pa®adinThanks for the SD ^o^

*damn I gotta get myself a machine that runs HD >_
eikenHD is out by ZERO-Raws. Update?
VAwesome, thanks, even if it's not HD, it's on time!
Did Mazui already decide what they're doing in the next season?
Ensuianonymous ??
anonymousLeopard-Raws has HD up as well. Can't wait to watch this.
eikenWell i wait Hd release or someone who use mazui script + hd raw.
FarvanaAre the anti-piracy messages part of a larger crackdown? If so, maybe the HD cappers are dealing with legal crap.
pokewahey you've got a non widescren 19" lcd too? Mines a viewsonic 8ms, like 4 years old.
also, thanks for speedsubs& v2's to archive
mahmurihey, if u still didn't find hd raw here it is http://www.nyaatorrents.org/?page=torrentinfo&tid=83951
PS: i really enjoy your releases
Ivory:s Sucks that the first raw to come out was such an LQ one. Thanks for always doing a good job anyway Mazui. :D
anonymousARGHH MY EYES!!!!!
anonymousI can stand to watch SD, I'm not terribly picky. Can't wait for SD for archive's sake though!
Quazacolt@pokewa: thats my office, at home im on the samsung 226BW ^^;;
anonymousHow fast?

So fast.
AnonRAW 2009-09-02 20:35
Mazui sub 2009-09-02 04:10

...you guys did all that in under 8 hours?!

Damn, you're good!
wolfbane@Farvana: good point. With a recent seiken koutai (regime change) and the new copyright law in January they may be throttling access. But on a lighter note the new first lady (Miyuki Hatoyama) claims to have been abducted by aliens so maybe they instructed her to leave fansubs alone (lol)

Jojjehaych deeeeee
curiousoneall the usual HD raws are out now. for all any of us know, the HD airings could have been delayed by a baseball game that ran late. at any rate, don't get too worried just because things run late one week.
JojjeMight have to check tomorrow morning... Oh well no rush for me :P

Mazui subs plus zero-raws release by some faggot from animetake.com if anyone's interested.

I'm waiting for Mazui's release because I'm stubborn.
AnonymousYay v2 release! Thanks again for subbing this show, and for putting in the effort with the HD releases despite troubles!
anonymousOnce again lurking IRC pays off.
ThanatosI hope that an avi version will eventually be released.
CJ@Thanatos: I was kind of wondering about whether they switched file types for the SD releases. But here's to hoping for an .avi
!AnonymousThere will be an .avi. They will ahve been waiting for the HD RAW first. (See last week's Haruhi)
FalruMust not give in to SD temptation....
Must not give in to SD temptation....
Must not give in to SD temptation....

*glances at new episode of SnW waiting for him..*

> <
pokewa@ falru
I feel the exact same way. The hd is just too sexy...
AnonWTF is TPP anyway?
anonymous@ Falru and pokewa
The HD is out, what the fuck are you talking about?

Check the packlist and TT.
spitfire19Which manga chapter does episode 9 of spice and wolf match up with?
DaVince...Huh. I'm sure I asked a question about Horo last night. Oh well, it wasn't important, I guess all that crap around it got deleted.

...Or maybe I was SLEEP-POSTING!
anonymousHmm, just ran a comparison between the !Anonymous megaupload link and the official Mazui release. Randomfag's version looks better - sharper and much better contrast ratio. Also 30 mb smaller. Hmmm...
anonymous@above He used Zero-Raws (slowpoke) release. Mazui use Leopard Raws I beleive.