To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S 17

Nice relaxing episode for a change. As a side note, the team's various schedules haven't been coinciding very well lately, hence the inconsistent but generally late releases recently. Unfortunately this doesn't look like it'll improve much in the near future so I must hunbly ask you to put up with it.

Episode 17: 720p

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MattThanks guys for the great work you do!! I always wait for your subs :-)
The ZI will add a fast direct download when one of the slow DDLs from comment #1 finished.
The ZFeel free to download it via my servers, but dont watch it via the download link, since the subs wont be displayed.

Enjoy 'To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S 17'!

Direct Download (Fullspeed):
anonymouswill mazui work on the special next week?
anonymousThanks, Mazui and The Z!
ghliApparently I've been out of the loop! There was an Index movie!?!?! Will you guys and/or UTW be subbing that?
Kittyif you hadn't read on UTW's site, they WILL NOT be subbing the movie preview next week.
D_PThanks for the SD release!
Dragonmaster61No torrent for 480p?
LykWonderful job as always!

GnarfNo Railgun this weekend?
njamunkyno railgun?
KyleHead over to UTW's post for explanation on the next episode.
OscarThank you once again, Mazui and UTW, for the /To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S/ releases; your efforts are much appreciated!

Looking forward to next weekend's episode =)