Oreimo Chiba Premiere

A couple weeks after the Oreimo Festival, I checked my mailbox and discovered that both fotc and I had won spots at the Oreimo Chiba Premiere for episodes 14-16. That being the case, there was only one thing to do...

To Chiba we go!

We took the monorail there. As if there was any other choice!

This monorail has Kirino and Kuroneko making all the train announcements. I died.

Fushimi Tsukasa had autographed... the train.

fotc in the friendzone

The premiere was held at the Chiba City Civic Hall, in an auditorium that only seats 1000 (!)

Plenty of our brothers in arms there.

They were selling Books, BDs, CDs...

...and Chiba monorail goods. Seriously.

It's so sad that it's all over now... It feels like an eternity since Mazui did the first season in 2010 but now it's come to a close. I hope you enjoy the finale episodes as much as we did!

Comments (15)

franzCHIBA MONORAIL GOODS please tell me you guys got something
JerlIncest. Sponsored by your local transit authority.

Your local transit authority. Sponsored by incest.

Japan, you are the best.
Daoso jelly so so so jelly fucking jelly
ShadowToo cool!! =D
fotcfranz: I got two of everything.
Dotdamn you and your freedom to travel, fotc
PaleBlueLOL at the train autograph. That cracks me up.
RewarpWhile we are on the subject, fotc's letter to Oreimo Radio was rather long indeed. Congratulations on getting it read.
20398562938that looked like fun

lol @ Jerl
Lyk:c I can't believe that it's over.. gah.. I fell in love with this anime.

Thanks for everything, Mazui! Keep on subbin'!
black_lightningI really, really, really, want to take a vacation to japan now.
Vegita1123I'm just going to say it...I hated the ending! Should have stopped on ep13 where we don't know who he was in love with, and we could all believe it was Kuroneko. I could have accepted the incest ending, if they didn't break up 2 minutes before the end of the series?!
LithoPoor bicycle. What a travesty, to bastardize a Bianchi like that.
evilcornCool! What did fotc's letter say?
jindo90Dang, you guys are living the life.