Spice and Wolf II

Spice and wolf II ep 1 released. Get it here.
v2 released here

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anonymousWhy did you drop Haruhi????
Narfthx 4 release :)
RussianLong live Mazui! Thanks.
anonymousHello cant really find another way to contact you guys but I was just wondering if you were gonna make avi's for this series like your doing for Haruhi. Didn't know what Spice and Wolf was at the beginning but I got into from the first eps. so I hope you do avi's for this. Doin a great job on Haruhi to by the way.
Warlord KentaxOh God, episodes 4 and 5 are soooooo boring. I think I'll wait until they are all released and subbed before watching. That's what I did for the first season and I think that watching them 4 episodes at a time like I did back then will ease the boredom.
Venlarthanks a lot guys for picking this up, and please people, seed!
Warlord KentaxI always seed at least 1 copy.
Doe_JOHN_DOEWhats wrong with your raw?
"this video is not for internet blabla legal prosecution blabla"
Nuke this torrent. Don't seed.
SorentiaOhhhh thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou. watching the first season over on Hulu right now. Found out about it while watching the Red Garden OVA Dead Girls. Loving the series and so happy to see season two here. Again, THANK YOU.
ReyDo u really think there would be a 3rd season of spice and wolf? this anime is GREAT!!
JTzfEwuueXVBorgOdAnd I was just wndoierng about that too!
JackThere should be a season3 for -spice and wolf-
it cant end like that :o
MeikitoI am waiting for a 3rd season :). I like this anime ^_^
MeikitoWhen will a season 3 release. Please release a season 3. I can't wait any longer.
DarknessroxasPlease continue Spice and Wolf! We need a season 3, please dont let it end like this!
MarioYes! Continue season 3!
DavidYou said "See you for season 3"! Its been years and theres none! Come on please!