To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S 19

So I guess we're not getting Mental Out ark :(
JC Staff sure is milking this series for all it's worth...

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GingersnapsI take it the series is deviating from the manga now...
AnonWell the Daihaseisai Arc, or Mental Out arc, isn't done in the manga yet. Probably got about ~10-15 more chapters to go, so that's another year. At least it isn't completely "filler" since it's a story written by the original creator himself. And it probably has some significance to later Raildex events.
Thanks for the episode!
KuroLoliSo, according to anon there, they are NOT milking it for all it's worth...more like they aren't skipping into things that could slow the show down if, say, another natural disaster were to happen...
Dragonmaster61A new arc means less boring way to not trying to remember what's gonna happen. And isn't the Daihaseisai Arc already shown in To aru majitsu no index II already?
cloudsoraThe thing I don't understand is why does the show follow the manga in terms of not catching up when the light novel is eons ahead?
anonymousWill you guys be subbing the movie?
same ? as this one
ezodagrom@cloudsora: While the Railgun manga takes place at the same time as the novels, the manga arcs aren't actually in the novels.