To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S 20

The filler in this series is so bad sometimes...
But ponytail Saten makes up for it. <3

Episode 20: 720p | 480p

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NaaClearly you're confused. Saten doesn't have to do anything special to make an episode amazing. :p

(Thanks for the sub~)
KuroLoli...Someone clearly hasn't watched Naruto and seen the 200 episode long filler hell that was...

This filler is the cream in my Boston cream no complaining here.
ApacheThunderI don't know why, but the last two releases haven't been playing correctly in Media Player Classic. They have frame rate drop outs + pixelation artifacts. I play the file with VLC instead and it plays fine.... odd
Lord Ravenloft@ApacheThunder Do you have the latest version of CCCP (8-1-13)? It works fine with MPC+CCCP for me.
Well, good thing that that someone has not. Waste of time compared to Railgun S.

I'm already missing Mikoto's imoutos. =(
ApacheThunderYeah even the Index movie was glitching. It only started doing this with the last 2 or 3 weeks of releases from UTW/Mazui.

I've played MKV files from other sources and they play just fine.

I currently use the K-Like Codec Pack by the way. Perhaps it's time to change to something else. First time I've had a problem with it...
D_PThanks for the SD release!
Yoder of KansasYeah, this episode's subs give out around the 12:30 mark then MP:HC freezes up. I can try to skip it, but I'm missing some dialogue. Is there a version 2?
Yoder of KansasForgot to mention that it was the 720p torrent version. Tried redownloading it but still isn't working.