To Aru Majutsu no Index Movie: Endymion no Kiseki

Short post because I'm at work, but it should come as no surprise that we did the Index movie "The Miracle of Endymion".

Touma punches a girl: the movie 720p

Hikasa Youko finally appears in Raildex!

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HopperThank you to Mazui and UTW.
ValkernLooking forward to another great Mazui release! Thank you!
ona5200Touma punches a girl: the movie..... so it's basically Index II? Thanks for the release.
Strife666will there be a mp4 encode of this, right?

I LOVE YOU no homo
BixHANI sincerely appreciate your commitment, Mazui and UTW! You are the best! (^_^) (^_^) (/^_^)/
alfi.syarafThank you so much Mazui and UTW
anonymousI want to thank the guy using real-debrid as torrent upload. It gets added as alias and I can start downloading in fullspeed.
Have a nice day.
LykSeedbox, signing in.

I'm waiting till I watch this movie with my friend, so I can't comment on the quality or such-like, but thanks as always! :D
ApacheThunderSo far my only qualm with this movie is that the space elevator isn't crooked. (given it's location, it's supposed to be if it's a true space elevator)

Given how far off from the equator they have that thing anchored at, the centrifugal force would cause the payload tied to the top to move towards the rotational center of the earth. Thus it would lean heavily to one side. Not saying they couldn't build one there, but it just wouldn't go straight up into the sky it would go into the sky at a angle leaning in the direction towards the equator. It's basic physics....

I'm OCD about settle mess-ups like this.... :P
BakaIs there going to be a 1080p version?
anonymous@ApacheThunder Science, man! It's possible with science!

@Baka There's a 1080p release on utw
or simply
Aranis there going to be a batch of railgun S?
maxinfetThank you for the great releases as always.
anonymouswell, since it was located away from the equator... Uiharu did mention something like they wouldn't manage to build the elevator if not for the technology of Academy City and we do know AC have some weird shit and was years ahead (was it something like 20 yrs? forgot) in technological advancement compared to current tech
ApacheThunderI'm not saying they couldn't build it where they did. I'm just saying that if it was a true space elevator that it would have had a noticeable lean towards the south.

But I suppose that would have looked weird in the anime. So the artists decided to ignore physics and draw it straight. :P
SapphirSo if you punch noisy bitch in the face till she spins in the air, while being near unconscious chick, the unconscious chick will wake up and merge with noisy bitch to create lovable girl... thx for lesson, have to try ASAP!
starberriThere is no audio after 01:22:51 for 1080p version. Is there a fix?
Thanks for the info.
I downloaded this video when it release but waited for a free time to watch it. Didn't realize there is a problem until yesterday.
Thanks again for the info.
GradeAny idea when the subs for the 12 minute special that was released with the movie will be released?