To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S 22

Boob monster Koshimizu Ami always spices up an episode. And I know, shounen manga and all, but the soft science in this series gives me a headache.

Episode : 720p

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alfi.syarafThank you...
KuroLoliYou guys are one of the most trusted groups online because unlike other groups, you take your hobby seriously.

Keep up the good work!
headlessscience and coherent plots are not what this (or Index) were ever about. Thanks for your hard work, as always.
toadsageWhy do your chapter breaks lock up between prt.A-B. EVERY single show. Now its also the last chapter break as well. All codecs are good and [UTW-Mazui] is the only sub group I have this issue with. Locks up the whole damn program. What is a quality encode if your chapter breaks -lock up the media players...........
thanx for the posts, but please address this issue. I have to re-download this from another group so that we may watch the ending 4 min.+-
toadsageI appreciate your work. However until you can integrate the chapter-indexing without issues, perhaps you should stop indexing chapters. As it locks the program up needing a full program restart which is hassle. keep up the good work. Thanx
anonymous@toadsage you seem to be the only one having this issue. I noticed a small "lag" between the part A and B, but it continued just like any other fansub.
Maybe you should stop watching things on a toaster
toadsageActually I am not... see here toward mid-area and down.
Also I have a Quad.x.Quad core linked to a HD-Projector and stacked stereo for anime, movies and Games. Calling this a toaster is a knee-jerk answer. Are you by any chance the one doing the chapt.-breaks?
AS WELL judging by the post boards on the right. I am far from being the only one. smuck