To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S 23

I vote the entire anime be done in 2.1:1 cinematic. It just looks so much better.

Episode : 720p | 480p

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skyhackI agree. Plus, I'm not sure if it counts, but - FIRST!
Shadowis love incarnate! (whatever that means) ;)
alfi.syarafThank you...
BlackhatThere may be some corruption at the end of the 720p torrent... redownloading to check if it's just my machine finally flaking out.
blacktohruDitto for the corruption/lag at the end of 720p. But thanks for the hard work as always!
TimI've noticed the subtitles crapping out in places in a number of releases recently - which is the corruption I assume you're talking about. Subtitles are replaced by blocks.

Player is XBMC 12.2 (OpenELEC 3.2.0)
ShadowUse MPC-HC with xy-VSFilter.

No studder, lag, or undesirable payback problems.
Shadow^^ payback = playback
yahliamirthanks! some troble at the end though, can you fix it by any chance?
nub24out on UTW'S site
skyhackOK, guys, you've had your fun.
Now, since Railgun is over, get back to updating your site!

(Respectfully, a long time fan)
Rob_the_BobA bit late, but thank you guys for your work on Railgun S. It was a great series and would not have been half as enjoyable if it didn't have a couple of the best sub groups working on it. Thanks a bunch! o/
BlackhatYeah... double that - many thanks for your work on this series! One of the best "light" fun series around. For what it's worth, I checked and not my system - playing on VLC... hope Tim's fix is good, but am not that technical. (>_
201394756293487Thank you so much for Railgun S!
What will you folks work on next?
LARGEHARDHope you sub Little Busters REFRAIN plz? :3

TonyStrykahwe miss you!@!
skyhackQuoting the "Eclipse Fansubs" FAQ...
'What about VLC?
No. Just… no.'
End quote.

And "Kill Me Baby"'s OAV is out there. Coffee break's over.
KMBPlease sub the Kill Me Baby OVA!
Yeah!What TonyStrykah said!
shinonHey Mazui, I know that you won't sub Little Busters! ~Refrain~, but is there any thought to sub Little Busters! EX which included in Refrain BDs?
Exehi i nead ass (softsub) we have ?