Index-tan and other overdue updates

Hey all, long time no see. Figured I'd deliver some long overdue updates after a month of blissful laziness. As you've probably gathered already if you cared, with CR subbing anything worth doing this season, we're taking a break. Though, you may see a movie or two from us...

Today we bring you Index-tan (Endymion style) and since I totally didn't make a post, Railgun 24 as well. Enjoy!

Index-tan: 1080p | 720p

Railgun 24: 720p | 480p

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MShinkuNo one rly cares. Mazui is long time dead. RIP.
Ya-sanYay, finally! Thanks a lot guys, been watching the rss feed everyday :D
DanThanks for the quality sub and editing!
Someone ElseSuddenly I missed shana because of the tan... T_T
ShiroCR killed fansubbing . But it's a good thing to see you guys again .
johnCould you preeetty pretty pretty pleeease do the Shana-tan Final Destruction too?
BixThanks for all the hard work Mazui! We are many that appreciate it.

I will check back after some time.
2903572390Thank you!

That Index-tan is hilarious!
skyhackThanks. Good to know you're not dead!
PikminimanMany thanks for the movie, Mazui! And by the way, if you want a project that Crunchyroll did, but then removed, you could always sub the final 3 episodes of Oreimo S2, i.e. the net episodes that actually finish the show off.
SendoI was worried that you guy's died. Its nice to see that's not true, Also CR's subs are not even close to being on par as mazui, CR subs are lazy and hurried.
NickienatorGokicha!! Cockroach Girls episode 2 please.
MaxinfetThank you Mazui don't leave me again ;_;
DomarBoth 1080p and 720p the Index-tan links have been replaced by Miracle of Endymion torrents.
DomarOops, nevermind, didn't notice it was a new Index-tan installment for the movie.
VaansScrew CR subs! I like fansubs better. Its alos not available in our country. Phooey!
Captain ObviousIt's quiet, too quiet.....
ThtguyfrmFasebookMazui.... please, comeback... I'll buy you a hamster with a wheel. The Anime guy smarter - we need you to translate.
VaansScrew CR subs! They're not available in my country. Fansubs FTW!
Vinno idea who to contect for this
ep24, file cant be found. Can please reupload it?

You'll find the file there.
The handsome stranger witht he hairy ballsWhen the fuck are you gonna go sub some more shit.
VaansHi guys.

Would you kindly please subbed, Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta? Its a spin off of Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku. Judging from the first episode. It looks it has potential.
VaansI think its worth subbing from you guys. I hope you guys watch it.
Dragonmaster61Even though it says railgun 24, it's a episode 23 download... Any words on that?
mAny chance in subbing Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta?
Dragonmaster61By the way, there's totally no To aru railgun S episode 10 anywhere. It's gone or something?
Anifanwe miss you guys, you went and got a nice new site, then CR tried to push you off the cliff

come back from that precipice into our awaiting arms of appreciation and admiration
..RIP ;-;
LUCYBELLMAZUIII i miss you ;_;
thomplease don't died
MaxinfetMazui come back :(
EclairI think Mazui died guys... I'll miss 'em. :( RIP - 2014 (before that even)
Reaperas of 02/04/2014(april) mazui has been unresponsive to treatment. time of death: fucking ages ago, man.

RIP mazui.
njamunky Dear friends, today is the day the Otaku cried. And he cries not for the passing of one Sub, but for the death of a dream: the dream that he would someday See the ultimate Fansub over his hated pay-to-stream. For it was Mazui who made me the happy Fan-boy I am today. How I agonized over the perfect way to thank them for that! Perhaps with a horrible cosplay I photographed, or an obsessive rant playfully planted in the comments. But those dreams were dashed by the weaselly, little CR-Troll sitting there in our midst. The cowardly, insignificant distributor, who probably got lucky when Mazui slipped on the slime trail this Mainstreamer left behind them! This mound of diseased, One Piece loving-who's not fit to lick the dirt from my Railgun!
But I digress! The time for sorrow has passed. It's time to look ahead, to a future filled with new shows! And I'll be smiling again, just as soon as we take that Fansub there and slap them in that FTP there, and roll it into that Torrent of seeders THERE!
Mazui: No! No! I never meant to do it! Help! This isn't funny anymore! Would it help if I said I'm sorry? I'm really, really, really, really, really sorry!
Well, that was fun! Who's for Chinese?
AnifanWe all keep checking back on you guys to see if you have risen from your slumber
kamisamamazui is so bullshit. they're just using CR as an excuse. blah blah blah CR is subbing this, so we cant. why cant you just sub the show you want anyways. lazy fuckers
aaa@^ say the fuckers who come just to whine..
AzmountArylRest in peace. We shall remember your good deeds, good times you gave us, but so it is that you choose to begone unto river of time, like a teardrop in the rain....
EclairI seriously hope the Mazui team comes back someday and reads all of these comments... So much love from the community! lol
mazui come BACK!i guess they quit the fansubbing
EndaRAt least sub the new OVA plz...

We beg you!! orz三
thanksYou guys were my favorite fansub group, I learned to always trust mazui.
MazuiFollowerYou guys better come back soon! I can't stream CR where Im at I only download episodes, go home and watch them. I'll donate if I have to!!!
The Great MoofThe state of fansubbing makes me sad. Mazui is dead, Eclipse is dead, and UTW only wants to do idolm@ster Puchimas crap anymore.
The mysteriously handsome stranger with the hairy ballsDon't you guys die on me.
GioMan Mazui was the one fansub that made watch english fansub releases instead of spanish ones. As of today I couldn't be happier of that decision. Mazui's Angel beats, changed me forever. So i'm really tahnkful for all of your work over the years.

I hope in the near future u'll rise fromt he ashes like a phoenix. I'll keep coming back to see that happening.

Mazui Don't Die!
AnifanSpam comments galore

Bump, Mazui come back, someone has been paying for the website to keep it going, someone should be alive and kicking
bobRIP Mazui. I really liked your subs and especially when you teamed up with UTW.

FrozenI miss mazui Please come back :(
FrozenI loved mazui for subbing hyouka and others. :( I can't believe this. :(
Anifanare you guys reviving for this season?
Captain ObiviousSorry all, when spam takes over, the site is DEAD! I don't like it, but it is what it is.
NeiHoSpam is scary
EclairYikes... dat spam
FrozenPlease come back Mazui :'(
AnonI still keep you guys in my folder of weekly anime bookmarks just in case you come back with an OVA or whatever out of the blue. One of the best sub groups ever.
LargeHARDAt least sub Hanamonogatari as a comeback project... Do it like what you did with Nekomonogatari(黒) before...
PlantzThey ded
EclairThat would be awesome if they did something like that, but I doubt it...
im a fanI just wish they would at least make an announcement rather than disappear. :(
GenMiss you Mazui!!!!
DBSR.I.P. Mazui you brought us a lot of fun so thanks for that!

Still i am always in for some necromancy... i can even get most of the important 'offers' on short notice ...
NagiI really wish you'd sub Tamako Love Story. If you do, it'd be like a birthday present for me. :>
mazui fanagree with nagi! please sub tamako love story