Spicey 10 and new site!

Epic changes! But before all that, have some glorious not-so-quality animation:
Spice and Wolf episode 10.
Update: XviD for the people still using 15" crts.


So unless you're blind (or have never been here before, in which case, welcome), you'll have noticed we rolled out a less eyecancerous website. (xhtml 1.0-strict compliant for those who care.) Most of the main links are still inaccessible, mostly due to it being currently 2:30 in the morning for me. It's all pretty much ready though, so expect it tomorrow.

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WarwickAgreed. Hopefully, the release RSS will be up as promised, too.
EdGood news all around! I can't tell you how excited I am for this episode!
AnonymousFUCK YEAH!
AnonLove you guys!
DaHill534This new layout looks great!
Downloading Spicy 10 now, will seed.
PapaGeorgioOhhh... Shiny. Many thanks, my week has now been made.
MikiyoI would let Mazui staff to buttsecks and skullfuck me for Spicy II releases. Who wants to join?
GodGrats on new design, its much better now!
anonymousThe old design looked fine, but this new one is just over the top, good work guys! And props for getting Spice and Wolf out SOOOO incredibly fast this week.
kupiThx a lot as usual!!
Quazacoltwoot thanks for horo fix as usual, and nice site :D
JojjeSup, really liking the new site. Kudos all around. Gonna wait for HD version.
FalruYou're still using tables!

*angry face for site*

*happy face for SnW*
AdvertI heart the looks of the new site, and I'd recommend making the links at top (Home/Torrents/etc) be the whole button instead of just the link.
*grabs torrent* I'll be taking this...
anonymousLoving the new site. I found the old site was perfectly functional, but this is a lot more user friendly (especially the organisation of the torrent links in the 'Quick Links' section)
If we get the torrents in RSS feed you guys will be God Tier. (I watch Haruhi and Spice and Wolf so the RSS would require zero configuration for me)

Congrats all round. Thanks for the speedy subs as always!
anonLove the new site!
lgmtkoh grats! :))
tripperdan99Thanks guys and really like the site!

anonthx for giving fix and less eye cancer
skullking123just to let you know ed kara is about a half second off. I didn't check the script but I can tell by looking/hearing
Dr. Anon Y. MousTHANK YOU!

Oh yeah, nice page. Love the background and the pic for "Spice and Wolf v2 madness".
~you should choose a background image which is big enough for at least 1920px x 1200px resolution.
anonymousThis is HD right? The 'not-so-quality' refers to the animation by the studio and not the video quality? Because 234 MB is a bit hefty for a SD release.
AnonFullsize version of "Spice and Wolf v2 madness" pic, please.
A Non PersonThanks for the torrent. And personally, this is much more of an eye-cancer site than the original was. Maybe if you allow people to select between the two? I'd much rather prefer the older site, since it's a much cleaner build overall.
anonymousCare less about the site, care more about the great quality job you guys do with the subbing. Thanks a lot!
AnonDig the layout overall, but agree that the background image could use reconsideration.
spitfire19Hey I thought I've entered a wrong site..haha..anyway your new design is kinda cool..and thanks for the release of Spice and Wolf..P.S your background is an edited version of a port from S&W..ryt?..haha
anonymous@Anon r'ing S&W v2 pic:
Jojjeor, well, that one's upsized, this one's slightly smaller
anonymousSD version where?
The recent SD versions were only posted first/at all because the HD Versions were unavailable. If it's playback you're worried about I reccomend the new version CCCP default installationg (everything) will playback .mkvs nicely, and shouldn;t require any tweaking (unless you want to change the thumbnail offset or have CoreAVC).
If it's filesize thats the problem - and it hould only be a problem if you literally have Dial Up - or if your computer is simply too old/doesn't have enough performance .mkvs, wait for the XviD
anonymousthe banner sucks
RichardThe new look of the web are nice & clean ( i like it soo much), but i don't think the same for the main banner ^_^ XD, and waiting for some of Haruhi-sama (the HD raw is late again) see ya.
Click ThisWhere can I get the raw copy of the background?
Click ThisNvm, got it.
Anon@anonymous, Jojjee
Thx a lot!
wolfbane@Mazui: nice site makeover!. BTW, over at Mininova there's a [Mazui] torrent for episode 11 (98MB avi}, which is a neat trick since it's not scheduled for release until the 16th. URL =

WoltGreat stuff as usual, and I really like the new format. Everything looks great.
:Dthx for ep 10!!!
anonymousI'd like to thank you for the understated translator'ss note. I can't tell you how frustrated I am when I see a huge grey rectange at the top of a show explaining what 'Golden Week' is or something simmilar. While I'm on the subject I'd also like to express my appreciation of the tasteful romaji lyrics in the OP. Thanks for the hard work!
Jojje@wolfbane: Whoa whoa whoa, what? That has got to be a fake.
JojjeYeah confirming episode 11 is a fake.
The .zip file (even though it says .avi in the title) has an .exe in it that is most likely a virus.
Anonymous AlcoholicThanks !
BTW, the site looks much better now !
AnonThanks for the episode guys, and was this episode the only really bad one animation wise or have I missed the silly faces in other episodes too?
guibinI'm developing eye cancer fine without your old layout thank you. :D
anonymousHere's a Thank You from one of the people still using a 15" crt monitor.

RAWR!! 15"CRT Monitor Users Rocks!! you guys are EPIC!! :D
Ezrahhmmm.... is it me, or did they change the voice of Horo...
DemandredYeah, to the 15" CRT monitor comment, I'm packing a 22" HiDef monitor, and I still prefer XviD. So there.
CaptainThanks so much for Subbing Spice and wolf ^^

Quality is exceptionaly Awesome. :)
anonymousDemandred: I don't understand you at all :