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Yeah it's been a nutty week (irl). Website stuff has kinda been low priority.
Unrelatedly, purely out of curiosity, what would you guys like to see us do next season, were we to decide to pick something up?

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DgrayGTO.o you are realy fast thanks
anonymousIt seems like a pretty shit season, one of the only things that seems interesting is Trapeze
umai ;)Darker Than Black: Ryūsei no Gemini

Airs: 2009-10-08
AnonymousMoar Horo, love you guys!
P.S. Trapeze and Cheburashka.
AnonymousGod, I love you guys.
I would love to see Railgun subbed from you.
And if you think about subbing two, my second vote would go to Darker than Black 2.
Quazacoltthanks for horo fix as usual lol.

next season? loli vampire? LOL
WatcherZeroTBH none of the next seasons animes look interesting to me.
AnonymousNatsu no Arashi! Akinaichuu with HQ 480p
umad?Whatever gets you the most epeen.

ReiaWhatever the honey&clover clone is.
RhazgothSacred Blacksmith or Fairy Tail.
Anonwhatever you feel like doing I guess...
Stythysone of these, for sure. Or all of them! =D

haruka, darker than black, winter sonata, letter bee, kimi ni todoke, maybe rotk
WatcherZeroYou wait around for a RT3K anime and two come along at once along with break dancing Ashigaru.
Mazui fanHmm, next season seems not very exciting to me. Haven't see any show that powerful enough to make me crave for the speedsub. If gg is really doing Blue Lit and Anbu continues subbing Sunred then personally I want you to sub Kimi ni Todoke :)
:Dhell yeah!! thx mazui!!
anonymousThanks for the subs!
And Sacred Blacksmith and Railgun and when gg drop half their shows, Kobato and Haruka.

(I obviously don't mean all four, just listing suggestions)
VAs Anon said, "whatever you feel like doing". The shows of the next season don't seem to be as universally popular as the summer ones... InuYasha is a classic, but who knows if people will like it; Natsu no Arashi is very good, but unpopular; the Shakugan no Shana S OVA(s) should be good...
If Kaempfer, Kimi ni todoke and NyanKoi don't turn out to be rubbish, then I'd love to see Mazui releases of them, too.
kenThank you.

I vote for Railgun.
anonymousSeconding 'whatever you feel like doing'
I'd probably check out any relase you guys put out.

Thanks for the subs!
anonymousThe Darker than Black sequel would be cool but doesn't seem to fit the light motif of the current subs. Nothing else seems to shine.

A comment on a previous post. I do think Inuyasha still have quite a fanbase-- I mean CN hasn't pulled that show since it has aired. If CN can magically pull off a simucast of within the same week it'll likely drop demand for a sub since it is a casual show.
DemandredRailgun's on my list too! Thanks for the quick subs.
V4sHyay horo time is here again! Thanks.
haruka and railgun for next season.
AnonDef agree, haruka and railgun.
Jojjeasd0fsdf cliffhangers!
And, well, I can't really think of anything so I'm going with the flow and say Railgun
bokuThanks for subbing Spice and Wolf.
As for next season, hmm...Letter Bee!
ScarThnx for the Subzzzz! Spice and Wolf rocks!

Can I vote for 2? =3
Railgun and.. Nyan Koi (after checking it out.. seems fun ^^)

Anonymous AlcoholicHmm... I would go for Railgun.
wolfbane'Railgun' should be fun but most of Fall 2009 just look like recycled loli-s and moe-s for the hormonally challenged among us :) 'Darker Than Black 2' probably would have the widest appeal but also with the most competing fansub groups. For a mahou 'Tatakau Shisho' looks interesting from the previews.
Jojjegonna kill something if lawrence doesn't confess to horo next episode
pokewaPreferably something with good dialogue. You guys sub that stuff well
korlooks like there will be a 3rd season spiceandwolf isnt it?
There are 12 volumes of S&W novels, so...
anonymousI think you guys should sub Disappearence next season.

kupiThx a lot!!
XenoRailgun from you guys would be great. I'm looking forward to Darkre Than Black 2 as well, but guessing it'll be one pretty easy to find subs for. Some quality subs of it from you guys would still be nice though.
AnonKampfer. Don't do Railgun since Eclipse will almost certainly be doing it.
Jojje@kor: Yeah with 12 volumes we can get a few seasons.
anonymousTatakau Shisho - The Book of Bantora looks good after wtahcing the promo.

anonymousAlso, The Sacred Blacksmith looks good, and I've enver heard of the 2 or 3 groups who cliam they are subbing it. Would eb epic released by you guys.
anonymousdarker than black
anonymousAfter viewing previews I'm liking Railgun and Sacred Blacksmith.

What's more is they air within a day of eachother. (Railgun starts on Friday October 2nd, Blacksmith starts Saturday October 3rd) so 'Mazui day' can live on.
anonymousrailgun,darker than black, or shin koihime musou
anonymousI was just gonna say, Shin Koihime Musou - just because it's the only other one I'm eyeballing fall 09 and no one else had said it yet. +1 Koihime Musou as well as Railgun I mentioned earlier.
X3OYSeconding Railgun and Blacksmith.

There's a couple other I'd like to see, but if you're subbing two shows, those are the two I'd like to see you sub.

Thanks for the Spice and Wolf release!
DetectiveThere's very little promise this season, seeing as it's all generic, spinoffs, sequels, theexactsameshitwithadifferentname, and shonenshit.

Please DONT do Railgun or Blacksmith. Blacksmith is overhyped and then every subber will drop it and Railguns manga wasn't even that good. Not worth it. I really don't know what I'd like to see you guys sub but the new IG looks pretty good, reminiscent of Honey and Clover. If you guys would sub that I think it would be really cool.
PapaGeorgioMany thanks for Spice and Wolf.

I would love it if you did Darker than Black, because I know you would do a good job. That being said, you should definitely do the one you would most enjoy.
anonymous@Detective, everyone wants to see Railgun and Blacksmith, having watched their respective promos I think they look good. Anyway, if they're goign to be subbed I'd like Mazui to do it rather than having to sometimes wait 2 weeks + for subs from [Slowpoke]
anonymousnobody noticed how this epidose has the same title as episode 10? "Wolf and lonely smile" it should be "Wolf and Parting determination"
anonymousBlacksmith looks alright... Inuyasha wouldn't be bad. I've always been partial to that series. But I'd kinda like to see Kaidan Restaurant or Book of Bantora.
Obviously it's up to you guys to do as you please, sub or not and to choose which if you do. You guys do a great job at it and I've been really happy with the Haruhi and Spice and Wolf releases all summer. Thanks so much!
guibinoh yeah they're finishing the inuyasha anime right? I guess that would be a good one. But then a lot of people seem hate Inuyasha...but it's your choice. Blacksmith looks like an action packed series
AnonBlacksmith looks good, and of course, if Inuyasha is going to be done i'd rather it be done by a reliable group (read: you guys).

After all, I had 2 reasons to come here all summer, heres hoping for two more! Keep up the great work!
CJI think someone mislabeled the episode title for this, cause it's the same as episode 10.
Secondly, show(s) for this fall: Winter Sonata, Shakugan no Shana, Darker Than Black, White Album
anonymousRailgun and Blacksmith seems to be the general consensus, would be pretty interesting to see you guys sub them. But you guys seem to do well with shows you enjoy so I'd say continue with that.
guibinhow about Kobato?
anonymousi would like to see you guys do Sasameki Koto.
panzerkammanderWinter Sonata! Only because not many groups are doing it.. if any.
anonymousBlacksmith by you guys would be good.
Railgun if Eclipse don't do it, although I've only ever downloaded their batches so I don't know if they're slowpokes, so maybe your speedsubs would be good.
miceDont know which group will sub what, but the 3 best shows definitely going to be Darker than Balck, Railgun and Kampfer, the last one is still quite unknown though.
would love to see Mazui speed-subbing at least one of those :)
miceps: oh yeah, blacksmith is overhyped as someone said.
DegenI'd like to see Fairy tail.
Or Railgun.
an(other)onymousNext season ? Fairy Tail or(/and) Darker than black 2 for me please.
Oh, and thank you for Haruhi this summer btw^^
anonymouslol@faggots saying blacksmith is overhypped, I've only heard people talking about trapeze.

Anyway i'd say railgun and blacksmith
omonimusfrom you guys i want to see railgun.
Since it'll be only show i'll be waching.
simikRailgun for me :P
StarI'd say Nogizaka Haruka II.
There are a couple other shows i'd watch, but that's my main show for this season.

Btw, thanks for Haruhi and Spice ^^
RookI'd say Railgun... but I can't imagine Eclipse NOT doing it.
DarkiI'd say if we can have a poll on the options that are still left, that'd be best.
anonymousBlacksmith, maybe railgun.
Casaubonbeside the obvious "whatever you happen to like" I'd recommend Kuuchuu Blank. Looks very promising, and it's done by the creators of Ayakashi and Mononoke
eternallagI, too, second Darker Than Black, it might be interesting to watch
anonrailgun, I'd say
EarofdoomTatakau Shisho - Book of Bantora looks interesting
wolfbaneSometimes I wonder whether fansub groups ever feel like the water goddess in 'Ima, Sokoni Iru Boku (1999)': 'They all thank me first, but then they all take it for granted, soon they get angry when I don't produce what they want on demand'
anonymousBlacksmith and railgun.

If eclipse do railgun then blacksmith and Tatakau Shisho - Book of Bantora (Armbed Librarians)
anonymousYeah, probably not a good idea to do Railgun if Eclipse is working on it. They're pretty fast subbers.
anonymousnot so fast considering their speed lately, so do railgun!
LOctsAGqThere's nothing like the relief of fnidnig what you're looking for.