Spice and Wolf II ep 12 (final)

They say all good things come to an end, and unfortunately anime is no exception. Mazui humbly presents the final episode of Spice and Wolf's second season.

update: The last of the XviDs


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anonymous"They say all good things come to an end..." Indeed, but really big thanks for this!
Chimasternmayand thanks for the good things all 1-12 episodes
Spice and Wolf still my Favorite, meaning this season was great also.
AnonymousA real big THANK YOU MAZUI!
Anonymousbtw, wanna translate novels? 'w'
Greenskyeis it just me or is the link broken?
GreenskyeNvm, figured it out :)
PapaGeorgioMany thanks for all the effort you have put into this series. The finished product has always been amazing. I hope see you around this fall for Haruhi 3... I BELIEVE!
@Anonymous 2someone is already translating the novels...
JCJust wanted to express a bit of gratitude, so thank you, Mazui, for all the hard work you guys do.
FeenixThanks for all of the work translating this. I love Spice and Wolf, and I had a difficult time searching out good subs for the second season until I found you guys, so I certainly appreciate it.
RAGEWhat? Only 12 episodes? I thought they were 13... I want to cry. There's just no enough Horo.
Anyway, thank you very much Mazui guys. It's been a great ride.
lookie here
Quazacoltthanks for sparta T_T
Mazui fanLawrence: what? final eps already? this is madness!
Horo: *kicks Lawrence*
cue to screencap above
Anyway, thank you Mazui!
EarofdoomTHANK YOU
horo1.this open ending fits perfect for a third season ?
2.in the opening you can see abe sailing away on a ship, but not in any episode, so they have already drawn something for season 3?
3.concluding it is possible that it wont take a full year till season 3?

someone state his opinion is these questions
horothe titles of the last 2 episodes were incredible mean, cant image how i was struggling with myself to imagine a proper ending fitting with those titles and stilling my heart
Kenshin-donowell i was going to just watch the frostii subs but comparing them to you guys i think i actually like your translation better o_O odd that a speedsub would beat a group like frostii. Tnx for the translations i hope you guys stick around for more stuff. I never did see any answer on that, just questions on sugestions of series if you decided to stick around.

man this show really should have got a full 24 epp season =(
Anonymous@@Anonymous 2
Baka-tsuki translation is fukken dead. The last update was like 3 months ago.
FalruThanks a ton, can't wait for season 3 :)

Althought that's probably like a year away, sadly. :(
FalruP.S. It technically did contain 13 episodes, although the first was "Episode 0" and was the OVA "Wolf and the Amber Melancholy"
anonI'd like to convey my sincerest gratitude to everyone in Mazui staff. Your efforts are much appreciated by countless people all around the globe.
AnonymousThanks very much for all of your hard work. Very impressive. However, you've marred the final episode by adding those two stupid graphic titles in the sky and hanging off the building. Not that I'm ungrateful for your hard work, but stuff like that (especially during the last episode) is just plain juvenile. It's worse than CoalGuys and their moronic word-swapping.
mrvLoved it... Appreciate it... Keep it going guys ;) still waiting for xvid on final ep though ^^
VThanks again, Mazui. Looking forward to your releases of season 3 (I'm sure they'll make one).
DetectiveFuck year Mazui. You guys are awesome.
Oehrat 12:04
"But you didn't me the truth either."

"tell" is missing.
AnonXviD where?!
Vol Optthanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

:D i'll definitely be here for the 3rd season :)
DaVinceXViD? Who still needs XViD? :P
KaDaI want a confirmed third season.
Mazui subbing it ofc :P
Ami@DaVince: i need avi ^^
swahabthanks for the release. I totally agree with Kenshin-dono. Yours the best and I'm looking forward to ur next project.
FlareKnightWould just say thanks a lot for all the work you did with this series. It was a ton of fun to watch. So thanks.
anonymousThanks for the hard work!
Did anyone else have a problem at around 05:35 with the audio freezing/skipping and th video lagging a bit?
JojjeThanks Ulrezaj, jama, Norgus, fotc and Skyward!
Hope to see you for Season 3
anonymousMandarinka - russian?
RynPLEASEEE do 3rd season! Legit, when I was watching 1st season, I saw a couple dif. subs, and if given a choice, I would choose yours above all others. When 2nd season came, I would ONLY watch your subs. Thank you for all your amazing work!!
kupiThx for subbing this anime!!
Kanamecant wait till 3rd season. plz post details as to when it comes out as that time nears
curious one"However, you've marred the final episode by adding those two stupid graphic titles in the sky and hanging off the building."

Anyone know what that guy was talking about and what time the supposedly appear? I do think a v2 is needed to correct the lagging, but that could have just been a problem with the raw.
Templar_XThanks for the good work!
Hope to see more great speedsubs from you ^^

Seriously, thanks for the great work you've done!
matsuThank you very much for your work on Okami to Koshinryo! I hope I can enjoy it in a 3rd season. :-)
romeothanks x 10000000000000 :), a few typo in the last eps , v2 soon? :D
anonymous@curious one
There actually seem to be at least three. The first occurs at 5:36 with the word "skyward" written in the sky in a white brush font to make it look like clouds. The second is at 16:53 with the word "JAMA" written in what looks like basic Helvetica crudely hanging from the roof of a building - probably meant to imitate icicles.
The third is at 22:53 during the special end credits where the word "fotc" is written in white. There might be more.

I should also point out that there's an additional segment at the very end of the file thanking the Mazui staff - including these same three people.

I have to agree that at least the first two graphics are completely inappropriate as they are HUGELY distracting. It's not like Spice and Wolf is an action-packed series where it's easy to get back into the flow. The fact that it was during the final episode as well was a poor choice to say the least.

Nonetheless, I'd like to add my name to those thanking Mazui for their hard work over these past few months. It's very appreciated but this particular episode was a very bad call on someone's part.
MikeLemmerWatched the entire season now. Thanks for dubbing this for us.
anonymousEaster eggs are great, but clean v2 will be even better.
JennMy humble opinion is that those extra name tags shouldn't have been included. You graciously thank everyone at the end so there's no need to distract people as the main story wraps up. Looking forward to a clean version as well!

MikeLemmer: They actually subbed S&W. If they had dubbed it, I doubt we would have watched it. ^_^
rutabagaThank you Mazui for both quick and high quality translation of Spice and Wolf II. And to Norgus: congratulations! ;3
metanonymousthanks for the xvids guys
anonymousThanks for all your hard work, much appreciated!
Anonymous AlcoholicWah, its allready over ;( ?!?!?
Time sure flows fast.
Ulrezaj learned japanese only in 2 years ? HOW?!?!?
Anyways, thank for all the work Mazui.
Are u guys gonna sub something else too, like railgun or the likes.Or are u gonna take a break?
curious oneIf you have aegis sub, you can just open up the .ass file and delete all the stuff. It's all at the end of the file.
AnonymousThese are okay subs, but you guys have a huge ego. Here are things you do that ruin the anime:
Your Mazui approved sign always lags the OP.
You put staff names in the middle of this episode.
You put your own credits in the end of this episode.
Sorry, but you guys are not more important than the original staff of this anime. Just subtitle the anime and don't put your names all of the place.
MindcrimeThanks for subbing Spice and Wolf II!
Adolfoexellent job !, arigato godaimasu!
X3OY@Anonymous above, if the 'Mazui approved' thing lags the OP, you need to either:
Stop using VLC
STOP using VLC
Install CCCP
Install MPC HC that comes with it

If all of the above don't work you haven't downloaded the V2s or you need to buy a new PC.

Also, it's not that hard to edit a script, you can remove the 'Mazui Approved' thing if it bothers you that much.

Also the last episode ws the only time they actually put their names in the credits. Some groups have their names in the credit in every episode. As for the staff names in the middle of episodes, I have no idea what you're talking about.
lgmtkhey mazui!
tnx for another season :)
great job!
funny ITE.
GariThe OP mazui scroll is very poorly done. I know scrolls can be difficult in times but it just does not work.

There are definitely fancy subs with mazui names in the middle of story. Very annoying. End credits are just fine. It is last episode after all.
GariMy clarification: 'End credits' as the additional mazui end credits where they thank themselves, not special Spice and Wolf ED.
WinterStormGreat stuff.

Mazui, I wanted to give you my thanks for supporting me with great releases for Haruhi and especially Spice and Wolf. Hope to see more of you work in the future.
X3OYGari, I'm finding it hard to read your post. Your 'clarification' actually confused me more. Perhaps you could point me to a specific part in a video or something.
anonymousHoro Horo Horo Horo!!! Need more! Thanks for getting these out so quickly!
anonymousSplendid work guys! Can't thank you enough for putting your free time into working on this.

No the problem are people using Windows. There are no problems whatsoever with VLC.

Just read 'anonymous' post above directed at 'curious one' to find out what credits everyone's talking about.

Speaking of credits, were I the only one to not notice the first two while immediately noticing the last one?
cerberusThanks for subbing yet another season of this wonderful anime.

really hope they make a season 3, and further more i would love to see you sub it, if it comes :)
AnonymousMany thanks for subbing this show, it's been a great run.

Here's to hoping for S3!
anonymousthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhannnnkkk youuuu
thefinalruneSo, any hope of a DVD version release in the future? Those few eps with scrolling "OMG DO NOT FANSUB THIS" kanji were annoying.

Thanks for a great release and seeing it through to the end.
HumoleThx a lot for all this episodes, you really are a great fansub. I enjoyed looking for the credits after I noticed skyward[though i think that one was outstanding too much].

Thank you very much

anonymousThank you for all the work you guys have put into this fansub, been following it every week, and it's a bit sad taht its over, there better be a season 3!
EmilI too wonder about Mandarinka's nationality.Could it be Bulgarian?
GarThanks! Are you guys thinking of any fall anime projects?
X3OY@ anonymous like seven comments ago
VLC uses internal files for playback and makes no use of CCCP, Core AVC or pretty much any external codec/codec pack you install. Thus, people who are just about able to play .mkvs would benefit from using MPC instead.


I use windows and I can confirm that it doesn't magically force anime OPs to lag.

Also, it's simple to remove the credits that were 'hidden' in the episode. You don't even need Aegisub, you can use notepad.
anonymousAnyone know what part(s) of the novel this season covered
anonymousI'd like to know the title of the music used during the Mazui's credits.
One of the problems is that a lot of people don't have the know-how to fix the subs if they don't have a separate .sub file and have to extract it. Another is that most people only find out about distracting subs like these AFTER watching the video. In this case, Mazui had not done anything like this in the past (that I'm aware of for Spice and Wolf) so there was no reason to expect what we got. Still a bad call all around and I hope it doesn't become a common thing now.

As for the OP scrolling subs, I don't know which anonymous you were referring to (lots of us) but it really would have just been better to have gone with a static sub given how choppy the thing was in the first place - but that's another discussion altogether.

Still glad I got the chance to finish the series thanks to Mazui and I hope they don't think we're overall ungrateful. Just wanted to call out a really bad idea before it becomes a really bad habit. :-/
curious onefirst 6 episodes covered volume 3, last 6 covered volume 5. they skipped volume 4 for whatever reason (which i liked more than volumes 3 and 5, but it's translated on baka-tsuki).
G2Just wanted to say thank you for a job well done.
anonymous@ two anonymouss ago
The music is an instrumental of the first seasons OP. (Natsumi Kiyoura - Tabi no Tochuu)

Here's an mp3 with the vocals:
anonymousA patch is fine too.
anonymousi'm not sure how you could have watched the first season without recognizing that song, nor do i know why you would watch the second season without watching the first, but whatever.
With VLC you have no need for CCCP as it uses FFmpeg, a superior decoder.
Libraries are handled bad enough as it is on Windows. There's no need to bloat it with a bunch of codec packs.

@anon about scrolling title
Looking at the subtitle file, it's defined as actual scrolling and not as a new coordinate per frame. So any choppiness should be due to decoding errors or computer problems.
anonymousVLC is terrible.
Try to seek, report results.
AnonNot even the shittiest groups put their names in the middle of the episode, patch please?
SpooktThanks very much, Mazui! I looked forward to your subs every week. See you next season!
GuestThanks! Do you planned to release a batch?
Gates and LogicI'll miss you Horo.
You too Mazui. ;_;
guibinis it just me, or did it lag a little between 5:36 - 5:43? The scene where Horo and Lawrance were infront of that building before Horo got sold off.

Oh well hope there's a season 3!
romeoto guibin, that's because mazui put in an easter egg at that time,geez there r a total of 3 easter eggs in the last episode O.o i have the same problem.
Kenshin-donoseriously? they put their friggin names in the episode? i retract my previous thanks, thats just ameturish and lame. Like the anon guy above says, even the lamest sub groups dont pull crap like that
noushiThanks for subbing SaW II!
grurgMandarinka could be czech too, I should know...
which nationality is Mazui?
:Dit doesn't end here right? :D
there's definitely a season 3 for this!!
I'll be Waitin'!!
XxSaberxXThanks for subbing this wonderful series. Couldn't have enjoyed it without you guys working your asses off for us. Hope you guys will pick up season 3 when it happens.
ArhazivoryThank you so much for dedicating your time and effort to Spice and Wolf. It is greatly appreciated and I love you all for it. Good job.
SubstituteYou rock guys! Thanks alot
anon2@guibin: It does indeed lag at the stupid Skyward cloud bit at 5:36. That's how I noticed it, it's so lame I couldn't believe it was true.
anon2By the way, this may not have anything to do with the translation, but the quality of the series has been constantly dropping. This season was definitely worse than the first, with ridiculous drama, poorly explained plots, and bad dialogue trying to pass as clever and witty. Maybe it's been a while, but I remembered Horo being more intelligent and mature, not this overly dramatic teenager making up all kinds of problems in her head and generally being a pain in the ass for no reason. I'm sure a lot of nerds can identify with Lawrence: he puts up with so much shit and yet never gets any action. Then she offers herself and he runs away scared. Brilliant.
DaHill534Excellent work you guys. Thanks. I hope you take on season 3 when (or even: if) that comes out.
DaVinceMazui names in the middle? I don't remember anything in the episode's subs breaking continuity like that... Must have missed it. But if they were there, it probably would have been better not to do that. The people who get these subs already know it's Mazui's, after all. :)
anonymousThank you very much.
JimThank you very much. I love this anime; it's cute, and smart. Thank you again.
anonymousI never noticed the easter eggs, so the addition of names and the like didn't bother me. I had to restore the file and skip to the parts where the names were. Thought it was cool. :D
Gedwoooow..omg very wonderful subs.!!! it sounds soo smart.:3 and man..i really love this anime...especially season 1.. i just hope they get to be together in season 3..hehe romance.:D
thnx again for the subs..:)
anonymousKey on ANN found a cool easter egg from the Spicy creators suggesting what we might expect from their relationship in a 3rd season. I suggest you read the Spicy thread there but in case you don't... what does the scene right before the credit look like? I see and hear a certain type of bell ringing. Horo and Lawrence look the part, minus the formal dress.
CarrotYou Mazui cats did a great job on Spice and Wolf 2. I'm fairly confident there will be a Spice and Wolf 3, so I hope you're all up to translating that as well, I look forward to it. Again, great job, and thanks a lot.
SivAwesome job you guys; much thanks for subbing this. I just can't get enough of Spice and Wolf!
Frankhey guys I just wanted to say that I found your comments at the end there very encouraging. 2 years ago you didn't know a word of japanese? Very cool man, I've been going at it hardcore now just over a year and the improvement is amazing. Maybe after another year I'll join a subbing group ;) Anyways thank you very much, hopefully we'll see a season 3.
wingsunleashedHa! Two years ago I knew about 3 words of Japanese - now I know about 14! ~~~Which
is another way of saying without people like you I couldn't watch stuff like this!

As for the rage comments about Easter eggs and stuff - it's either you guys or Frostii...so, I'm just grateful it was subbed at all. Also - for reasons too long to go into, well. Season 1 I only started watching when 2 eps were left, so watched all of season 1 in a week then waited a week for that last ep. SO...followed tradition this year - and so v2 ep 12 was already released when i watched, as I only started eps 1&2 Monday of this same week.

@anon2. Horo this season? Hmmm. Do you understand and get her fear? Dude. Horo is immortal. In what to her will seem like the blink of an eye Lawrence will turn old and die. That's why she keeps having that dream of standing in front of nothing but his bones. Ennywho. Season 3 is all but assured I would think. Enuf from/about me. Mazui. ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA!!!!! ~(There. Just used about 1/7th of my entire Japanese vocabulary!!!)~ ^_^
ShakkinThank you very much Mazui
ZazbaHappy to say this was the first anime I have watched without being dubbed. Great work! :)
juggernaut(enerjakSWEDEN)Thx for the best fansubs work for the greatast anime serie ever

i hope you all in the staff get a happy life ánd will live on with a proud heart

gracias , tack ,arrigato, thx so much for all

best regrads (I C A U)
HowardJust finished the series. A great series that I hope will have a third and further seasons
Rikithanks for the fantastic subbing:D
chronolite10 years ago no nothing about japanese word.. now only 100 words (1 yr 10 words).. hontou.. kowai na..
FrogThanks so much for the subs. I'm thankful I was able to read and understand it. without you guys I would of been missing out on the only thing I've given a 10/10 (I watch a lot of stuff).
FrogIt is the middle of 2011 (almost June). There is still no sign of Spice and Wolf III. :(
SilverFrog: "It is the middle of 2011 (almost June). There is still no sign of Spice and Wolf III. :("
Anyone know when it is going to come out? I must know! Thanks again for subs!
Heart GoldWell, if you think about it, there are other stories from the paper back book that have not been told. Someone here claimed it was better then the two locations they showed in Spice and Wolf II. I'm sure they are probably saving the best for last. This anime is too good to simply stop at 26 episodes. Also, its popularity seems to be rising a lot and lots of people have been giving this show a 10/10 just like me. Anyways I highly appreciate the subs thanks so much. I agree with Frog, I too have seen much anime and this is the only anime I've ever given a 10/10, or just anything I watch, this is still the only thing I've given a 10/10. I really won't survive if I don't hear anything about Spice and Wolf within this year.
SwapPeople claim that another company took over Spice and Wolf and apparently they are working on another anime so it may be a while before we see Spice and Wolf again (new episodes of course). Yes, I give it a 10/10 also. Can't forget to give my appreciation for the subs so thank you very much
Artistgod! that was an awsome show! Since everyone is giving thanking someone for the subs then I will give my highest thanks also. This series completed my life and yes I do give it a 10/10, though its the only thing I've ever givin a perfect score.
MathematicianWow, I'm very satisfied with all the positive comments people make on Spice and Wolf. I thought I was the only one. If I could score Spice and wolf, then I give it a y/x in which y approachs infinite and x approaches 0. (lol yes that is an infinite score, you know gotta match my name).
KokidokomI don't know what to write since all I could say is that this is the best thing that has ever touched my eyes and ears and heart so I copied the following from a website: I doubt whether it will be a nor­mal anime review. When I pondered about Spice and Wolf after fin­ish­ing watch­ing it, I noticed my thoughts mov­ing in a rather abstract man­ner, so when I began to ana­lyse the char­ac­ter of Lawrence I ended up remem­ber­ing everything I heard about my great-grandfather who was a mer­chant, and when I tried to under­stand why I feel so strange when I think about Horo, my mind star­ted a rally against the Church. But I can’t refuse to write: I adore Spice and Wolf from the bot­tom of my heart.

Thrill­ing story, smooth anim­a­tion, authen­tic char­ac­ter design, a good soundtrack. Why thrill­ing story? Because I watched and watched and watched and couldn’t stop until the end. I won’t hide, the thing I expect the most from a romantic anime is the final kiss. That’s what I was wait­ing for, through scar­ing affairs and dangers — and that’s what I didn’t get in the end. But there’s a second sea­son com­ing, you know. I can wait a bit more. I hope though it won’t be so stretched like Zero no Tsukaima, by the gods’ will.

The romantic story of a god and a mer­chant takes place in a West-European coun­try of the early middle-ages, prob­ably France or how it was called then, Gal­lia. Maybe Ger­mania. The Church didn’t yet com­pletely con­quer the world, some “heretic” towns still remained. People there still believed in their own gods.

Did those gods really exist? Before the church burned the witches and the “devil-possessed”? While those gods have been payed trib­ute? My favour­ite writer, Terry Pratch­ett, describes gods as rely­ing on the belief as resource. More fol­low­ers — more power; no fol­low­ers — no exist­ence. So why not. Those gods may had van­ished after they lost their last people. No won­der we didn’t see any mir­acles like a path through a sea for so long.

The plot seems simple: Lawrence Kraft, a mer­chant, vis­its one of the heretic vil­lages, where people are cel­eb­rat­ing their har­vest and the har­vest god­dess, the Sage Wolf Horo. After leav­ing that place, he dis­cov­ers a girl with wolf ears and tail in his cart. She wants to leave the vil­lage where she is not any­more needed, and go to her home­land in the North. They travel together and learn more about each other. But they have a mighty enemy — the Church.

Spice and Wolf bound me to itself, taught me some inter­est­ing eco­nom­ical back­grounds and some mer­chant tricks.

And not to for­get, Spice and Wolf has one of the cutest/most ador­able EDs ever.

So much is clear, I give this series full deserved 10/10 points, I hope you agree. I know this post is a bit messed up… okay okay, it’s very well messed up, but I hope you can for­give me. I would like to hear your opin­ions about this show, as well as about the whole gods/christianity thing. (My opin­ion is not enough for me, huh).
Yup thats the end of the coping. Great subs thanks. Long Live Spice and Wolf!

CryerWahhh! That was beautiful Kokidodom. But more beautiful then that is Spice and Wolf. Long Love Spice and Wolf!!!
Cryerlol I meant to say Long Live Spice and Wolf! I guess long love works too.
Spicy WolfNEWS about SPICE and WOLF III. This is not an official anouncement but there is evididence that Spice and Wolf might continue. FIRST, the novel is still being made. SECOND, if you look on the Spicy - Wolf.com website, you will find the next locations that Holo and Lawrence will be traveling to. It is a map that also shows that next characters that are or might appear. THIRD, it appears that another company took over Spice and Wolf and they are currently working on another anime according to some one here. Lets just hope it does come out.
Lawrence Meats WolfHow very interesting... Right now there are 7 different people between Frog and I and it is June 4 now. I thought Spice and wolf was forgotten about already. (Wahhh I'm so happy to see this!). I obviously give Spice and Wolf a 10/10 I'm sure you guys don't disagree.
season grilled spiced wolf Yeah I waiting for the 4th novel of Spice and Wolf so I could eat it. lol I'm just kidding but I am really hungry. At the same time I bought books 1,2,3 along with 4 off amazon. I cann't wait! Where is season 3!
AmandaI loved Spice and Wolf. Actually I still do (no surprise there). thanks for the subs they were amazing. I like totally loved it. Actually I still do (lol). I really hope season 3 comes out, mazui said it would sort of.
FutbolEntiendo lo que dicen! Se ingles! Spice y Wolf es lo mejor que hay. Espero ver mas episodios en el futuro. Season 3 Yeah!
caoOObCqwTvBOgpRPYeah, that's the ticekt, sir or ma'am
sEuHHcNjJiyKnlowegde wants to be free, just like these articles!
DudeI just randomly arrived here, when is Spice and Wolf 3 coming out, I saw a picture of an episode of the final season of Spice and Wolf where Lawrence is holding a brown bad full of apples and Holo is grabbing their arm. They're both smiling, coming back from a market I assume. Did it come out already? I cannot find it anywhere. I really want to watch the next season, I've already rewatched it many times. Man I don't feel cool writing this. I sound desperate
cookie Ummmm y r u guys giving up hope ....... did u not see episode 13 ; at the end it said next episode ..... (srry I don't remember) and they still didn't reach holos homeland of yotz or something like that ..... And the manga is still going and so are the light novels .... my opinion is that they are trying to let the novels and light novels to go ahead of the anime so they have more content to draw from or another company bought the show and have on standstill because they are working on another anime and plus Spice and wolf is waaaaay to popular to end at just 2 seasons ..... my guess is that if they were coming out with a season 3 it will be out in the middle or late 2012 (its the beginning of 2012 now) if not than it will come out at a later date because Spice and wolf was a very profitably and it had a lot of fan service ...... take in to consideration that people who were waiting for inuyasha to continue had to wait like 5 years for just 26 episodes and that show sucked. So yeah don't give up hope just be patient :) o and episode 13 for Spice and wolf 2 came out in April 2011 so watch that and just keep hoping ....... and the manga is still going and it started in 2008 so are the light novels and its 2012 0_0 and they even made video games of spice and wolf for the DS ..... spice and wolf is one of the best anime I. Have ever watched so that is y I wasted these couple minutes of my life writing thus to u people so hopefully someone will read this and will help me convince other people this is nit the end of spice and wolf :)
Bishop of LenosI hope they show the Spice and Wolf series like movies, where we know its going to come out but it takes a long time for them to come out. They better not ruin Spice and Wolf!; Spice and Wolf is The Best. I hope they pay more attention at Holo's face for the third season. Waisting minutes of my life reading coolie's comment was so worth it. I really hope they make season 3
CoakUmmm... the subs said see you soon for season three its been over 2 years and I still do not see season 3
Mitch i think cookie is right they want to make money with the books before they end the story in a anime its all about the $$$$$
Spice&WolfLove241Loved Spice&Wolf so mcuh Looking to see (Season3)

and a big (Thank you Mazui Staff For Your Hard Work with season 2) ^.^