To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 01

First!..... in HD.

Update: v2 released, albeit rather late, but it's got a bunch of fixes and little less harsh styling so go get. No patch because a different raw was used.
HD and XviD.


It's good to see the speedsubbing spirit still alive and well out there. I've noticed other shows this season have faster-than-normal releases too. Here's to hoping it becomes a standard!

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DetectiveThanks for the HD anikis.
nonamethanks for hd version
I hope you guys keep subbing this.
anonymousam I seeing things? This thread had 17 comments...
sealouseYeah you rock! Thanks
UlrezajAll the pre-release comments were deleted so as not to confuse people.
tripperdan99Thanks Guys! Look forward to a new season and new anime with Mazui Subs

((Wishing and Hoping for a 3rd Season of Spice & Wolf!))
artlove to see Mazui back again :-)
(more wishing and hoping for S&W 3)
anonymousthanks for the speedy subs mazui
AnonymousFuck, I love you guys.
Keep it up!
anonymousLet us all suffocate in the overbearing yuri overtones (and love every moment).
tripperdan99Fun anime, really enjoyed it and will be certain to follow it.

Sure it's a little incest"ish" yuri, but that's part of the comic relief. :)
CanadianMazui is (in my opinion after visiting quite a few sub sites) the best subbing site I have ever seen. You are prompt, accurate, clean, elegant and, just, well dam near perfect.
Keep it up! You guys are great!
anonymousIt will be nice to see the script.
anonI love you
PapaGeorgioI'm very glad to see that you guys are still running. The fall season is looking up...

...And now for the yuri overtones...
DazzaFuck yeah!
I was looking around the net, seeing who was subbing, then I saw Mazui, and was like jumping up and down with joy!

I'm so happy to be able to visit your site again!
Anonymous> Here's to hoping it becomes a standard!

I kind of doubt that. Not everyone can be as awesome as you guys.
AnonymousThank you guys!
> HD
mazui is awesome.
SiMiKYou guys made my day today... thx :)
BlackhaneFirst Spice and Wolf, and now this... I love you guys :)
leungsproutwhat is the typical size for a download?

EikenThanks a lot dudes, sometimes i don't like speedsubs cause some mistakes, i prefer normal subs but better quality, but you do a great job with spice and wolf so is ok.
w07Thanks for the speedy subs, will by anychance pick up Darker Than Black S2??
chriskingood luck with the new show, i'll seed as much as possible
as w07 said, any chance of picking up Darker Than Black?
xRDVxI like it =)
JojjeHmm this looks cool. And yuri so that's awesome, gonna keep my eye on this.
sotandemAre you guys related to AnimeYoshi? That's a question that I have been wanting to ask.

Thanks for the subs, hope you guys pick up the more "abandoned" series.
Anonymous AlcoholicDam you guys are fast. Thanks for subbing it and thanks for the xvid.
Kite'I love you guys for that e_e'
The firs released HD version of Railgun subbed õ/
If you'll go on with this Anime i'll stick with your subs for the rest of the show :)
dPsychcDamn. If shit gets subbed this fast, it's awesome. Keep up the speedy work guys. I guess I shall stick to Mazui for this show then.
scrolling text fps hell again!!!

thanks for this awesome and fast release!
hypthanks a lot, very fast 2 nice, i was wondering which fansub were to download To aru, great thing that u will do this show.
SamdidliamboAwesome! I never really got into Index, but this series rocks already! Props to Mazui: the best and fastest subbers I have yet seen!
That-guySub par standard ftw. I kid.
anonymouswhich raw did you use? lol
anonymousyou guys should also fast sub Inuyasha The final act...episode 1 just came out...
kodomois this the censored version wit da steam?
Anonymous> you guys should also fast sub Inuyasha The final act.

I don't think Mazui is wasting their time with that shit.
ZeroXenosOMG I can't believe Kanae Itou is Saten Ruiko.
I will deffinently be watching this every release. >_< THANKS FOR SPEED SUB!!
CherryHawkI concur with Zero. It's ok Saten-san if ure level 0. You just need to "Negative heart: Lock on!" Then bust out your "Open heart!!"
spitfire19I have another reason to go to your site every week..XD..Thanks Mazui..

Yeah, I noticed the same. As with Spice & Wolf, the scrolling bar messes up the streaming PS3 Media Server. :(
anonymousi wasnt planing on watching this anime, but since you guys are subbing i think ill give it a try! looks good so far.
FalruPretty neat series sans boring fan service/incest shit, sure hope they do away with that.

Will keep my eye on it.

Am I the only one that was reminded of "CHAOS EMERALDS GET" @ 15:03
anonymousat around 22:24 when it pans from misaka and kuroko to show the others running anyone else think it looks like it skipped a bit? I downloaded the raw to check and it doesnt do that I just want to know if its a tiny defect in this file or my pc that's causing it.
UlrezajSounds like your file's corrupt. Check the crc. Though we'll have a v2 out tomorrow or so anyway so you could just wait too.
thefinalruneepic sub, you guys are mf win
AnonymousScript releases would be nice. It would save me the trouble of downloading video files for the sake of ~100 kb portion.
FlareThanks for the subs. I remember I hated the end of the first season for this anime. Hopefully this season will be better. You guys have an awesome website btw.
skywatcher122nice and updated quickly with an HD!
KingOfCatsWell, i dled ur episode of Railgun, and i found a few dialogues in the show of which the translation i dun quite agree to.

10:00 when saten and Uiharu are talking about Misaka, they called her the "Ojou-sama of Tokiwadai" or something like that, well, i don't quite agree with the "rich lady" translation, since it isn't mention in this series nor Index about her being from a rich family... but then again, "Princess" would be wrong as well since it's ojou, not oujo.

23:43 (at preview of next epi), Uihara is asking Saten not to pour water on her head, to which Saten responded that the flowers will wither if she doesn't do so. it's "mizu kakenaide kudasai" and "datte o-hana ga karechaujan"
KingOfCatsOh, btw, thanks for the subs.
venusJust found your site today, LOVE you. You should marry me (and then instead of an engagement ring, sub moar).
spitfire19any other anime you guys plan on subbing other than railgun?
WandererUlrezaj, you said something about a v2. Will you release v2 for XviD as well?
BlackflagJust found your site, good stuff. Count on another seed for your new releases ^^
Miih~Thanks for quality subs for this series :)

and weew, HD. Waiting for episode 2^^

Probably The "Lady of Tokiwadai" is what your lookin for. Kind of far-out trans would be "Miss Tokiwadai"

Normally Mazui does a batch for the file, both Xvid and MKV, so it'll be fine.
Wanderer@ Dazza

Thanks for the info! I chose Mazui because they use the better quality RAWS for this show, and because the group that many expected to sub Railgun decided not to >_
firemageany word on a v2? otherwise good job.

WandererYay! v2 is here :)
tsukimorithanks for subbing railgun, hope you continue all the way through to last episode.

will there be batch torrent for haruhi 2009 season 2?
321 MB for v2?? The first version had only 265 MB and it had alreay a 1280 x 720 HD resolution.
Encoder failed?
WandererJust curious, did you use the MBS raws for this V2? If so, then HELL YEAH!!!! If not, then O_o.
anonymous@animenz more mb on same resolution means higher bitrate= usually better quality, 720p animefiles 25min long can have 600 mb filesize when they are encoded from blueraydiscs...
anonymous+ i appreciate that they used another raw for v2 ty mazui
PapaGeorgioMany thanks for the update. You guys are amazing.
tatsujinawesome job.
firemageis it just me or is the sound sync still off on the ending?(opening)

okay the 2.2 dual in my laptop seems to lose sync where the 3.0 quad in my tower doesn't seem to lose sync, even when running the file off the networked hd on the laptop.

both are using the same version of cccp and media player classic
DaVinceI've seen top-quality HD files around 240MB, which also usually require a bit less processing power when decoding, so it's possible to have small file sizes for good quality HD. But I don't mind TOO much if sizes are up to 350 MB instead.
UlrezajWe picked this raw because a) it doesn't have the olympic crap, b) it isn't censored and c) fixing the vfr scrolling was easier on this one. We didn't reencode or anything so the size mostly stayed the same. If you're having issues watching it due to the high bitrate, try installing the CoreAVC codec.
WandererMy opinion to [Mazui] regarding future Railgun releases: Stick with MBS raws. I don't mind waiting the extra few days for them if it means better quality than the other channels. :)
KiruWell, the v1 was uncensored, too. (Didn't see any difference)

And I think the little video-problem in v1 was just bad luck? (or an error from reencoding)

Anyway, Ep1 was good enough to watch it twice. Will look forward to the next ep. :)
yayGreat a v2! ...only the chapter timings seem to be a bit off ;)
firemagethe rest of the episode works just fine but the ending is where it seems to lose sync, and i'm no longer using my p4 tower, this is a modern laptop just picked up back in june, it should have plenty of horsepower to run a 720p and i run 1080p bluray files off it often enough to know it has the power. a 2.2ghz dual core backed up by 4gigs of ram, and a radeon hd 3850 gpu. So i'm not sure why it gets choppy right at the end there.
i also updated my cccp, gpu drivers, and directX driver before testing it again, while overclocking the processor to 2.6ghz. and still it out of synced for the ending.


I assume you use Media Player Classic to play the file?
Right Click->options->playback->output.
Play around there a bit and see if another setting helps.
For me "VMR9 renderless" got broken after the recent CCCP-Update and I've changed it to "Haali Renderer" which seems to work fine.
firemagethanks Kiru, i rest everything and it seems to be working now......

SaberMazui, my savior, please do the super speed-subbing on Darker than Black, please~~
It is such a good show. Its a waste if you don't speed-sub it, please~
I loved the S&W + Haruhi last season!
anonymousguy with the op lag problem here i found out what it was, turns out the subtitles being on is what was doing its not horrible I have no idea what it means but o well at least its not my pc XD
Soukyuu@anon above me: if it stops lagging when you turn off subtitles then your Pc isn't fast enough to render the karaoke effects.

I played around with the CCCP settings and it seems the evr custom is the renderer that is giving me the best performance. I still lag on some parts though (the scrolling text hell), that's with a "semi-modern" laptop @2GHz C2D + 8600m GT.... a desktop with the same specs has no problems.
SoukyuuOh, and wherever did you guys see incest here? Shirai Kuroko is not blood related to Misaka Mikoto. Yuri - yes, incest - no
ZeroCool320MB means Hell Yeah to quality,i'm gonna download again \õ/
The first version was good enough to me,although i had problems with a huge lag of scrolling text on Media Player 11,on VCL player works fine,withouth variable frame rate.And my PC isn't even powerful,Pentium E2140 Dual Core+1GB RAM,Intel 82945G graphic card.
FYIThe image is linked to version 1.
anoanowhich raws did you guys use
Dist@ Falru.

I couldn't just ignore what you said earlier ... '' incest shit '' ?

If it wasn't obvious yet, Misaka and Shirai are not related -_-.

But this is a side story anyway..( It's not a goddamnit second season people, if it was, it'd be related to the previous ) maybe you should go watch Toaru Majutsu no Index for a '' story '' based - no fanservice.
anonymouschronologically, this side story actually more or less runs parallel with some parts of the 1st series. up till the end of the summer vacation i believe. btw, small nitpick, during the system scan part i believe there's a line that should be "38 degrees" and not 30. sorry if i sound like i'm complaining.
SoujiIs this anime really ordered cronologically?
That's a bit crazy story, isn't it?
anonymousThanks for the great fansubs Mazui! ^_^
PeanutBrainHow come when i download it there arent any subs? D: Someone please tell me T^T
NoSubsFrom the beginning of the video the bottom part of the screen where subs are shown isn't working for me. It's only showing a copy of the top screen. Is there a way to fix this?
AcceleratorIs it normal that around 2:32 we hear kuroko talk but I keep seeing the ASCII media works scene?
iTimezlove this show!!
Mental Out@ Accelerator Well, I have another version of eps 1 and the ASCII scene stops as soon as kuroko speaks
AkiraThank you~ ^__^