To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 02

Bit of a weird chapter to use as episode 2, for those who know the manga. But hey, yuri in any episode is fine in our books.

Update: HD v2 out. New raw again so no patch. This scrolling msg vfr crap is like a curse on us or something.


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ZiegFuck!!!! Thanks so much even if the "other" already released ep. 2!!!
anonymousI love u!
anonymousthanks but i will waiting for XviD
anonymousyes finally thanks mazui
TheUnseemlyOneWewt, dling now.
Hell2uallBout how long will it take for the xvid version to come out?
anonymous> Bout how long will it take for the xvid version to come out?

Why would you watch an inferior encode?
anonymousThanks for the release by the way, quick as usual.
Hell2uallBecause mkv takes long for me to convert, and xvid saves more bandwidth for me.
DetectiveHeck yeah thanks!

Will Mazui be subbing the Disappearance movie?
FalruThat was one of the most boring and painful anime episodes I've ever watched. Guess I'll give up on this series.
anonymousI didn't check the OP, but the ED kara has some problems.
PapaGeorgioMany thanks. Let me just say again how glad I am that you guys are still subbing.
shanitoo many TL/grammatical errors. will be waiting for a patch.

but have to admit, the episode was substandard and well below my expectations. :/

great work though. thanks for the subs :) will see another episode to see if its worth my time.
krlitosI love you xD thanks!!!
PapaGeorgioLol. Casablanca will never be the same again.
EdYeah...kinda losing interest in this series quick. Hopefully ep 3 is better. I'm having trouble finding anything I really like this season.
akiraTried watching stream but there was a lag in between audio so i ended up "trying" to download. BIG THANKS to those who seed (being sarcastic)..... F*C**IN seed please >:\
LeechThanks! But is it just me or does this mkv stutter really bad compared to the flawless Ep1 mkv? Just watch the OP, when scrolling down from the sky to the girls... :(
MyrkWill be seeding for you guys, (5-6mb's per sec, hope it's enough :>)
nikolai131Thanks very much ppl ^.^
KiteThx for the ep :)
And i think some people is being too harsh on this series,it's one of the best Animes of the season,despite the lack of action in this episode,comedy parts were good.And there wasn't a single lag on the video this time,at least to me.
CharlesAre you going to re-release with the MBS raw again?
Radzeer> > Bout how long will it take for the xvid version to come out?

> Why would you watch an inferior encode?

Altough I didn't wrote this one, but my old PC has serious lag spikes with the HD version.
shinjiwow some people are such quality freaks xO xvid versions are pretty good and im not talking quality wise. im talking compatibility. You can put em on your ps3 and watch it there you can edit the clips if you want alot better. just more versatile for a larger group of people. just deal with the fact that even though its an inferior encode its alot more compatible with alot more people. people just want to watch the show. not see all the little details in the background
Wanderer@ Charles:

I suggested to Mazui that they use the MBS raws for all future episodes. Perhaps they will accept my suggestion because it would save the need for a v2 (if they don't mess up translations or more commercial crap scrolls in the episodes).

I'm assuming since there is no Xvid yet that this is what they will do: wait for the MBS raws for XviDs. :)

Wanderer@ Shinji:

Speak on, brudda!

I started with XviDs when I started downloading and archiving anime so I just decided to stick with XviDs (yes, I had a crap computer as well back then). Only if fansub groups really **** up the xvid files do i dare go to .mkvs. The only exception is Bleach -_-. Oh well.
Moose...Honestly, a bit of QC couldn't have hurt. You guys need someone to proofread your subs, someone who's at least familiar with the concept of "grammar?"
GigamanPlease make Xvid version. My poor computer have problems with mkv (too less powers).
tsukimorii prefer xvid to, the mkv are okay sometimes, but they tend to slow down while watching them especially if there is H.264 or x.254 in the coding. timing issue - words and voice with subs dont match, or pause unnecessarily.
tsukimorianyway file size too large.
ThanatosThe Playstation 3 can play xviD, but not mkv. I prefer to watch TV shows on my TV. My media server can't handle streaming mkv decodes over my wireless because the mkv files are too big. So I prefer xviD avi whenever possible. You guys came through for Spice and Wolf, I trust you'll come through again.
HundredfireI'm not really sure but my friends told me native PS3 decodes h264 in ogm containers. That would be a good alternative for those who want to watch their anime on TV. Anyways, I think if there's no xvid version, I will have to reencode the mkv to watch the show without the usual h264 lag :p
KyIt would be awesome if XviD had shown up..
ranmachuaErm... Is the Xvid version going to be released soon?
wolfbaneYou can get an .mkv to run on a PS3 using this conversion utility:

But why bother? If you can afford a PS3 then you can afford a good multi-core PC with a good video card, neh?

I have to agree that this series is starting to look like a yuri for cloistered yutaka shoujo-s at Seien Joshi Gakuen so I will bid sayounara to 'Railgun'.
UlrezajSorry, XviD was waiting on v2 fixes and turkey. It'll be up shortly.
ThanatosMy PC has no problem playing mkvs. But it's hooked up to a 17" monitor, not a 42" plasma HDTV.
Leechv2 mkv needs a higher bitrate, v1 has a little stuttering in fast panning scenes. Otherwise excellent service, would buy ehh download again. EP1 was fine, so its not my pc.
MrTRanCeEviLWow.. So fast.. In my time +8 8:53pm Monday, 12 October 2009, the seed up to 516-seed, 673-peer... My Utorrent running to fast.. But i want to say.. THANK YOU SO MUCH... LOVE U ALL... MANZUI TOO.. ;-)
MrTRanCeEviLCorrection... Mazui not Manzui... Sorry my bad type...
Anonymous AlcoholicNo need to blame anyone. Thanks big time for the xvid.
KiteOh,so a V2 is going to be out?
I'll be sure to download again then '-'
nikolai131lolz me too ^.^

But from now on I think that I'll be waithing for the v2 of the episodes to come out and watch it after :D
tsukimorithank you for xvid version, really happy and greatly appreciate it.
ThanatosJackpot. Thanks.
IvanTheChemistSry, I'll download the v2 when it comes.
fearlosssorry, at 4:30 there is a glitch in the video... will this be fixed? (other raws doesn't have it, but have different lenght :P)
HundredfireThank you very much!
MrTRanCeEviLHu~ Uguuu~ Download it again~
But thank you very very very much~

I love u all~

*Bum* Uguuu~
SamdidliamboIf the scrolling message is about internet piracy, then it sorta *is* a curse on fansubbers.

Don't misunderstand - Pirates are cool. Until they release a translation, you guys are more like robin hood anyway.
IllayaOk, so what about Xvideo v2? : )
Thanks for all re, and! splendid job as usual Mazui Subs!
mvfr is a curse on all encoders
FYIThe image is linked to version 1.