To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 03

Pasticceria manicagni? What the hell? I didn't sign up for this! Though, that is a darn pretty town.

Railgun 03
Update: XviD




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Thanks Mazui!
DetectiveMazui = Bringing bro to you since a little while back.

Thanks! Always good subs.
anonymouslol the cg for jc staff no need to said it anymore .. everybody knew it already... Now where is my xvid? everytime also slow.. =.= why can't it released same time with mkv?
ZakuDonoFuck xvid, it sucks, get a good cumputer or whatever you need, so about nothing, to play mkv.

Anyway, thx a lot Mazui ^_^
anonymousfuck ! my computer is super computer already always upgraded to the latest hardware! 8gb ram and bla bla bla.. i just do not like watching thing in my computer fuck u! i would rather watch it on my standalone xvid dvd player! fuck u!
MooseTranscode it yourself on your supercomputer, then.
anonymouswhy should i waste my time doing that since Mazui will release their xvid version.. if they stop releasing it i will do it.. cause all those fucking fansub group like gg and bss i encode it my self each of their fucking release to xvid !
KazeariGet a Media Player Box already...WDTV...etc
anonymousplanning too~ not now though already broke .. haha...okay, stop arguing already the fact is i = hate mkv thats it.. i will not argue here anymore.. $.$
Miih~Oh, episode three, thanks. Good job wit this series =)
anonymousthanks for speed as always
Thxs you guys!
anonymousi have limited bandwidth. so i will wait and see whether a V2 comes out. thanks for the subs though.
tlYou guys are fast but also a bit off on the tl accuracy. I get the feeling that your tler is not native Japanese. His grammar is just fine but the translation is coarse. Ayako in contrast is more accurate on the translation but lacks flavor in their expression.
anonymousNeed an XDCC here.
Thank you Thank you for putting you hard work into this sub and making it possible for non Japanese speakers to enjoy a piece of a different culture. I hope that people that complain don't dishearten you from subbing. IF YOU GUYS HAVE A ENOUGH TIME TO COMPLAIN THEN YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO GO LEARN JAPANESE AND DO SUB THIS SHOW BETTER. That is all /rant...
anonymoushave you guys ever considered using the MBS raws? it's a lot better quality wise (i heard), of course it won't be speedsubbing anymore though.
zqkThanks for the timely subs, I really like this show and your work!
Gratefulwow guys...just wow...complain a little bit more please? they are putting their effort into subbing this FOR us. they have no obligation whatsoever to do this and all you can do is
Kostasanonymous, stfu already.
KazanazaThis episode was even more stupid than the pony episode in full metal panic: fumoffu :P

I laughed hard though.
wormThanks Mazui!
curious oneSeems like the anonymous people who comment on here get dumber every week. Anyway, the MBS raw probably is better, but considering it's 3 days later, it's really not worth it. Anyone who wants it can download it themselves and re-mux the subs
anonymousdon't the v2's use MBS raws...?
curious oneI hadn't actually noticed the v2 for episode 2 yet. But unless MBS has stopped putting their logo on the broadcasts, the v2's are not MBS raws.
nikolai131So we excpect another v2, right? :D :D
curious oneI would think so, since we've had one for the first 2 episodes and the scrolling text thing was there again.
soukyuu^ The scrolling didn't bother me on this episode.. and i'm the one usually getting an insane lag on the scrolling text.
IppEI really cant understand how poo computer you need to have to get the HD one lagging.

I mean, my dad's laptop has a 2.1Ghz Core 2 Duo, GF 9300M GS and 4Gb of DDR2 ram (which only 3.1Gb is used) and it plays the .mkv mighty fine :E

Anyway, thanks for the sub :3

I'm not sure if its a computer or an mpc thing since when I play it with zoom, I get no problems. I just don't like zoom so i deal with it for the 10 seconds or so.
PapaGeorgioI cannot thank you enough Mazui. You guys rock and are doing us all a massive favor despite what the
whiners/flamers/trolls/assholes say. Thanks again.

you need a laptop with 2.0 GHz, a graphics accelerator and 2 gigs of RAM running vista and Symantic anti-virus (around 3fps)
anonymousI love it that I can play your avi's on my ps3, ty.
IppE^ You can play the .mkv on PS3 too.
anonymousOh never knew playing mkv on the ps3 was possible without converting it into a avi, I'll look into it :D. TY.
SoujiHehe, it worked on my ps3 too
thx for the tip
ThanatosAn fyi, the PS3 media server application is awesome, but if you're streaming it wirelessly you need to make sure you have enough bandwidth for the large mkv files or it will act choppy. In that case you'll need to hook your PC to the PS3 directly.
OstiaI'm missing a XDCC for the xvid version of this.