To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 04

Now it starts for real!

You're missing a lot of awesome animation if you don't watch this in HD.

Update: But I guess we'll entertain the slower computers anyway.

Biribiri = electric shock sound = what we're using whenever Touma calls Misaka that. It would take too much character out of it if we translated it. Not that it occurs much.
Tsundere = If you don't know what this is yet, /wrist.
You're not going to get any explanation on what Touma's about in this anime, so go watch Index if you're that curious.


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last_exileNow it does start. nice show...

(first, by the way. first time being first)
BizounoursWow, fast release ;)
Bizounours says thanks!
Awesomely Fast!
Thxs for the upload!
DetectiveAwesome guys! Speedsubs ftw
D4rKn3sSWOW!!!! u are really fast!!!

good work!!!
holy_Thanks mazui
X2daZAwesome work guys, Thanks!
Lucid_YumeReally fast, awesome work, great video quality... this is pure win.
ArmoredGUYgogo Mazui! Thxx
C. LaiWow, this was really fast. Thanks for the upload.
anonymousMazui, you continue to amaze me with your awesome subbing. Keep it up!
curious onebest episode so far in my opinion, and faster than ever too.
tripperthanks guys for the sub!
PapaGeorgioThanks guys. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this one.
anonymousMust wait for SD... Curse my ancient computer T_T
Truth101Yay...~ SD right after I posted must be my lucky day.

UnLuckyNow that the show has officially started, will the karaoke be consistent between episodes?

I kid, I kid. Great work as usual and I can't wait for the real episode 2 next week. XD
azem4144Yah~ I've been watching this Anime with your sub, thanks! I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS ONE!
deno4144Eh-- azem posted first... Anyway, thanks for the sub!
Junthe OP and ED lyrics might be easier to read if the individual characters were rotated -90° so you don't have to tilt your head to the right
anonymousCould u guys put the XviD files on the bot packlist, it seems only ep one and two are available in XviD on the bot packlist=[
lgmtkmazui...i like u.
tnx :D
lontonvnthanks for sd version. My computer can play HD version but i always watch anime on my PSP and convert from a SD version is much faster and better .^^
Eltreummmmmh h264 version, in the OP @1:54 the lyrics is a little messed up!
MerryCThanks once again for subbing this series, Mazui!
byreThanks for the quick quality work :)
nikolai131Wohoooo ... Tnks guys ... Your HD release was great ^^
Tempus3I second Eltreum, thanks for the xvid!
EdMuch better episode. Seems like there might actually be a show - thanks again for the speedy sub!
wolfbaneIf Mazui is in the mood for fansubbing another series (until Spicey Wolf III or Haruhi II show up) just noticed that Shakugan no Shana S - 01 [mkv] is on tap.
Anonymous AlcoholicThank for the xvid.
Yeah i agree, best episode so far.
pconsExcellent job, thanks Mazui!
To Jun (about the 90° rotation): that's a codec problem, it doesn't do that with media player classic / cccp. I use mplayer (linux), same thing, but I don't mind because I'd rather softsubbed karaoke that looks a bit off, than hardsubbed karaoke that looks right but is impossible to turn off.
sharmThanks Mazui! Your subs are awesome! But can't you guys translate "biribiri" into something???
anonymousin previous episodes biribiri was translated into something about electricity. What happened this time?
skywatcher122keep it up! men it was nice HD
CCnn"Biribiri" means "Shocker"
anonymousJust keep using "Biribiri". Its much nicer =D
Skarlath"Biribiri" is certainly the better choice, you can match it up to the dialog and realize instantly that it's a nick name of sorts
dPsychcThe episode was nice.
anonymousepisode 5 is out, now we gotta wait until they sub it :3
EvilOtakuI dont mind "BiriBiri" being left alone, however I think "Sparky" would fit well in its place
sharmIt would be funny and scary at the same time if it was translated "taser"
kyloneIf there was a commercial version of this series made, The nickname would have to be translated. (American) English doesn't have a onomatopoeia [yay, Google for spelling] for being shocked, so I would use "Buzzy".
anonymousEnglish does have an onomatopoeia for getting shocked "BZZT!"
TehJawkneeYeah, but if there were an official sub, they would probably nickname her "Sparky" or something like that.
tofucan anyone tell me where to find the mazui bot/packlist?