To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 06

wet I give this episode a canon rating of 70%. Though I'm kind of sad they missed out angry medusa-Kuroko shot.


I'm still floored that they're planning to do this for another 18 episodes. They're quickly running out of even canon filler. Let us hope this series doesn't take the shounen route to fill things.

Have some wet railgun.

Update: XviD in da house

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PapaGeorgio1st. Many thanks.
AnonymousThanks for the speed subbing as always, Mazui.
mosheeMan, you guys are great. Keep subbing!
BizounoursAs always, thanks for fast quality release ;)
Bizounours says thanks.
SpooktRailgun Friday! Hurray!
Truth101I smell an xvid version coming soon >.>
Miih~Thanks, fast and quality release as always =)
lakeMMMMM! wet loli!
anonymousThe layout flipped =0
OoPThanks for another fast and wonderful subbing. My weekend has just gotten brighter! :)

Thanks for encoding in xvid regularly too - great for us people outside the US with bandwidth caps. :)
anonymousYou guys are awesome, and your collective tastes in anime are awesome. /salute
DetectiveI hope this manime takes the "pick-up-where-Index-left-off-disguised-as-a-different-anime" approach.
tarodarBandwidth Cap? how barbaric
Yukiby canon. did you mean, Kuroko x Mikoto? hmm? XD
tsukimorithanks for the xvid version. great work everyone.
Yarnthanks to you guys the sun will rise, even if we don't rip out peoples beating hearts

if they run out of material they can just make more (yeah I'm looking at you Rosario)
TiexandreaLMAO! Creepy crawlies, one. Mikoto, zero.
raiderthanks! awesome as always. keep em coming
AnonymousS&WII BD anyone?
BaoAgh! Phew! I thought I was going to turn to stone.
TopspinO/T but I see Coalgirls are using your S&WII subs for their 1080p BluRay encode. Glad other people recognize your quality!

Of course they won't be making XviD or 720p encodes, and the second season OVA's subs are SFW's.. but still, kudos :)
UrishimaI can has Direct download plees? My crappy router can't handle torrents, too many connections at once.
UlrezajGet in IRC for direct downloads.
mooseI predict that they will fill up the second half with one of the later TAMNI books focusing more on mikoto
deno4144Uh... can anyone help me with the seeds... PLEASE...? *cute eyes* Onegai shimasu...
DrumminGod, Index was horrible compared to this. Great job guys, looking forward to the rest of the series.
MidgemageMaybe it'll head into fourth volume of Railgun, and pull material from there? Although, granted, that it is kind of recent for that sort of thing.
Thatoneaznthxs for the sud mazui. i was rly stuck wat they said but u helped me out. =D