To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 07

I'm with Saten-san on this one.

h264 and XviD


Psychometry: Wiki tells all.
Onii-chan/Onee-chan: Not gonna start an /a/ fight over this, but if you don't know what these are, you need to go learn some basic moon.

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soyokazerefreshing your site every 5 minutes really payed off :D
thanks for the release!
BakayaroYay ^^ soyokaze... you were not alone xD
X2daZThanks for the fast release.
BizounoursGetting faster every week :o
Bizounours says thanks.
OoPThanks again for the quick release! Can't wait to get it! Your low-bandwidth loving is awesome :)
DauntaeI expected no less from you. Thanks for this fast release of Railgun Episode 7!
anonymousYOU SO SMEXY
tsukimorithanks for the hard work, greatly appreciate the 400pix xvid version.

anonymousline 106 Onee-sama! should be more like 0:02:42.26 - 0:02:44.18 (mkv version) instead of the same timing as line 112
anonymousalready?!? wow!
DrumminMajor props, you all just made my friday.
SpooktA thousand blessings to you and your kin, Mazui.
anonymouswewt, ty for the avi on the bot packlist!
Lucid_YumeAwesome, Thanks! Top notch as usual!
tripperdan99Yes!! Happy Weekend with a great sub from Mazui

Thanks guys
kupithx a lot!
anonymousWhat? No witty insult for the xvid version? I'm dissapointed.
FullerWhat a fast release ! Thx a lot !
WesleyI'm with anonymous, Onee-sama! is missplaced, Kuroko says it twice, line 106 and 112, both are at 112.

And lol at the OP lyrics. I mean, what? It sounds more like the other translation: "Look in the prism, discriminate through such a way, only my railgun can shoot it, letting my soul out."

Major pronouncation and grammar problems at the writers/vocalists ends. :(

I enjoyed it though.
anonymouswell actually those are the official lyrics u know?
ShufflebladeYour translations are really great, whomever is your translator is very talented! Thanks for the subb, really appreciate your quality releases ^^ Unbelievable speedsubb
anonymousAwesome sub as usual.
TenryoSo, is this how they are going to solve the whole "lack of canon material" issue? More MisaTou encounters?

*strokes chin* Interesting...

Very good job as usual on the sub, guys.
w07Thanks, you guys rock!
lakeHave you read the manga? This is all cannon so far. Slightly mixed up but cannon still. GREAT JOB!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!
midgemagelake, I'm simply going to assume that you were making a pun on Misaka's railgun... XD. Anyhow, Tenryo, the Railgun anime is for the most part based on the Railgun manga, which is usually assumed to be at least mostly canon; the author of Index actually writes the stories for Railgun, too, so you can't say this isn't canon. Mazui, maybe you should add a little note on next week's release, for those few who may not still understand the relation of this anime to Index, and refuses to read comments.

I know that most of everything used in these episodes are canon, it's just some of the scenes I don't really remember seeing in the manga (this calls for a re-read), and pretty soon a good bit of the remaining episodes won't be canon.

An inevitable turn of events, yes (nothing wrong with that at all).

I was just pointing out something that would be intriguing at best. "Differences in the media" is scary indeed.

I doubt they will have any non-canon Toma appearances (I'm guessing that's what you meant with MisaTou) definitely nothing major. There are quite a bit of extra scenes so its not just your imagination.
SamdidliamboThey already had Touma and Misaki meet when they met the stripper lady, which wasn't in the manga. It's still quite possible for them to add at least minor "MisaTou".
tarodarForgot about that :)
njamunkyi discovered this anime by accident, relatively. I never read the manga either so im with alot of otaku out there that is strictly enjoying the show without excerpt or past-published knowledge. Watching something with a fresh outlook is rather intriguing, especially since FMA: Brotherhood came out, spinning a new complex on the whole "fresh outlook" sense.
I'm enjoying this anime to the fullest, thanks alot mazui! For everyone else: lets not argue symantics.
TenryoIt's not really much of an argument, but more on the line of "healthy fan gathering". Or...that's how I see it.

But yes, to njamunky, that's what probably got me those responses in the first place, putting my beliefs of how intriguing this anime really is. I'm very glad you can enjoy Railgun. If anything, give the entire "To Aru" series a look. It will leave you speechless. :D
DefaultWhen is the next episode coming out? =3
AniFanRegardless if someone already read the manga (most haven't), this anime is pretty good!

Does it really differ from the manga much?
(Which anime doesn't differ from the manga)?