To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 08

mkvmerge and xdelta3 gave me issues tonight ; ̄ロ ̄)!!
Sorry about the "late" release, but here you go.

Update: Delayed, but here's some xvid.

Oh, and...
Mazui desu!!

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xirotyu:D:D:D right when i am viewing this site XD
anonyo thanks
BizounoursBizounours says thanks :)
DauntaeThanks a bunch for this release. Here I thought my day couldn't get any better.
EdedoArigato Mazui!
IvanTheChemist10x, great work. I'll wait for the XviD to watch it without glitches.
SpooktTrumpets and fanfare!
deno4144BEEN WAITING!!! ~for the XviD~ But good job. "Mazui desu..." LOL
HHGrenadeUhh.. so.. what happened to Toma in THAT scene?
DetectiveHey bros, stop being awesome.

MidgemageAlrite! I almost forgot Touma was actually going to appear in this part... YAY!

Because we ALL know Biribiri is nothing without her precious Touma ;)
DazzaI love waking up on a Saturday and watching this, only hours after it's aired.

anonarigato! this show is becoming epic
milkmandando you guys need QC help? there are spelling errors up the wazoo. simple ones like 'curriculum'.
ShufflebladeArigatou yo ^^
OoPThanks a ton guys - can't wait to grab it and watch it for myself! :)

Speedy + Quality + xVid = Mazui for the MegaWin! :D


Mazui~ no Xvid yet? Nani???


*clicks mkv link*
DefaultThank you for the release! =)
963Xvid cometh!! Thanks Mazui.
tsukimorithanks for the xvid version. appreciate it.
onizukiYay! New Eps! Thanks Mazui

/me click on the mkv.
DarkHephaistosThanks for Subbing. You are the best!!!
SoukyuuI wonder what their reasoning behind removing that link to Index is

Thanks for the release. There seems to be a typo in the first time they mention synesthesia.. well not really a typo but it's weird reading it in BE first then in AE when they mention it the second time lol.
AnimekyunDDL's at :D
SamdidliamboIn the manga it was a clumsy retcon (wrong positions, wrong dialog, etc), trying to show Misaka more favourably, with Touma misunderstanding everything.

As it is now, unless there's going to be another restaurant scene and another blackout, It's just been written out. Is this supposed to be an alternate reality or what?!

On the plus side, the blackout now makes sense.
AnonMazui please sub Spice and Wolf 2 Special.
eskahave my babies you sexy bitches!
Anon2I agree with Anon. More Horo's awesomeness ftw!
anonymousHahahahah they really do say "Mazui desu"
used desuIs it possible to get raws without Tokyo MX logo back?
Ulrezaj> Mazui please sub Spice and Wolf 2 Special.

AnonymousSpice and Wolf? gtfo! MOAR RAILGUN
HettGuttWhat episode of Index is supposed to coincide with this one? I must have not been paying attention to have missed a restaurant scene + blackout...
viralAcutally, there was no restaurant scene in the manga.. the blackout occured when Biribiri faced Touma on the bridge (Index ep1 first scene). They just changed it in the anime, dunno why.
CryptWizard> Is it possible to get raws without Tokyo MX logo back?
Yuck. Please no.
Soukyuu@viral: there was. it all started with the restaurant, Touma interfered, had to run when all the thugs came out -> met Biribiri at the bridge -> pissed her off again -> blackout.

It was pretty much the same as in Index anime ep1, but this time from Mikoto's perspective. They changed the scene in the railgun anime for some reason.
lett303just asking what do I need to do to see the kanji Lyrics in the OP/ED ??