Spice & Wolf II BD special 1

As requested by anon.

Ridiculously large 12MB HD and far more reasonable 7MB XviD.


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DetectiveI wub you
ksleeping horo best
anonI'd study with Horo, if you catch my drift
scyfuck yeah
AnonThank you.
JojjeLol the HD version took 1 min and 10 seconds to download. I love this connection.
tarodarI first read that as 120 and 7. I was all "what the hell???"
ArccWhen Horo says "Pay Attention," attention is paid up for the next year.
Anonymous AlcoholicThanks. My IQ rose by 1 point. W00t !
BizounoursBizounours says thanks
yeauxThanks for brightening the days of several Horoists
:DIt's Horo again!! Thanks Mazui. :D
Oosranoooh~ a shiny 12mb file : D
DantThanks for more Horo! =3
ThanatosHooray for edutainment
Lato~Mazui-sama~ T__T where can I find the raw? would you provide it to me? onegai~
Ulrezaj> raw

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