Spice & Wolf II BD special 2

Contrary to what they taught you in high school, you should get your heart rate up with some simple cardio before doing any stretching. Putting stress on cold muscles offers no benefit for your workout and only increases risk of strain injuries.

HD @ 20MB and XviD @ 19MB (´0ノ`*)オーホッホッホ!!


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BizounoursI made it up to the ears exercise.. Hurts like hell after huhu.

Bizounours says thanks.
Pink LemonadeHoro's delicious "Wolf pose" Is actually called "Downward-facing dog" in Yoga style.
Quazacoltear stretches, wut...?

thanks for the special subs btw ^^
keniepp, this would be way better if she actually blinked x.x

the vacant stare is scary D=
DetectiveAwesome bros!
Kakate...and they couldn't make a better special for us? Seriously? At least the food one gave us a little backstory on Horo, this is just pointless fanservice.
brian kunThis is DVD/BluRay bonus material, not an OAV.
pointless fanservice? IS there such a thing???

fanservice is always the point!
Br? Br?jajaja
I assumed the anime was about ECONOMICS. They haven't done much fanservice before this point, if memory serves correctly. But, whatever.

ktenshiFantabulous! This beats radio taisou. I would stretch out with Horo-sama every morning.
wolfbaneHowever, it is a bit irresponsible not remind downloaders that the file comes with a warning: 'this is the Yoitsu style so it might not work well on humans' meaning that you shouldn't attempt these exercises unless you happen to be an okamikami (with ears and tail to match) ... and never blink :)
BennyNext time i hope they do sexual positions... that would definitely bump sales :P
DauntaeSo even omnipotent beings exercise...! Of course, not that I'm complaining that she is exercising... ;)
joDo we have an ETA on season3 yet?
ArccWow, I've been practicing Yoitsu stretching every morning for so long that I do it better than Horo! And I didn't even know it was from Yoitsu! The more you know. . . >_>
JellyyHaha I was bored and followed along then its like "Ears" and then I was like waitt! I dont have dog ears xP
RandomWhat did I just watch? D:
lonewolfsingeras said "fan service is ALWAYS the point", Is there such a thing as to much?. Must get BD/DVD working out with Hanako if fun but would be better with Sage Wolf Horo Sama. Just so Kawaiiii...
And about those ears stretches?, where's the problem i can do them "partly" even in human form, always weirded people out. :-p