To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 09

Mazui approves of Kuroko's kickassery.

Mazui also approves of the cutest daisy-wearing middle schooler evar.


Oh, right. episode.

Update: And the smaller episode.

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anonymousI came
soyokazeI felt as I've waiting for winning the lottery.
And I won.:D
Thanks for the prize, Mazui. ;]
AnonI'd like to pick her flower..
BizounoursBizounours says.. what you know :p
Miih~Thanks a bunch from this :p
SpooktThis Thanksgiving I am thankful for both Railgun and Mazui.
DetectiveMazui is as awesome as ever, I do declare.
MrHappy~=]Many Thanks For The Weekly Episode =]
aegsless filler, more thriller
SoujiWe approve it too.
kupiThx a lot!
Godzillais the opening subtitle fixed? I saw some kanji in the "looking! The blitz loop this planet to search away (some untranslated kanji)" and in "only my railgun can shoot it (some untranslated kanji, in this one i think it's supposed to be 'imasugu')"

and big thanks for your hardwork, Godzilla loves you
Godzillaoh, and I saw the kanji in the previous episodes, havent check this one ^^
tripperdan99Oh yea, looking forward to this!

anonymousgreat episode and great subs!
anonymousawesome, something to do on this crappy black friday
EdwardDFMAhmm..I agree w/ the anon above me XD
tsukimorithanks for the xvid version.
anonymousoh lawwwdee! thx :3
anonymousCan you put the xvid on the IRC bot? or DDL?
anonymousthank you!! ^^
DauntaeThank you for your hard work as always!
anonymousNice work, thanks for the hard work.

Note: right at the beginning, it should say "You guys are still here?" instead of "You guys are here again?". Just a FYI.
Tidehi i have bin geting your great sub from mininova. i found your site to get them now thankyou, but is there another good site to get your anime subs from and maby others? now that mininova is down????? thanks ^_^
anonymous@Tide lists fansubbers; look up anime, google fansubber, download directly from them so you can thank them directly.

And on a wholly related noted: Cheers for another quality release Mazui, you guys are awesome. :D
anonymousNewfags don't know about TT
anonymous@Tide has an excellent selection of torrents for all new anime releases. can find new releases there for To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
TenryoAre you okay? Buster Wolf!
anonymousoh lawwwdee! thx :3

Could someone add the xvid to the Bot?