To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 10

Itou Kanae is so epic T_T


bawww (big) and bawww (small).

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DetectiveThanks bros!
BizounoursBizounours says
Bizounoursthanks !
DauntaeMuch appreciated! Thanks!
HaloFast as always, many thanks guys.
tsukimorithank you for the xvid version, appreciate the extra you put for doing this.

some_guyNothing to do with the ep, but apparently Shirai's phone is dialed by looking at its rolled-up screen!
anonwin ep is win
DauntaeI'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that. Wish my phone was like... lol Nothing to do with the episode either, but I love the spoofs regarding: "Designed for Macindows" and "Outel - Cora i7" named brands. Those who know a bit about computers will understand why it's humorous and the irony of what has been in the show. I'd like to say why it's ironic, but then I'll have to spoil the show. I just hope people will catch it! :)
MrHappy~=]Right on time! ~thanks
nonamewow superfast, thanks!
EdwardDFMAdang it >.< I hate it when it starts getting good, but I guess this was a good episode XD I didn't really think that woman would be involved o.o
Widget xD

Also, Mac is more or less based on BSD (as Linux would be to Unix) which I think that's a reference to.

Having an i7 chip outside your computer wouldn't work so well though...
FalosJ9ma6WHERE'S MY FUCKING Soh here we are. Yay~
Well having a i7 IN a laptop would be odd ;D
MyoukochouThanks very much! Incredibly fast, as always...

- Saten-san. Oh my.
- Shirai-san's phone. It's the future.
- I just *knew* it: goodies don't get to drive Lamborghini's.
- Uiharu might not be useless! We just don't know what her thing is, only that she's not in full bloom... yet.
- Speaking of which, I found this new song on the interwebs! It's some hot psybiant electronica from an unknown artist with overtones of thin crunchy burnt sienna, and if you listen to it to the end your fingertips go all cyan sparky! Excuse me, need to lie down for a minu

anonymouswoot ty!
DragonziggThanks for the quickness guys! Also, next week's showdown looks fucking epic :-D
roevthanks!! keep it up (Y)!
anonymouslol, macindows EXP with outel cora i7 outside
anonIt would be sweet to have an i7 notebook if you always had a plug in handy and you didn't mind the jet exhaust-like heat coming out the vent lol. Or maybe just keep it in your desktop. xD
rizelthanks for the subs as always guys!

Always so quick and IMO best subbers for this show!

keep it coming
FallacyThanks for the awesome subs, Mazui! I'm really enjoying Railgun here, but has there been any word on Haruhi?
DarkMaverickThe first episode that had her Lamborghini. I it just me or did it sound more like a Ferrari.
DauntaeWhat you say may be true, but don't forget that the show usually makes a parody out of commercial references. Just like this episode (The combination of two different OS's), I wouldn't be surprised if they combined two different kind of vehicles. lol
anonymous> (The combination of two different OS's)
three OS's. theres Windows, Mac, and Unix (at the bottom of the sticker it says "Macindows BST", which is a copy of the BSD[Berkeley Unix]).
DauntaeAh, it seems like I overlooked that aspect. Thanks for pointing that out anonymous, you're right. :) Even if that wasn't the point. lol :P