To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 11

Ritsu's an esper? That explains a few things...


Episode 11.

Smaller episode.

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EdwardDFMAdang it! well I'm second!! XDD
yahzeeJAMAAAA where r u
DauntaeExemplary performance as always. Thanks as always you guys and keep up the good work. No one can rival your prestigious skills!
Lucid_YumeThanks, Awesome!
andychin777lol why is ritsu in this anime? :P
anonymousthis is what I call quality speedsubbing
DragonziggExceptional as always guys. Surprisingly bleak this week though O_o
anonWHERE THE FUCK IS M~~ oh, it is already???
you guys are the best fansub group I know in the tubes along with [gg] and [SS-Eclipse].
You know, im sure there are a lot of faggots like me who works all the week sitting in front a computer just waiting for shows like these (Railgun) to be aired and subbed as soon as possible -and its so a plus it happens every friday =) Thanks a lot, really.
SamdidliamboK-ON shout out or coincidence? YOU decide!
Bizounourssays thanks.
thatguyTotally sweet! thanks guys. can't wait to watch it.
JustinHey thanks for subbing, I really appreciate it. Do you think it would be possible to not put spoilers right next to the download link? It's not a big deal for everyone, but I prefer going into the show fresh.
anonymousprotip: that's not a spoiler
anonymousthis seems like it was taken right out of code geass
anonymouslol did the kid literally say flat? maybe they meant saggy?
EdwardDFMA@.@ these comments went off topic as usual XDD
thewizardninjaI hope you realise we can now make tentacle rape and Gigyas jokes AT THE SAME TIME!!
tsukimorithanks very much for xvid version.
IvanTheChemist10x for the ep. I'm really hoping to see the manga action scenes in anime version. It was one crazy battle there...
DarkHephaistosHoly Crap. That episode was awesome. Thanks for your speedsubbing.
anonymousHELL YES! Thanks a lot for your fantastic work!
DetectiveThanks for the awesome release bros. Also lol for Ritsu.
anonymousHot damn, shit just got real.
Cheers again, Mazui.
IzzyThank you mazui subs.
anonymouswow, seems that the Nihilanth is her final form.
MidgemageArgh! I forgot to get this yesterday! I woke up this morning, remembered the new Railgun and shouted, "MAZUI!" >_
tarodarI was wiping my computer so I didn't get it either, half way through I was all Oh shit its friday
anonymousWiping your....? Dare I ask?
TenryoBackflip into a highfive.
njamunkyis it just me or is this anime turning cliche where they defeat a seemingly evil bad guy only to realize the person was misunderstood because their intentions were to defeat the real evil behind the scenes?

and we won't find out what that evil is until 3 or so episodes before the series completion?

anyone else gettin this vibe or am i just whistlin dixie?
DauntaeYou might be "whistlin dixie". There are so many stories out there in the world that it's hard to say what's not cliche or not or what sounds familiar. With that said, I know what you mean and it may feel that way, but I don't think so since the contents' behind her actions are different than any other cliche story, you know? Unless, there is a story that involves kids being in an experiment and the such. Even so, I hope you enjoy the show regardless of it's predictable outcome. :)
SRIf you've watched To Aru Majutsu no Index, and read the Railgun manga then you know that this series is running parallel with the Index series, but is being shown from Misaka's pov. Chances are it's going to end after the latest battle in the manga occurs.. and then hopefully a new series to continue Index/Railgun..
TenryoOut of all that's going on, either negative or positive, you're all forgetting one important thing. And that thing is...

njamunkyto dauntae-
i understand where you are coming from. as much as i am enjoying the show, i definitely meant the term "clich'e" in a general sense.

as for stories about kids being used for experiments for a diabolical plot:

i win ;)
DauntaeTo njamunky -
Admittedly, It seems that I stand corrected in that regard. lol But the point was if it was cliche (common type, typical etc.) or not. Although, thanks for the link there! I'm totally looking into that series....very interesting. :D After reading the synopsis...I can't help but be glad that you won this time. ;P
Thanks again for the hard work as always, Mazui! Keep up the good work.

it just seems that the plot progression is dayquil or nyquil. regardless of what time it is, the cold is still the same. btw, canaan is a good little series, i guarantee you wonr be disappointed
Dazza@njamunky: I'm sorry, Railgun did the whole 'child' thing first, in it's manga.

Canaan on the other hand was adapted from a Wii game from 2008.

Railgun was 07.
TenryoSuch a heated debate. Youth in it's finest. But never forget...never forget Tenryo.
njamunkycongratulations dazza, you completely missed the point. in fact, i dont think you even read the entirety of what we were talking about. being "first" about anything had nothing to do with the subject.
enjoy your gold star
DauntaeTo Tenryo-

Indeed. *strokes chin* Interesting... while it's true that I don't know what that means or neither can I identify your sex since you ingenuously manage to clandestinely hide which gender you are; however, I must say that you sir, you are quite the comic relief. Even if it wasn't for that purpose, thank you for trying to subdue the situation to a minimum. Even though I love clashing is imperative that we must not forget "Tenryo" or else...
Hundredfirewait there, who's tenryo?
TenryoI'm Tenryo. I like to remind people who I am simply because I can. With people like Hundredfire giving me a reason to fight...I will never give up. And when my "shounen main character deus-ex-machina" powers come to my aid, all the Index/Railgun fans will be chanting my name.


...yeah, just like that.
XeroWhat the hell is a Tenryo?
wingdanceTenryo, I believe in you! Fight-oh! Oh!
yoshito njamunky: one series doesn't make a cliche. You may not like how the series progressed but to be a cliche, the plot would have to be so overdone that it takes no one by surprise. Like vampires as misunderstood but generally decent creatures who want to coexist peacefully with humans. with the occassional bad boy thrown in to keep things slightly less boring.
Alicia R.imma have to agree with dauntae and yoshi on this one lol but they're right on the cliche term
RITZIt really is Ritsu! Her voice too! xD