To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 12

Bit late today...encoder kinda fell asleep Σ( ̄Д ̄)
We'll make up for it by giving you the cutest "eh?!" in the history of anime.


Here ya go: h264 and last and maybe least, XviD.

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anonymousThanks Mazui, though waiting for the SD version :P
DauntaeExemplary job as always Mazui, thanks a lot for this!
EdwardDFMAmuchas gracias para este episodio! ¡continúe el buen trabajo como siempre!!! XD

and lolz @ the pic in the post!
MinerThat the last one?
Nah, Swimsuit-Special next time ^^
anonymousThanks Mazui! Great stuff as always.
IzzyThank you mazui.
anonymousCant wait for the SD version. Thanks Mazui!
DanWow, can you please at least spell check your subs?
PapaGeorgioThanks guys, for your great work.
cheerscheers, appreciated the fast subbing!
anonymousHow long is the season? 26 eps??
DauntaeThey stated that it will be as long as 24 episodes. So pretty much about 12 more episodes left... (Half of the season).
nadoxlol im doing xvid after 3 min of it release only 2 seeds and its full speed
anonymousThank you Mazui! Happy holidays!
mosheeepic episode this time :D
good to see that this isn't ending at 12 eps.
anonymousGreat subs as always. Thank you
DetectiveHey. Merry freakin' Christmas bros.

Great subs as always.
FierydragonMerry Christmas and thanks for the subs! much appreciated!
Rhastarothawesome, Thank you :D
Maximatum99thanks, bros. Merry Christmas!
anonymouswhy do people watch SD o.o?
anonymous> > why do people watch SD o.o?
Because my computer lags when i watch HD.
kupiThx a lot!
Bizounourssays thanks.
Merry xmas everyone
anonymousThis and the last episode are my least favorite of the series so far, but I was still looking forward to watching, so thanks for the super fast release!
anonymousThanks for the gift, santa mazui :)
dinah*-* ty ty ty i m getting hooked on it @__@
Señor AnonThanks again Mazui and a Merry Christmas to any and all!

> lolgreentext
tripperdan99As always! Thanks you!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
skywatcher122merry christmas mazui-chan.....

thnx again for the subs
Noitcartsbaas always, great work.
MrTRanCeEviLT.H.A.N.K Y.O.U M.A.Z.U.I.!.!
(^ . ^)GERO! GERO!
deno4144As always, thanks MazuiSubs. I really like your sub on this series~
TenryoHave no fear, Tenryo is here.

Thanks for the ep guys. Your quality is the equivalent to tying a thin rope around my left arm and shoving a sharp needle into it.

Either that...or according to the general public, a few (3-5) cups of coffee a day.
EdwardDFMAmeanwhile...mazui is being awesome..ayako's TL heard about the rude comments about translating and decided to quit!! XDD wow, poor them, they gotta find another TL XDD anyways while mazui here are being AWESOME!!!
anyways keep up the nice work and Feliz Navidad Mazui!! y pueden estos días de fiesta ser los mejores para todos los miembros de Mazui
dont worry about itAnyways just saying thxs for episode 12...Thxs O.o
Mine tooWonder if they will release an episode on the 12.25.2009 O.o
Miih~Thanks for subbing this series, and merry christmas and happy new year =)
tomthanks. keep up the good work aha
anonymousMerry Christmas! Cheers!
DickMerry Christmas and thanks for your excellent work.
anonymousthis anime is too much for me... Makes me want to Reality Warp.