To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 13

Due to various things keeping me busy (eg: Christmas) I have to write this news post now even though the episode itself is still about an hour away. When it's done, you should be able to find it here

Here it is: Here's v2 which uses our own raw (no more vfr badness) and a bunch of editing fixes: HD v2

Update: Got the XviD out! Better late than never right?


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DauntaeThanks a lot Mazui!
Squirellscant believe you did this xmas day thanks
EdwardDFMAhmm..yes..apparently its not in TT yet..wonder why..did it get deleted? or it was never put up? but I were gonna have to wait for an update or something.
anonymousyep, it's no there...
limewhere is my weekly 4some lesbian show?
sotandemuse your brains you assholes, read the post. It says this is a pre posting and there is still one hour away before the release. It will be out when it's out, in the meantime, go fuck your turkey.
Squirellsdid read the post after i posted i felt rather stupid ill check back later for the episode
anonymousdidnt think you guys would release this episode today!
JaberelenBingo!! It's here!! >
DauntaeNo need for such discourse. They're only humans and sure, they should have read the post before making a comment, but let's invoke anyone's wrath here. In any case, the episode is up for anyone who didn't know.
Dauntae**let's not invoke anyone's wrath here. (Oops [Don't mean to double post, but it's better than a misunderstanding]).
Lucid_YumeO my God its there now!! Kept up with the refresh button... Thanks Mazui! Releasing us this Christmas present shows real dedication!
garthanks so much for subbing over xmas. you guys rock.
refreshThank you.
Above and beyond considering its Christmas, very much appreciated.
Rhastarothawesome, thanks for releasing this on Christmas :D
Thanks, can't wait to see it.
DetectiveMerry Christmas Mazui! You guys rock for still putting this out on christmas. You need an award.
anonymousMade my boring-ass, Aussie boxing day, cheers fellas and Merry Christmas.
kalasbollArigato xD
JimYou guys rock, thanks for a quality release on xmas.
BashZeStampeedoSee that below you? It's the call of duty.

You have officially gone from "awesome" to GAR. Who needs a break on xmas, anyway? :)
SpooktMazui gives the best Christmas presents!
epyonWhere's the xvid for railgun 13?
LaughingManYou guys work hard even on holidays! wow thats impressive. Keep it up! :D
MrTRanCeEviLThank a loot..
Gero Gero..
lakeMerry Christmas All and thanks for the work on a holiday!
SantaRailgun 13 -[Mazui]_To_Aru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_-_13_[D12956B6].mkv
mosheeMazui is credit to team
blackbatmanEpic work, Mazui!
Thelostcupneeds more Xvid
tsukimorican we get an xvid version please!

seasons, greetings!
anonymousnow is that a way to behave on a rock'n'roll concert?
PapaGeorgioYou guys are amazing. Thank you for putting this together. Merry Christmas, guys. You sure as hell earned it.
makazatraworking @ christmas


ranmachuaI hope the Xvid version comes out soon
anonymousIt is just my computer being screwy, or are the subs really out of time?
anonymous"It is just my computer being screwy, or are the subs really out of time?"

It's probably the same problem I have with HD content. The video gets processed slightly slower than the audio and before you know it the two are out of sync.

44infAnd people ask why I prefer old outdated Xvid to new shiny Mkv.
tsukimorii also get the same problem with hd mkv's
LMN1Thanks so much for the next episode. This is my favorite anime of the winter already! I
EdwardDFMA"Biribiri...What the heck is she doing?"

LMAO!!! XDD Touma FTW!

anyways thanks for the episode Mazui!
withheld@44inf&anon: there's settings in Media player classic (MPC) for slow computers by the way.

If you have the latest version of MPC, change the playback output to VMR9 (renderless) and check "Disable animation" under subtitles. There, HD playback. It worked for me before my upgrades.
HirvineOh you guys are great. With the christmas and all I did not expect to see an update this week anytime soon. Respect.
Mkv is lucky quite the thing for me. Thank you guys!
a xvid userSince there is still not an ufficial .avi I'll post my re-encode for now.....(if megaupload gives you problems retry later)-PS:as soon as there will be the official release DELETE ME ^^
That Man@xvid user: I got BC6C9BB4 as the SFV on the transcode. Is that right?
anonymousSFV?!I uploaded it as an .avi!are you sure to have downloaded the right file?
anonymous@withheld: I have the latest version of MPC but no "disable animation" option.
NathanThanks for the fast sub!
anonymous@xvid user I think he meant the hash checksum, not an actual file
kupiThx a lot!
MidgemageAwesome! Railgun!

Oh, and BTW, I believe that when Side Chara B's "Ii ne?" when looking at Konori in her swimsuit is supposed to mean something along the lines of "I think it's fine/It's jsut fine like this".
Zelixthank you for the release! Hope to see the Xvid version when possible!
craggywhy is there a v2 in tt?
anonymousthere is the .avi link on the right column but not on the post xD
Tegsomehow the scrolltext in the v1 of the 720p release is smoother than the scrolltext in the v2 for me.
anonymousawesome job with this series so far, its a pity this episode is pretty terrible :S
withheld@anon: it seems that there was a mpc update after I upgraded my old comp. nonetheless, may solve your problem.
EdwardDFMAlol @ the opening where its says railgun, only the M logo is there, not the Mazui logo.
EdwardDFMAnvm just an issue i just solved right now, everything is there.
44infI am eternally thankful for thy Xvid-ness.
OoPThanks sooo much for your continuing (and awesome) xvid uploads! Keeps me below my ISP's (awful 40gb) internet cap, lets me convert it for PSP, and play it on PS3! Thanks a ton! :D
CaekYou call that horrible?!@#%
My ISP has a 15 gb download+upload cap.....

IppE^ouch, I'd hit the upload cap in a day (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
IvanTheChemistYou call and ISP cap bad? My desktop comp was fried, my mother laptop had a motherboard problem and now I'm writing from a NEW (6 hours) laptop O.o.
SamdidliamboIs it just me, or is this episode not listed in the RSS feed?
Bizounoursbit late, but says thanks.
IzzyYay, Fanservice episode.
last exileI just realized that the background for this site is a picture of Academy City.
watermarkNo railgun this week?
OoP@lastexile Holy crap, you're right! I was thinking it was the street from Melancholy...xD

@Caek Damn... you get more bandwidth on satellite internet than that...
DistNo railgun this week cause of xmas and new year's holidays.. It was the same for the whole past week for nearly any anime that would have normally aired :/

Also for Caek and any others .. Why the hell do you have such internet then ? Get a better one ? I've never even seen an ISP offering an internet with download and/or upload cap ..

With that said, unlimited download/upload ftw.
MidgemageIt's different for numerous regions and nations, my Disty friend. For example, in my rather backwater home of New Zealand, unlimited bandwidth would cost more than, say, in America, making it impractical for some people.

There's also the matter of personal need. Of course, it's obvious that 15gb isn't suited to poor Caek's uses, but some people don't regularly need any more than that.

[Backontopic]NO RAILGUN!?... Although I did half-expect this to happen. Bit fail on the Christmas spirit-ness, really, you silly japanese producer people.[/backontopic]
NathanI'd like an high res of that pic :P
Dist@ Nathan.

The highest I could find, should suit your needs.. 1920x1200.

And yea Midge, I suppose you're right. Although if you watch anime and download it, I do think you should invest in a better bandwith than just 15gb .. Well of course, if you're happy with your SD anime in a huge TV then I guess it's fine.. but I dont even see a point of watching SD anime thru PS3 when it looks like crap.
Ab*sniffle* when is the next railgun due for posting. i need my railgun. xD

thanks for subbing anyway
Nathan@ Dist: Ty :)

@ Ab: There is no new episode this week.
njamunkyjust a reminder:

there is no new ep this week :3


im still really sad though =(

This would indicated otherwise; There's an episode broadcasting tomorrow (1/9/10), albeit 30 minutes later than the ordinary slot. Unless this is another broadcasting of ep 13, we'll have our Railgun this week.

Hopefully we'll be getting some indication as to how the next arc/10-ish episodes are going to be used.
laileongi have a feeling tomorrow (1/9/10) episode 14 will have new OP = Level 5 -Judgelight- by fripside and ED = Real Force by Elisa .. o.O
njamunkylaileong- was that even english? oO'
mgepisode 14 came out early 1/7/10