To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 14

Technically it's not late since the HD didn't show up till the normal time but oh well...

This is another pre-emptive post as I have to catch the shinkansen back to Tokyo ( ̄Д ̄;)

Update: h264 and XviD are now both fully operational.


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Click ThisYes.
Touch ThisNo.
soyokazeYou've made my year.
Shinigami"503 - Service Not Available" Once the site fixes itself and the torrent is up, you have made me a happy chappy for the day =3
ShinigamiNevermind that, I just saw the quick links on the right hand side :P Thanks for the upload guys
SpeedStar5Thanks for the hard work :3
ShinigamiNeeds seeders :( As expected of getting it within the first minutes. Guess I'll download it later
IpsarThank you for your work mazui! =)
ArthThanks! fast release as always ;D
stichThanks a bunch, been waiting for this episode
Lucid_YumeYay! New Episode after 2 weeks! Thanks!
Bizounourssays thanks !
EdwardDFMAlolz this is the day everyone has been waiting for and will be happy cuz of the new episode :3

Also alot of comments I think for just waiting 2 weeks would be posted here in the future xDD
tripperdan99Oh, soo long Dry Spell! Happy Happy Railgun
anonymousAgain, thank you very much for these fast, yet high-quality subs.
mosheewewt railgun this week
anonymousThanks Mazui! Keep up the good work (y)
MidgemageYes! Komoe Sensei~!

Heck, it's been a while since she's been seen. I miss her "Kamijo-chaaaaan~".
John SmithXviD where?
...350mb :(
drkshadow06350mb is pretty much about the same size as it's always been for Mazui's HD Railgun, so unless you don't keep track of Mazui's awesomeness, I don't see why you have to mention it.

But yay for Komoe Sensei!!! And how 'bout Saten-san standing up for herself like a G? xD So from this episode, I guess there's hope that Saten will get esper abilities? =D
ExmOMG, I almost died waiting for this! Now I'm rejuvenated. Thanks!
InvisiblemooseThanks! Two weeks was too long, I started going into withdrawal...
ExmBtw, I'd like to point out a tiny mistake at 03:28, on the piece of paper Saten-san is holding it says gozen(AM) instead of gogo(PM). Thanks for subbing this show, you guys are the best!
starraptorThanks for all your hard work, I love this show.
alphastickmaniaHi. I noticed the file naming convention changed on Animesuki. Will you guys still be releasing Xvid versions of the show?
where xvid?where xvid,avi?
tsukimorican you please also do a xvid version like always, please!
MrTRanCeEviLAhh.. Eps 14.. Must get it..
Gero Gero (^_^)..
anonymousHas anything different about the way this episode is encoded? For some reason, the picture is really choppy in lots of places. For now, I'll try the torrent again to see if it got corrupted while downloading. Hopefully that will do it.
tsukimorithanks for the xvid version.

greatly appreciate it.
dualinlineMany thanks, from the bottom of my hypothalamus
SilentIts an abuse of quantum mechanics to use Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in such a manner as they do! Besides, String Theory and multiple dimensions is all the rage now. :P Oh, yeah, sorry, love the show, good work :D
JoshuaThis encode seems corrupt and choppy. I'm using Media Player Classic and episode 13 worked fine but this one doesn't. I get pixel mess.
anonymousthat's interesting, I'm using cccp 2009 and this is the first episode in a while that *didn't* have any problems
nintaive had no problems atall with this. none of the eps had any issues for me and ive DLed CCCP like 1-2 years ago.
scol@joshua you're not using coreavc are you?
asdfjkl> _< Isn't coreAVC a good thing?
asdfjklWhoa. Okay, scol, or anyone really, do you know how to fix that pixel mess? I do use CoreAVC, but it made the playback smoother, so that's why I use it. But now there are problems. What would be causing it?
SkywardIf you're using CoreAVC version 1.9.x or lower, upgrade. 2.0 fixes a bug that causes videos with weighted P frames to be decoded incorrectly and produce garbage. If you still have issues, try turning off CUDA acceleration as seen here: (nothing else matters, just CUDA acceleration) If that still doesn't work, drop by IRC, and I'll see what I can do to help you.
JoshuaI'm using MPC's built-in DXVA decoder. Which is the default decoder if you have a video card that can handle it.
JoshuaSorry for double post.

I just checked it again and the decoder seems to have lined itself out after I restarted my laptop since reporting it. No issues at all. Very odd.
EdwardDFMAnobody should be having any issues playing this episode, it plays fine :) eve if it's the mkv file.
HymirvetrDoes anyone know anything about the new OP/ED?Or the release date for the "LEVEL5-Judgelight-" single?

Thanks in advance.
flannanThere is a new OP/ED? I know myanimelist said it should be in ep 14, but it doesn't seem to appear in it. At least in the h264 version.
HymirvetrAs far as i can tell,fripSide are credited with an new OP and Elisa with an new ED.
InvisiblemoosePlease make a favicon for your site so I can add it to my FF bookmark bar. Thanks.
ExmThe new OP is gonna be on the episode released on February 17.
At around 1:50 she'll announce that it's gonna be on (二月十七)
ExmForget what I wrote on the previous comment. That's the album's release date. I wasn't paying attention on what she was saying.

Thanks for digging that up,much appreciated.
ThunderBridgeBluesI'm expecting the new OP/ED as soon as the next major arc begins (as usual). Unless the show can wrap-up the level upper arc even further, I expect it soon.
BiriThanks for the episodes.

Don't know what the fuss is re: Saten as I don't see her that way!

Much prefer Biri-Biri =:)

To each their own!
scol@joshua you're not using coreavc are you?