To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 15

As many of you speculated last week, we have a new OP & ED! ...which also happens to be why this episode is late. Enjoy!

Remember to drink your milk, kids! Otherwise, you'll stay small like XviD here.

mmm gyuunyuu

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Click This404 not found.
404Broken link! NOOO!
jay go there to gett!!
mosheeJeez guys, just go to the herpes site directly. use your heads.

Thanks Mazui, although you might want to fix that link.
Ulrezajbit of copypasta fail. working now.
NathanThnx again Mazui team, torrents are started automatically here using MAL Updater ;)
Lucid_YumeThanks for the weekly dose of Railgun!
Altair*Yay , the weekly Railgun \(ô_ô)/
MidgemageYay! I wub you guys!
plm123typo at 11:21, "What a sec." should be "Wait a sec."
Andrexcan't seem to DL the .torrent file :(
lcleongxvid pls?
Dont you just love typos? =)
i personally like it when they make mistakes like that lol
AnonCan I Haz Xvid's Pweese
Anonneeds more Xvid
Seth GreenXvid please
drkshadow06Thanks as always, Mazui! =D
EdwardDFMAhahahaha your comment about the milk XDDDD
Click ThisThe new OP song is a bad match for the opening. =/
anonymousif you want typos, Kongo's name is spelled wrong in one place
yourdew3gp please
EdwardDFMAlolz they got to seriously make a v2 for this ep xD
tsukimorithank you for the xvid, greatly appreciate it.
anonymousOP starts to lag about halfway through, ED lags right from the start, rest of the episode is fine. My laptop isn't the greatest, but it handled all of your other 720p Railgun releases fine.
anonymous2Turn off the softsubbed karaoke, and it won't lag anymore.
NekokamiThe cutest series of eh's ever in anime at the end of the episode, just before the ending title ^^
ArthainI love how between 3:11 and 3:13 of the episode (right in the middle of the opening) it has Index chasing Toma ^_^. I found that funny.
MrTRanCeEviLAhh!~•• Kyaa~ ♫•
Gero♪ Gero♪ (^_^) ♪
EdwardDFMA@ Arthain: Lolz yea I saw that too and I was like Index & Toma!!! xDD they haven't been getting much appearance, but hey atleast they're in the opening again, but I bet Toma will appear atleast once more later on in this anime =p
ZemnmezAbout to watch, but thanks for the release mazui!
C:Another typo near the end where Konori comes in saying something about Milk. Brand name spelt wrong, even though its on the screen :P

I think they were drunk while subbing this :o
Ulrezaj"Kongou" is not a typo, and neither is "Musashino".
anonymous9:00 "kondou"->"kongou"
hundredfireToma still only has cameo appearances, while he is supposed to be the center key of the two stories; what a shame :-/
But I'm not missing him at all.. how bizarre? :-p
Gero! Gero! (^_^)..
anonymouslol @ index in the op.
Bizounourssays thanks
CalverKurozuma is a Contractor! That is the only logical reason why he would compulsively drink milk after beating guys up!
black labelhe's actually advertising
MidgemageBut if he's a contractor, what's his power? The ability to spontaneously kick a gang's ass?

If only Touma had that dude's mad skills.
UlrezajAh, right you are. I thought people were commenting on the changed spelling for her name.
lakeWhats this contracter stuff? This isn't Darker than Black (Even though it is a great series). They are Magicians and Espers in this series. Please keep your metahumans and series straight. LOL
EdwardDFMAso I'm guessing I should just stick w/ this episode, because of the looks of it, there won't be a v2 huh?
someanonPlease do more Spice and Wolf specials. Also Kampfer BD specials would be nice.
anonymousthough i KNOW more than 45 people are downloading the torrent, you all should realize its still awesome, stop complaining about the "typos", ffs, most of you dont even drink milk...
btw thanks for the subs, etc etc, spice and wolf is awesome.
Still, i would be glad if you subbed this drunk.
Someone ElseI also drink milk! I think its called yakult, I wonder why I'm still small (-_-)??
SpirationThat's not milk, that's a probiotic drink made from decayed milk.It doesn't help you grow, it grows your relationship with the toilet seat. great subs mazui
HymirvetrThough the toilet seat will never talk back at you or object to anything you have to say.He is your only friend.
Midgemage@lake: We were joking. Besides, this series would be that much better if Touma had Hei's insane knife sk33lz.
ManWithTheGoldenMilkTy for the awesome speed subs, mazui!
dualinlinemilk, it does the body good~
deno4144Milk... also my favorite. Again, MazuiSubs, arigato gozaimashita~~~~~ The new OP is great.
Azem4144Oh yeah, so does the ED. Was it just me or in the ED scenes, they're younger?
duainlineespecially in their group picture. more likely 10yo
loli Uiharu ftw
MidgemageAny Uiharu FTW!

She's a level 5 in cuteness.