To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 16

Encoder came back from his journey of enlightenment later than expected, so for now we're using a generic raw. v2 to follow with real raw when it's done.

update: Apparently there was some voodoo magic involved in getting the v2 out while I was gone, but anyway, here it is.
v2 x264 and XviD.

We made a bunch of optimizations to the op/ed styling, and of course there's no vfr in this version, so performance on borderline computers should improve a lot.

LAST UPDATE: In what I shall henceforth dub "the great font debacle of '10", a certain someone forgot to account for the op/ed style changes and thus render some v2 parts fontless. Since I am loathe to make a v3, we're just releasing this patch to fix it.

Get it here.

ooo artsy

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Rinuvto wait... or to watch... such a difficult decision...
anonymous/me waits
anonymous/me waits
Lucid_Yumewatch if I have time, I'll rewatch the good one again.
Thanks Mazui!
MidgemageOooh, fast as always. I'll be waiting for the v2 though.
thewizardninjaI'll get the v1 but I'll replace it later.
andychin777lol wtf epic lag in loading website
EdwardDFMAlolz yea major lag loading da site xD
anonymousWorth waiting until 4 pm :P
anonymousWhoops, i mean 4 AM!
anonymouswait... i dled. no problems watching previous episodes. this one has major audio and video lag. gonna wait for v2. thanks!
DauntaeThanks for your hard work and time. I think I'll wait for the v2 as well.
DetectiveJesus Christ and his friends the Saints! This made my night!
A-113NWorks fine for me. Running latest k-lite pack and playing it through Media Player Classic. Not sure if this helps you other experiencing problems, but im not getting any sound lag at all.

Excellent release as always Mazui, and this anime is getting better every episode!

You guys should get tons of medals for theese releases; if that is even enough to express our gratitude.
ZeroXenosthat was fucking crazy, and who uses dynamite anymore, seriously
anonymouswell dynamite is easier to get, its not powerful like C4 of PETN but hey, you can buy it in certain stores near rural towns
Midgemage^^^^^One flaw.

There. Are. No. Rural. Towns.

Academy city in the middle of Tokyo, guys.

But yes, dynamite is more easily obtainable than other conventional explosives.
dualinlineIn the end, it turned into b00b talk
anonymous@midge, yeah i was talking about real world. still the dynamite thing was funny lol. and yes, in the end it turned into boob talk. I'm actually starting to like this show, but not quite as much as Majutsu no Index.
anonymousTwo problems with the ED:
1 - It lags. A lot. Normally I'd just toggle the subs off or skip it completely, but the episode is still going when the song starts.

2 - The kana doesn't show up. If I demux the script and change the font just for those lines, it appears. I'm guessing the font used for it wasn't attached? Because the kana in the OP shows up fine.

Oddly enough, the OP doesn't lag for me this episode like it did with episode 15. Maybe the ED's lagging because it's trying to render text with a font that doesn't exist? I dunno.

Besides that, good job, guys. I look forward to v2 with the scrolling text tamed.
ShinigamiI'm gonna wait :) I'm a QualitySubs > SpeedSubs kinda guy and u guys got plenty of quality so I'll wait for that version :D
tsukimoriwill we see the xvid later?
Shinkuxvid ftw!
fggtFuck xvid. Get a better PC.
ejf;lqjefuck fggt fuck you
MI was about to download and watch v1, but all those comments made me change my mind. Thanks for subbing it so far.
WesleyIt's working fine, just as perfect as the other ones, just slightly less quality.

Also, there's a line mix-up at 10:19 when he's making the call. He says like one or two words, and two sentences come up at the same time. "Now isn't the time to be esper hunting! What did you say?" -- he only says the last line.

Also, xvid lol.

(And like I said, the episode works fine. 8600GT 256MB, AMD Athlon X2 4400+ 2.3GHz, 4GB RAM.)
zemnmezSo anyone got an approx. date for v2?
because if it's in the very near future then I'll wait.
WesleyTo add to my previous comment:
Running Combined Community Codec Pack ( with Media Player CLassic, in the installer. It's the best.
lesstill waiting for Xvid

mkv is good, but I prefer Xvid...'cuz I don't need to re-encode it(I'm pretty lazy at encoding)
Shinkufggt fuck you! xvid is love!
lakeI love the small minded morons who insist on screaming that mkv is the king of all formats. How can that be when so many keep telling you that they are having issues with tracking. I'm no expert but I have a fantastic computer that doesn't have any issues. The children who are acting out their "so called" rage by using profanity are never going to grow up enough to ever have anything good to say. I have watched the first issue and it has a few glitches that are anoying but it is watchable compaired to some encodes that I have watched (or not watched because they are so out of sync). If you have nothing to say about how to correct the issue then keep your big mouth shut and keep your F'n fingers off the keyboard!
jayas long as i can watch the anime format doesn't matter
blahThe reason lake, is that it's almost always the fault of the user and not the codec. Either they have a shit computer or they do not keep their codecs up to date. This is the result of any old moron being able to use a computer but not even having a slight clue about what they are doing.
Ulrezajv2 in a couple hours
nikolai131Tnks guys ^^ U are as awesome as ever ^^

Btw why v2??? I am not having any problems with Audio/Video and the subs are running fine o.O
Alex@blah, I have all my codecs up to date and a really good computer and it still had problems in the beginning and in the ending. So if you have any other pearls of wisdom (crap) to spout then please do a cranial/rectal inversion and give up the answer. otherwise STFU!
ranmachuaThanks. Hopefully the xvid version will come out soon too.
Huhn@alex the v1 works 100% fine with the right setting at the end of the op the fps rise above 50 fps but it works fine with dxva

if u didn't use vlc u only have to put output to vmr9 rederless and internel filter h.264/avc (dxva)on and ur grafikkart do all the work instant off ur cpu (with nvidia this works alot better und with intel u may have to change ur reg abit with ati is "luck")

i can play it with a intel atom n330 and onboard ion grafik is nothing compart to a good pc to day :-)

give it a try
withheldto d00ds who can't play h.264:

I am running a pentium 4 2.8gHz, 2GB RAM shit computer and I can watch the OP and ED without problem. It's your settings. The only change I did was to disable animation under the subtitles>texture menu.
lake@blah, 3.4Ghz Pentium D 950 2Gb PC6400 ram Radeon 1650 pro I'll admit to using on board sound but it is up to date. If you have any suggestions as to the hardware then please fork over the money to upgrade to a better machine. As to the codec, Combined-Community-Codec-Pack-2009-09-09.exe This is the latest on the CCCP website. My drivers are up-to-date and stable. I mentioned that I only had issues in two places. I know that some shows have different frame rates for the opening pieces and the closing pieces. The main part of the show is done at a slower frame rate causing lag in the video to audio. This was most notable in the early attempts to use the mkv container. Someone else mentioned a missing font used in the encode and that it may have caused the error. These are reasons that some people like the xvid encodes. None of the errors that can creep into the encode are present as the audio and video tracks are welded together as one product where as a mkv encode is a loose binding of video audio and text. All the arguing in the world won't change that and it just makes you look stupid. I think that you are smarter than that so please stop the ignorance. Oh and if you have a couple of mege bucks to throw around I'll take one or two to upgrade to a i7 with 7.1 surround sound and a pair of crossfire 5870s and 4 gigs of ram and 3 TB raid 0+1 and win7

there are no animation at my version and i'm very sure and i test it with an other softsubt intro , that my settings are correct

if they should be animated plz let me know
anonymousShut the fuck up about xvid already. Get a better computer or get off the internet. You don't ride a bicycle on a highway either, do you.
amcI prefer xvid. Smaller files, plays on anything, so why bother with mkv? I love that you guys still do avi, and I'm content to wait. I do ride a bicycle on the highway by the way, it's illegal to ride on the footpath....
lake@anonymous, Please grow up and at least try to act like you didn't just crawl out of a gutter. If our comments are bothering you then shut off your pathetic little computer and crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of. You insecurity is very distastful. Your profanity is also rather childish. Try to act like you aren't five with no manners.

Mazui, Thank you for the sub. It is pleasent to see a group that puts up with such ignorance on the part of it's clients. I look forward to many more issues of your good work. Make mine Mii-sempi!
anonymousQuestion: Why is it that the v1 raws scrolling text was always really smooth, but v2 scrolling text was jumpy and weird? I'm sure nothing's wrong with my computer, it can push 1080p with less than 10% cpu usage, and I've got cccp2009.
MemberI prefer xvid, but there won't be any, there won't be any. The mplayer is with me.
Alex@lake, Do you like spinning these idiots up? I can see that you are taking an intrest in taking pokes at them. Personaly I'm with amc. Smaller file size means faster download and less waste on my HDD. Keep up the good work MAZUI!
njamunkythanks, mazui, for this ep! this is the perfect thing to get on my birthday, today!
hundredfirehappy birthday!
btw, what is (or was?) (cf FAQ
DauntaeSome of the comments or arguments here are becoming illogical and non-beneficial. Let's keep it elsewhere than here. We're supposed to add comments regarding the show, not each other.
With that said,
Thank you for your exemplary performance as always, Mazui.
EricAnimeFreakI'm all for xvid!
I like my Core-avc and all codecs, and they seem to play everything..... Smaller sized container, less cpu intensive, great for nice easy watchable avi back-up. I like MKV, but I still prefer XVID, but if I intend to edit, I'll get mkv. However, encodes don't really matter to me, the mkv files work fine with no lag. If anyone is having problems, just use mkvtoolnix and extract and fix the subbtiltes, or even reencode the file. Or please just wait for the xvid release, that's what I am doing.

PS. Cant wait! Oh and whatever happened to .ogm and .ogg files and other such file types? Man I got so many old animes in storage....
ChrisYou gotta keep in mind netbooks are become hella trendy. So Xvid really hit along a broader audience
Huhnnew netbooks have dxva support so the cpu can idle at 2-10 %
TRACKERTo make download go faster, add trackers.... The tracker on torrent file isn't very good.
SppedStar5V2 out pepole gogogo! Thanks for the great work :3
MidgemageWooo~ Mazui rox!

Also... Comp>Netbook. Overcompensation FTW! xD
Click ThisNice new icon site icon.
imaginebreakerxvid please
anonymousforget xvid...
.rv please!
EdwardDFMAoh god...idk if the anon above me just requested a rmvb file..eww..just no..that's a really shitty file type >.
anonymousmy v1 worked perfetly, my computer aint even great, it was one of the first to have vista on it so its years old. its a HP laptop and I never have problems playing any mkv softsubs, or any format for that matter. dont understand why people have problems with mkv, I couldn't watch mkv files at first so I started scouring the internet for days on end, seeking advice to fine-tune my computers performance and install the right programs. after dozens of players and codec packs, I eventually became able to watch all mkv files I have come across. at first I was getting horrible lag with anime that was mkv, but after a lot of tweaking and fine-tuning on players and codec packs I eventually hit it right. just try harder people and your computer will run it.
Huhnnot all pc even when u try all tweaks will run this version perfektly is simpel if u have not having a dxva or cuda compatibel grafikcart your cpu must do the work and when this cpu is not good enough it will never work
WesleyBullshit. Deinstall all codecs and players you currently have. Visit, download it, install the codecs + media player classic, and it will run perfectly.
PerryWhere is mah milk? I need mah milk, ppl. And where is mah HDv2? I need mah HDv2! When it comes to anime, it's gotta be HDv2! Not HDv1 or XviD! Woah.
tsukimoriwaiting patiently for xvid, please!
Jamav2 and XviD are finally out.

Sorry for the delay~

Go to to get the latest files, the post will be updated later.
tsukimorithanks for xvid. appreciate it.
PerryWhen it comes to fansubs, it's gotta be Mazui! Ty for nice subs.
dualinlinethanks Mazui, live your name!
SoujiMazui nee~
Just kiddin' xD
HanoverFistWith 2.5TB of anime, you have to save space somehow. Thank you for the quick subs and the xvid.

Or you could just delete some if it 'cause I doubt you're ever going to watch most of that again.
Crimson7It seems that the fonts are missing for the OP font. Patch maybe?
Maybe not but I'm sure he has friends or family who haven't. I'm the same in that respect, I've kept all the anime I've ever downloaded for the sole purpose of spreading it amongst the people that I know. You'd be surprised how many people have never seen Gurren Lagann ^^
HanoverFist@anon I did just delete 8 gigs that I won't watch again, but wizardninja's right: Lots of great stuff to inflict on unsuspecting friends even if I don't get around to it. >:) And even I haven't seen Gurren Lagann.
troolieJust as Crimson7 said: opening fonts are missing from V2.
OscarThank you, Mazui Subs team, for another excellent release.

I personally don't mind the OP/ED styling techniques either way. However, the new OP (but not ED) font size is about twice as big as it used to be when displayed in my environment, and covers up a significant portion of the screen. It will be great if smaller size characters can be used in subsequent releases, so that there won't be such a large differential between fonts used in OP and fonts used in the rest of the episode.

Thanks in advance :)
You should totaly watch Gurren Lagann its hella good too.
UlrezajUlrezaj to the rescue with a patch for all your font needs. See post for link.
EdwardDFMAdang almost 100 comments on this post and nice new header BTW! xDD
EdwardDFMAalso thx 4 da patch :3
anonymousThanks for the v2 (and the patch)! The only problem I have is with the kana in the ED not displaying and so causing lag during playback. And yes, I know that's the problem because I demuxed the subtitles, changed the font for the ED kana, remuxed everything except the original script, and it played fine. I'm guessing it's because my computer reads "DFLis6" as "DF隷書体 & DFP隷書体 & DFG隷書体".

But anyway, I really like the styling for the OP and ED. They look really nice.
EdwardDFMAFor those who want the XviD patch here da DDL link :)
jayhey Mazui thanks for all your fantastic work with railgun, also where can i get that picture in your banner
Dex Luther@EdwardDFMA; Your link isn't for the Xvid patch at all.
Dex Luther@EdwardDFMA; Your link isn't for the Xvid patch at all.I assume your link is for the patched Xvid and not the patch itself. If that's the case you should have updated the CRC in the filename to reflect that.

Anyways for those who might find it useful the CRC for the patched Xvid should read: [B19A4C3D]
anonymousHow do you patch this? I have a mac, don't know if that makes a difference.
MrTRanCeEviLGero♪~ Gero♪~ (^_^)♪~
wolfmotherJust registering my opinion that releasing a v2 with a patch will probably end up more confused and problematic than releasing a v3 (though releasing a v3 now would probably make that even worse). Nice work on the series though.
DarkMaverickWoah I just noticed Index in the new intro!!
Blahrgnessboob talk=best part of this episode

(apart from konori's xray vision)
m0ebLike your new head banner (^_^)
elephantDoes the patch work with v1?
the readme in the torrent says only v2.
GhostAceCan't download the patch 0.o
zaocklepatch link busted.....
anonymousWas episode 17 postponed? I know it isn't Mazui's fault...
anonymousthe raws are up on some streaming sites, so I guess the fansubbers are a little slow this time
anonymousMeh, I guess I'll wait until tomorrow for this one.
anonymous^easy for you to say...D:
Midgemage^lol@ Anons.

I'm personally fine with waiting... It's not like we're going to get some epic ToumaBiri action any time soon, anyway...

Though I wouldn't mind some SatenxUiharu... *FLIP*

P/S: Over 100 comments.