To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 17

Yay more filler Σ\( ̄ー ̄;)
Only marginally made more interesting by some guest stars.

Anyway, get it here in HD and in XviD.

shot1 shot1

There's a few reasons this is late, but the one I'm going to rant about is this one:

Those are some of the various screwed up side dishes Komoe orders throughout the episode, and lemme tell ya, no dictionary contains the names for those. To say that figuring out what manner of ludicrousness she was spouting was difficult doesn't come close to doing it justice. Anyway, now I know the names of 4 dishes I'm never going to eat. Yay.

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~Altair*Woo Thank You For Your Weekly Subbing (>ô=ô)> ,
engineeryou guys are great, and keep it up.

and have some others block out what "anonymous" wrote. You guys are amazing no matter what.
RiflemanWoot! Thanks for your awesome work Mazui!
anonymousHooray, I didn't have to wait until tomorrow for this.
anonymousAwesome, been waiting for this... 8D
PapaGeorgioThanks for the newest installment. The weekend has officially begun.
anonymousWhat the hell? Are those cicadas in that first dish?
anonymous> and have some others block out what anonymous" wrote.
anonymouscontinuity mistake: the boxing glove was originally on Misaki's hand but changed to Saten's hand after the cut. That's some pretty bad quality control they have.
Midgemage^^^ If you think that stuff is bad, just wait until someone pulls a rule #34 on them.

And wooooot, railgun. Booooooo, filler! Wooot, Komoe sensei~! Boooooo, weird food!

I need to make up my mind.
anonymousfood isn't exactly weird. just because the food isn't familiar doesn't make it weird, you ethnocentrists

also, thank you mazui
PhocusThose dishes actually look pretty good. Is that pig face in the third pic?

Good work as always, Mazui!
AzzyWell if it's not familiar, then, by definition, it's weird.

And it's not necessarily ethnocentric to call some foods weird (especially when they are)... I consider haggis pretty freaking weird and I'm from the ethnic/cultural group that invented it. :P
anonymousGood job Mazui for more Railgun eps =)
tarodarI'm sure my dad would love to try all of those, he's freakin nuts.
loathsomeAlan!!! tu me obligaste a buscar Railgun por mi cuenta y esto quedara para la posteridad para que todos sepan lo irresponsable que eres ¬¬
& good job Mazui! :)
anonymousWOAH DAT CHICKEN LOOKS DANGEROUS! Anywas, thanks for the subs Mazui! YOU ROCK!
WesleyHaha, thanks Mazui, great going! Thank you very much. ;d
caramelloi thought i was the only one who noticed the glove thing.
i think there was a newspaper article on 10 most gruesome stuffs to eat, and water bug was in it == better than pig's brain or something.
thanks for the subs Mazui :3
anonymousI love you all.
chomioI won't eat the food in the upper left corner...
DetectiveWHoaaaaaaa awesome! I didn't think an episode aired this week!
MrTRanCeEviLFood?! Like too~.. Satay!!?...
Mazui.. You all the best..
2 thumb hand and feet up.. Totally 4 thumb..
GeRo~ GeRo~ (^_^)~
azem4144Just suggesting, one of the lyrics for ED, "towa no sekai hate de" I think it's should be "to aru sekai hate de"

Thanks for the sub! And for Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 2009 too!
T1It seems there are ghost-pixelations from 19.41-19.44 in the avi. Hope you can fix it^^ Thanks for the doing the avi, which is why I keep coming back here XD
deno4144Actually... I thought that Anti-Skill, Tessou-san was a student, I really didn't see her as an adult/a teacher. I was really surprise when she's been called Tessou-sensei.

Also, anyone knows when the OP and ED are release?
DucDigitalhey mazui, you supprise me at 09:29, what'sap with the word bánh xèo, it's vietnamese...
NathanThank you, Mazui subs :)

Can somebody tell me from what that second picture is in that picture comparison?
anonymousLol, Musashino milk.

Thanks Mazui for another great episode.
MargaanYes, the first dish is fried cicadas. I've had them both Japanese- and Korean-style, and they're OK (a little sweetish; frankly the fried grasshopper is a little less overwhelming).

I'm surprised she didn't order whole-sparrow-on-a-stick (the skull is very crunchy), but that might be purely a Yamagata thing.
anonymousIs that Edasaki at 16:24?
deno4144@Nathan: The second one is originally from To Aru Majuts no Index.
DiablozSo boring episode.... no action at all... :(
edic84Very impressive effort, Thanks Mazui!
Yo1. Fried Cicadas
2. Pork knuckles/feet
3. Fried ???
4. Raw liver ???
5. Skewered kidney/liver (giblets)

Any other guesses on the food dishes??
anonymousDid the cicadas cry? XD
MidgemageHA! Students who blow the roof off of her house...


Wow, the cameos in this episode are win.
makazatrathe 2nd picture is from toaru majutsu no index , episode 13 , arround 4 minutes ;)

on the other hand THANX mazui for the (yet another) great subs!!
TheWingless@Yo and @ducdigital
Not really a guess, but the one in the bottom left is Banh Xeo... I definitely know that one because I've had it before. And if you actually listen at 9:29, DucDigital, she DOES say Banh Xeo and in the next few seconds, you can see a plate with some kinda yellow stuff on it, so it's not "wrong", but it would be strange to translate it to Vietnamese pancake or crepe.
azem4144Also, if Index is now like that... means Touma has already been attacked by Dragon's Breath? In other words, his memory already been destroyed?
Jamaxvid v2 is out:
FreyjadourI'm getting a feeling the time when Misaka meets the Sisters will be coming soon...
Jama*and with that i meant katanagatari* ;P
kupiThx a lot! And i woudn't mind eating a bit of those. ^^
RinuvLooks like that last dish is some kind of skewered gizzards. Not strange-tasting really, but they're not that fun to eat because they're generally really tough and chewy. They the part of (usually a bird) that sort of 'chews' food after the animal has swallowed it but before it gets to the stomach. I prefer hearts.
CommanderBubblewell clearly no-one can say you guys aren't thorough. thanks for the great work :D
CommanderBubblewell clearly no-one can say you guys aren't thorough. thanks for the great work :D
noushiDelicious... :)
anonymousever figured you couldn't translate cos lazy bastards like you didn't care to give some explanation other than pics ?
Nathan@deno4144: Ah, okay, I haven't watched To Aru Majutsu no Index, so I didn't know that, but I could figure that the cameos were from that show :P
EdwardDFMAthey show every1 except touma T~T
perryIs the owner of the food stall saying HERE YOU GO in english or does it just sound like it? O______o
StriderxixThanks mazui for ur subs. I've seen about everything on the site except Spice and wolf S2.

I like how you have the roomaji, kanji and the translated text on the OP and the ED. There are two things though. One, The kanji is sideways, so I have to crank my head to look/read them properly. I'm aspiring to be able to read Japanese fluently, so I actually look at the kanji. I really do like the way it's set up. I can familiarize myself with the kanji and look at the pronunciation at the same time. I wonder if that was done on purpose or just plain oversight. (or maybe it's just me)

Second, the frame rate drops every time the three lines appear. It's quite noticeable for me and it makes me a little sad (I ams a stickler for quality XD) I notice this on Katanagatari v2 as well. This happens, for me, with VLC and the HD versions of the eps. I have proper codecs, and I'm using 2.81 GHz dual core and a 1 GB vid card, 4 GB of ram.

Oh and thanks again. (srry about text wall)

MrEmperorIs anyone having subtitle issues with the OP in this episode? The kanji are going sideways off the edge of the screen, and I get an extra line of english at the bottom. I'm also using VLC 1.0.5, but I've tried other players, including mplayer and the issue is still there.

Thanks for the episode!
StriderxixP.S. - When I play it on Jet Audio media player, there's no frame rate drop, but the text is GIGANTIC for things like when the title splashes (Specifically in katanagatari). Kanji is still sidways though. ^_^;;

thanks again.
OtakusOk, I'm not sure if i should poast this comment/suggestion here, but I'm just going to cause it's from the same series and it started recently. I would recommend the toaru kagaku no railgun specials (toaru kagaku no railgun mmr) to mazui, considering that no other group has subbed it yet (well, it only started like three days ago) and mazui seems to be the group that is most suitable for the job.
Well, it's only a suggestion, but I hope it's taken into consideration.
JamaI suggest reading the FAQ if you have video playback issues
problemThere's a pixel issue between 19:41-19-44 in the avi.

anonymousAt about 17:45 in the mkv, it looks like the video kinda squishes vertically, just a little. Is anyone else seeing this, or are my eyes and/or media player (MPC-HC) just playing tricks on me?
Otakusyeah, there really is a problem with the avi during those four seconds.
GhihomI dont get whats with all these filler episodes, theres plenty already released in manga form, i dont see why they dont use that material.
Midgemage@Ghihom: Although it's true that the Railgun manga is ahead and has material to work with, there is unfortunately NOT ENOUGH material. If they were to go ahead and animate the current (ITEM/pre-Sisters) arc, they would simply catch up within two, or at a stretch, three episodes, then and be left without a way to end or resolve it.
MahuAww This reminds me I have to download them.
By the way... Will you take care of the upcoming Haruhi movie? That'd be so awesome. èé
MrTRanCeEviLMahu say: "... Will you take care of the upcoming Haruhi movie? ..."

I agree that..
Gero~ GeRo~ (^_^)~
njamunkyi have the first season of haruhi on box set, but i cant make heads or tails of that show. i had it explained that season 2 was a rehash and the new episodes are a brand new arc, but i cant figure it out for the life of me. i also cannot find anyone subbing the "new new" episodes.

so can anyone explain to me, in BARNEY style, how am i suppose to follow this show?

what should i watch and why?

where can i find these subbed versions of the new new eps?

or am i just that retarded?
MahuIf by "new new episodes" you mean the second season, they can be found here. Or am I not getting at all what you meant?
MrTRanCeEviLto njamunky: Sorry ran topic: Actually there is no second series of Haruhi series for me. They are only a puzzle (every episode) that need to be organized by topic in each series of stories Haruhi .. All episodes on the first and second series should be rearranged according to their arrangement. So that later you will understand what you want delivered by 'Haruhi' series ..
FreyjadourI've downloaded season 2 batch from you, the Endless Eight wasn't so bad. Really thanks.
njamunky@MrTRanCeEviL: finally, someone who has actually given me a straight shot. i kept getting told that season 2 was just a high def carbon copy, then told it wasnt, then told i dont need to watcj it, then told i was downright ludicrous.
DarkHephaistos5 of 6 of the meals i would actually eat. why not? Btw. Thanks for subbing these animes so fast. I´m always looking forward to download the latest episode you subbed :D
anonymousHaruhi season 1 was aired out of chronological order (people still argue over whether the broadcast order was better or not). For "season 2", what they did was re-air season 1, in chronological order, but with the new "season 2" episodes (14 of them) interspersed in their chronological placement. So long story short, season 2 has 14 new episodes.

inb4 EE
OtakusWhenever ya mazui guys get the chance, can ya fix this episode (19:41-19:44)? Thanks a bunch
MrTRanCeEviLMazui! Ganbaru!~~
I like u all~ And food too.. Like deli-
GeRo~ GeRo~ (^_^)~

@njamunky (for u)



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