To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 18

Whee more filler. Remember 12 episodes ago when we found out this would be a full season and I was wondering what on earth they would do with it? Yeeaaahhh...

Well, here it is. And here it is smaller.

UPDATE (02/08):
Migration is complete and the tracker is back up. All links should be back to working order shortly, just in time for ...

that face

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DickYay! 1st post, as always thanks for your excellent work.
Troll2nd Comment, -sigh-
MrTRanCeEviLAhh~ Kawaii!!~ Thank Mazui~ Good Job..
GeRo!? Gegota!?
GeRo~ Gero~ (^_^)~
AnonymousI still have hope for a Sisters arc in the last few episodes... but I'm probably being too optimistic. Anyway, thanks for the subs.
DetectiveAwesome. Fridays = fripsidays. Ohoh. Spicy Wolves can be batched if you want, there's no more specials.
Azure_ShockwaveWin!! It's early today!
drkshadow06Thanks again Mazui for your awesome work!
Invisiblemoose:D Thanks.
rovearigatou ne~
Thanks for your great work ^__^
TopspinDamn it, you were right.. thanks for putting so much effort into it regardless (even if the show itself doesn't seem to trying as hard :S)

I still say Index should have been two arcs in a 13-episode season, with a few 1 or 2 episode OVAs for the rest of the material. I hoped they would smarten up and try harder for Railgun, but I guess I'm naive.
Tripperdan99Yes, thanks
SaikoThanx for another episode. really appreciate your work.

Also are you going to do the railgun specials on the dvds?

I am not worthy of your greatness, Mazui....
Pode777Thanks Mazui for keeping up your quality however worthless these filler episodes seem to be. But don't lose faith guys, I think we're going to get an awesome finale.
IzzyThanks for the episode.
njamunkyI have to be up in 6 hours to go play soldier for the weekend, ive had a grand total of 2 hrs of sleep today, im on crappy motel internet so getting the HI DEF still gonna watch it tonight ANYWAYS! because this is mazui: <

this is me: 3

this is me and mazui on friday nights:
njamunkyhmm, it didnt work...sorry for the double post but it was to fix ----^
VexedWatch closely, Komoe sensei's dress makes a cameo appearance.

Thanks, Mazui!
tsukimorithanks very much for xvids.
MyoukochouThank you very much! Your breathtaking speed (and yet still pretty good quality) never ceases to amaze me! Go Mazui! ^^
azem4144Thanks for the sub. It was really a kinda-funny-story episode even though my advice on the last episode's comment hadn't been taken... The dorm mistress is really different wearing her glasses (as the eyes are not showing for sometimes).
Bizounourssays thanks!
nikolai131Thaks for all ur hard work on Railgun up 2 now ^^
anonymousI'd watch 500 of these fillers. :]
anonymousherpes.deepbone appears to be offline
Noeinum link to torrent seems to be dead ...
Humanoid404 - Not Found.. tsk tsk tsk...

Its coming up as unconfirmed :( there site is much dead
makazatrawebsite is dead :( , anyone have link to torrent (external) pls???
UAVUTC+1 14:45 link is still dead T_T
JamaOur tracker is down right now. If you want to get the file, just drop by in our IRC channel: irc://

1) You can't download from our bots using mibbit (duh), so you'll have to get a client like mIRC:

2) There are multiple ways of joining Rizon. The fastest one is to just type /server

3) Next you type /join #mazui

4) In mIRC you'll have to turn off ignore on DCC so you can download the files. Go to Tools > Options and do it like this:
If you have trouble with this, you can just ask for help in #mazui

5) And finally, the topic in our channel will have the commands listed to download from one of the bot, e.g.: /msg Arutha xdcc send 1443
makazatraThank you Jama!!!!!!
will be getting it now!!!!

much love
SkywardAlternatively, if you're too stupid or too lazy to get mirc, you can still access the torrent via magnet links. Paste this into your torrent client, and if its recent enough, it will start downloading automagically (in uTorrent, this is done by clicking the add url button and pasting it in there):


For more information about magnet links, please visit
anonymousCouldn't they just add trackers. Why dont you guys release with extra trackers anyways?
Neko-Any links for the XVid version?
anonymousThanks Skyward.

The lazyness praises you.
namednoobis katanagatari airing weekly ? just wondering that ... dont know where to check ...

The show looks very nice i am looking forward for next ep
raptorkatanagatari is a monthly aired Anime, not weekly.

About the alternate bt-link: thanks for it, someway it is working, but i can't get a connection to the deep-bone server (port or something else wrong?)
namednoobThanks for the reply about Katanagatari ...

:( too bad it will take the entire year to watch it all *cries*
raptorI hope some will come up together in some episodes^^.
But even if it will run for a year, I'll be happy to an Anime for a year (and I hope it is not one of those that end in the middle of a story like "no Index" or "Air Gear"
YuichiThanks for the magnet link.
Makes my life little easier :)
namednoobAre you guys going to sub To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Special ?
nikolai131@raptor: Index is gonna have a 2nd season for sure.

J.C.Staff don't do any shows longer than 26 episodes, but at last they like to finish their projects. (Like Shana, Nodame etc.) Railgun is gonna be 24 episodes, and half of them are fillers as u probably guessed. Last thing they may do is to repeat the Accelerator-Last Order Arc (wich is in the Manga), but they won't show d 2 new lvl 5 espers and d one who is most likely close to become d 8th lvl 5... So I expect a sequal even to Railgun (And they will probably do Shana III, Index 2, Zero no Tsukaima IV and maybe finish Slayers at last)
jofori89Nice work!
MidgemageA huge thanks to Maz!

And to nikoali131... for stating the most blatantly obvious thing in the world. You put Captain Obvious to shame.

And FYI, Shana III is already announced. It's coming out after the Shana S OVAs.
anonymous404 on the mkv torrent file
anonymousThanks for the great work as always, but what's with the Fleur De Lis symbol in the text the past few episodes signfy? Or is my codec busted?
moshee@anon above I've been seeing some rectangles in the subs. Probably something wrong with the subs.

Also, like namednoob said will you guys be doing the special?
Otakushmmmm.... the xvid link only seems to open as a video clip file, not a torrent file. is anybody else having the same problem as i do, or is it some technical thing that i have yet to learn about?
War3333Otakus, right click "save as".
The web server don't know what a .torrent is and thinks it's an .avi and your browser fooled by this information is trying to show to you a torrent file with a media player.

if you mkvextract the .mkv file and check out the .ass scripts, apparently the Mazui staff adds some sidenotes in brackets {} which do not appear in the actual final subtitles. These are in some japanese font i'm guessing, and on those instances you see the rectangles, they accidentally misplaced a bracket so that the character is not "nulled" out.

you can tweak the .ass script if you'd like and just mkvmerge back the new script.
laguzwent through the .ass script, and the lines that had 2 extra 'rectangle' characters in front of the brackets were lines 183 and 495 in case anyone wanted to fix it themselves.
laguz+line 552
perryI think there's something big going on with those earthquakes! Filler story!?
SenpaiOtakus,I have the same problem as you...
And War3333,I followed your instruction but it's still won't download a .torrent file...
imagine breakerHey someone at Mazui should sub the To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Special XVID Please
OtakusOh well, I just downloaded it from nyaatorrents and I think it worked
mosheeThanks laguz, I knew what to do I was just too lazy to do it :P

Otakus, did you try renaming it as .torrent?
anonymousPizza Hut? Wha.........

Also, SFX @ 3:33 FTW.
ranmachuaAre you guys gonna sub the special for Railgun too? Thanks.
Demonic BudhaHey not sure if anyone else is having an issue with this, but for me the Xvid one wouldnt work until i went Save as and changed the second .avi to .torrent to get it to dwnld correctly?
Hope this helps anyone else :p
EdwardDFMAfinaly some1 smart lolz yea Budha I already knew that except my method was diff though all I did was just delete the ".avi" words of the file name and it downloaded like a normal torrent =p
nanuchanXvid torrent link doesn't work... does it?
Cabashodont know for others, but doesnt work for me
UlrezajI just tested all the links, they're fine as of now. If you still find they don't work, it's a connection issue on your end.
Cabashothnx, it is working now ^^
andrewthanks for the subbing mazui!

gotta admit i feel sorry for the poor lady...tbh i think that could well be some of the best characterisation in the series.
OtakusTo moshee: no I didn't do that, it kinda skipped my mind, but I already downloaded it (it should be the same file from nyaatorrents right?)

with imagine breaker's cooment, I agree
Someone ElseI thought this is a 23 min of Pizza Hut commercial lol, that was pretty sad at the end though
BuffalomanThree things:
1. Will you be doing the specials that came out for Railgun
2. What is the weird symbol that appears at the end of some of the lines? (looks like the New Orleans Saints logo)
3. Thanks for the sub!