Spice and Wolf II 02

Episode 2 of Spice and Wolf released. Get it here.


Q: Guy? What kind of name is that?
It's ã‚® in the books, which romanizes to "gi". Now, Gi isn't a name in any roman-based language, but Guy is pronounced the same way in French. Hence why we chose to use it.

Q: What was Bartose talking about with the birds?
The alchemists keep birds around as an advance warning of the various odorless fumes they work with reaching lethal levels. Similar to the miner's canary.

Q: Hand of the reaper? Huh?
Knowing the air is mildly toxic, someone walking through the area might find wind colder than normal, contributing to a sense of paralysis, much like being frozen. The church coined the sensation "the hand of the reaper".

Q: Horou? You guys can't spell.
It's written that way. Presumably her name's exact pronounciation was lost as the legend was passed down.

Q: Die?

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ArmyofDarknessThanks guys always appreciative
Geese1Thanks for the episode!
DgrayGTThanks sooo much.
Chariizthanks! thanks thanks!
XaniasThanks for the great, quick releases as always, Mazui!
anonymousthanks for your hard work Mazui!
anonymousmay I ask for the subtitle?
Ul*Do whatever you want with the subs.
SWReally fast and good work. Can't thank you guys enough!
NOGreat to see Horo back for another season! Thanks for your great subs!
KarisuPeople actually questioned you on "die"? I fear for peoples vocabulary >.> Also, thanks for the great release!
DemosthenesGah! This ep ended on such a cliff hanger!! I can't even wait for next week to come.
nickIs there any specific reason why the Japanese text in the ED is rotated 90 degrees instead of printed vertically? It's bizarre.

Thanks for the releases, in any case.
Bizzarrejanai@nick -- If that's the first time you've seen Japanese like that, then you're bizarre.
nickIndeed, it's the first time. There's no reason to rotate the characters themselves. That's not how vertical Japanese text is written. It's hard to read and there no reason for it. Bizarre da ze.
nickPerhaps an illustration would help:
BizzarrejanaiAhh, my apologies nick, I probably should have looked at the ED before commenting! I assumed you meant the that Japanese text was written from left to right, which of course is incredibly common.
Ul*The ED subs are aligned correctly. I haven't heard anyone else mention this so I'm assuming this is a misconfiguration in your playback setup. You may want to try reinstalling whatever codec pack you're using.
nickI hadn't even thought of doing that. Indeed, it displays as expected using the latest CCCP. I had been using SMPlayer. Apologies.
RaiderAnother awesome sub. Keep it up!
AnonThank you Mazui. You=gods.